Wednesday, October 26, 2005

By The Numbers - Week 7

Time for a look at the fantasy numbers for week 7. Two RBs had breakout performances, and a pile of QBs resembled a dung heap.

Sanford & Son

Lamont Sanford – 122 yards rushing, 40 yards receiving and three TDs = 26 fantasy points in a pasting of the Buffalo Bills. Who needs Randy Moss …

Clinton Portis – This favorite son in Washington finally broke through, albeit against 49ers. His 101 yards rushing and 3 TDs = 23 fantasy points, and saved me in one league. Let’s see if he can do something similar against the Giants (I sure hope so).

TE update: Gonzo may be on the road back, Gates had a good week, but Bubba? The TEBC approach may work in the real world, but it sucks for fantasy owners. Can a TE be a vulture?

More Disappointing QBs …

I thought week 6 was the QB nadir, but week 7 brought even more joy to unlucky (or dim-witted) owners in deep leagues. One rookie continues to disappoint, one veteran now has the team bus in reverse, and one vulture needs to find a new position.

Poor Alex Smith, he gets feasted on by the Redskins to the tune of 92 yards passing, a pick, a fumble and 5 sacks. His negative 3 points has future defenses slobbering, and if Alex won't oblige, Ken Dorsey may be the first starting in QB history to end up with a sub-zero performance for the season.

It’s official … Trent Dilfer is going backwards. After a horrible week 6 performance in which he scored negative 4 points, he trumped himself with a minus 5 point stinker in week 7. How about these eye-popping numbers: 74 yards passing, no TDs and three picks. Throw in 4 sacks and you get the quadfecta (?). Quick, maybe you should start the Houston defense for week 8 …

Ron Mexico (a.k.a. Michael Vick) saved his fantasy owners with two vulture TDs. Given to their rightful owner (Warrick Dunn), Vick’s true fantasy performance would have been negative 4 points (119 yards passing and three picks). Only Vinny Testaverde looked worse statistically, with three fumbles and a pick for negative 6 points.

Aaron Brooks is not looking so bad after all …

This Week in Fantasy History

This week, we take a look at another mile high performance from the Denver history books. In week 8 of the 1998 season, Terrell Davis rushed for 136 yards and 3 TDs, and he pulled in 5 catches for 76 yards. That’s 27 fantasy points, enough to make any fantasy owner jump for joy and call for oxygen at the same time.

BTW, from all of us at the LR, hats off to Wellington Mara.

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