Thursday, October 06, 2005

Week 4 Predictions

Week 4 results: 9-5 again. 34-26 for the season. If anything I am very consistent. The secret to my success is playing it safe and being conservative most of the time.

Here is how Week 5 looks to me:

Baltimore 20 at Detroit 14
If Lewis is going to do anything this year... this is his week
to shine. He's the only fantasy player on both squads worth
talking about, which is sad.

Chicago 17 at Cleveland 24
If it weren't for the Bears secondary, I'd be tempted to give
them the W, but Dilfer and Edwards/Bryant should have a
successful afternoon.

Miami 21 at Buffalo 20
Bills D is last in rushing and 1st in passing. Two words: Ronnie Brown!
Holcomb could have a nice debut against the Phins secondary that
allow 218 yards per game so far and 6 TD's. No RB facing
Miami's D has scored a TD, it's doubtful McGahee will either.

New England 23 at Atlanta 27
How long has it been since New England has lost two games in a
row? The key here is whether Vick plays all 60 minutes or not.
The Falcon D won't have many turnovers to work with, but they should be able
to contain Dillon.

New Orleans 17 at Green Bay 28
Injuries are changing the complexion of this game drastically.
Green may not play, but either him or Davenport are going to
have a good day vs the Saints run D. Horn may not play
again either, in which case Henderson and Stallworth will have
fun with the suspect Packer secondary.

Seattle 31 at St Louis 27
St Louis has had Seattle's number the past few years, but I
don't think the Rams D will be able to stop Alexander. If Bruce
doesn't play again, Curtis or McDonald should see the end zone.

Tampa Bay 24 at NY Jets 13
The Jets run D is pathetic this year, so Pittman & Williams
should have decent numbers for a committee. I'm not hopeful
of Testeverde being able to put points on the board vs the
Bucs D, but he may be able to generate some decent drives
and get Coles and Martin some decent yardage.

Tennessee 14 at Houston 10
Titans D is creating some turnovers, which is exactly what
Carr does best. Brandon Jones for the Titans could be a
interesting player to watch, and at this point anything to
add a spark to the Titans offense is needed. This is my
official snoozefest game of the week, even though the Baltimore and Chicago
games were very close #2 and #3.

Indianapolis 35 at San Francisco 3
Welcome to the NFL Mr Smith! This weeks special seminar: How
to school a rookie QB with a dominant D line. Manning should
be out of his slump for good with this game.

Carolina 30 at Arizona 23
If it weren't for the awful performance of the Panthers pass D
last Monday Night, then I wouldn't think this one would be
a close score. Davis and Foster should have an easy time with the Cards run D.

Philadelphia 34 at Dallas 28
As strong as both defenses can be... this has the makings of
a shoot out. Bledsoe vs the Eagles secondary is the big
question mark that will determine how this game develops.
McNabb/TO & Co. will answer every time Dallas finds the end zone.

Washington 21 at Denver 16
Welcome home Portis... would you like your old job back? Please?!
Well, I guess Anderson isn't doing too bad this year since the
Broncos have averaged 144 yards per game rushing. But the Redskins
D has only allowed 83, so something has to give and I think it will
be the Broncos running game.

Cincinnati 27 at Jacksonville 14
After the close call at Houston last week, the Bengals should
be very focused on this game. Palmer is up against the 2nd best
secondary in the league right now, but coming off a close call
with a powderpuff secondary should help him perform well this week.

Pittsburgh 28 at San Diego 24
Killer match up. Could be the preview of the AFC 2005 playoffs.
Both teams have excellent running games and equally talented
run defenses. The difference will be in the passing attacks and
lo and behold, Big Ben has the advantage there. The Steelers
come off a bye week, while the Chargers just handled a tough
match up with the Patriots.

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