Thursday, October 27, 2005

FECKLESS FORECAST by wikkidpissah

Well, that weren’t too bad. In my 1st week as a prognosticator, I went 8-5-1 against the spread (enough to beat the vig), my best bet came in, and all of the #1 point-earners at their positions were in my top 5s. All that means that I will be much bolder in my selections this week, which is always one of the leading indicators for a crash & burn. Let’s have a look:

GAMES/SPREADS – NFL WK 8 (selections at left)

Wash +2 @ NYG – Gonna ride the Redskin express as long as it’s got wheels. I’m starting to think this team might be the White Sox (congrats to the Southsiders) of the NFL. Plus, Burress’ dicey health makes coverage so much easier.
Cin -9 vs GB – Cincy gets back on track against the same team that re-railed the Vikes.
Chi +3 @ Det – Lions decimated receiver corps the difference in this meeting of (gulp) NFC North co-leaders.
Minny +8 @ Car – Too many people jump back on the Vikings bandwagon at the slightest sign of life. I’m not one of them, but the number’s just too big for the Cats off a bye.
Az +9 @ Dal – again, too big a #. Kinda like under 40 ½ on this’n, too.
Hou -2 vs Cle – bad teams usually win their 1st reasonable chance at victory.
NO -2 vs Mia – BEST BET. Saints psyched in return to La. And face a team playing the wrong QB and not playing the right RB enough.
SD -6 vs KC – a team who needs to shitstomp somebody against another team making bad personnel decisions.
SF +11 vs TB – Niners suck dead bones, but eleven points at home against a 1st-time-starting QB?! Nuh-uh.
Phil +3 ½ @ Den – with two teams which have specialized mostly in allowing improbable 2nd half comeback, that half-point is huuuge.
NE -9 vs Buf – Don’t like this pick at all (again, a big # off a bye) but using shitstomp factor again.
Pgh -9 ½ vs Bal – 2nd best bet. Most likely shutout of the year.

No lines yet on Jax-Stl or Oak-Tenn. Will revise when there are.


1. CPalmer vs GB
2. JDelhomme vs Min
3. MBrunell @ NYG
4. TBrady vs Buf.
5. DCulpepper @ Car
6. ABrooks vs Mia
7. BFavre @ Cin
8. DMcNabb @ Den
9. DBrees vs KC
10.KCollins @ Tenn
11.BRoethlisberger vs Bal
12. CSimms @ SF
13. JPlummer vs Phil
14 .EManning vs Wash
15. TGreen @ SD
16. KHolcomb @ NE
17. DBledsoe vs Az
Not a great matchup week for most QBs – if you need my 18-20 picks, you’re gonna lose.

1. LT2 vs KC
2. Clintoris @ NYG
3. TB starter @ SF
4. NE starter vs Buf
5. Dal starter vs Az
6. Jax starter @ Stl (noticing a trend?)
7. LJordan @ Tenn
8. DDavis vs Cle
9. RBrown @ NO
10. PHolmes @ SD
11. RJohnson vs GB
12. RDroughns @ Hou
13. WMcGahee @ NE
14. WParker vs Bal
15. TJones @ Det
16. BWestboogie @ Den
17. MMoore @ Car.
18. SJackson vs Jax
19. TBarber vs Wash
20. (tie) NGoings vs Minn, THenry vs Oak

1. CJohnson vs GB
2. SSmith vs Min
3. SMoss @ NYG
4. RMoss @ Ten
5. JGalloway @ SF
6. HWard vs Bal
7. TO @ Den
8. DDriver @ Cin
9. JSmith @ Stl
10. LFitz @ Dal
11. TJHoosh @ GB
12. BEdwards @ Hou
13 LEvans @ NE (designated Duane Starks beater)
14. CChambers vs NO (Sage plays 3 Qs)
15. EKennison @ SD
16. DGivens vs Buf
17. RSmith vs Phil
18. TGlenn vs Az
19. KMcCardell vs KC
20. (tie) hospital ward grad among Burress, Holt, Horn/Hakim, RoyBoy

Quantifying TE performance is a ridiculous freakin endeavor, especially when so many coins out there are going unflipped

Quantifying kicker performance is for those who find quantifying TE performance overstimulating but need a break from watching chubby mature porn.

1. Pgh vs Bal
2. Jax @ Stl
3. Dal vs Az
4. Cle @ Hou
5. NO vs Mia
6. TB @ SF
7. Det vs Chi
8. Chi @ Det
9. Cin vs GB
10. NE vs Buf
Not too much defense gonna be played outside of those games.

T’sit. Goodbye baseball, hello basketball. Football is forever.

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EllisdTrails said...

Looks good wikkid, i disagree with only a couple, but i like the boldness of the picks

well done chap!!