Saturday, October 01, 2005

On The Hash... Marks

1. USC (3-0)
Last week- (#1) W 45-13 vs Oregon
This week- @ #9 Arizona St.
Notes: Just when you start to wonder if there is a RB in the country as good as Reggie Bush, he has one of these games.

2. Texas (4-0)
Last week-(#2) Idle
This week- @ Missouri
Notes: Trap game alert, trap game alert, trap game alert.

3. Virginia Tech (4-0)
Last week- (#4) W 51-7 vs #18 Georgia Tech
This week- @ West Virginia
Notes: Beamer ball is back, baby!

4. Florida (4-0)
Last week- (#5) W 49-28 @ Kentucky
This week- @ #17 Alabama
Notes: Way to not cover against Kentucky, boys... douchebags.

5. Georgia (4-0)
Last week- (#6) W 23-10 vs Mississippi St.
This week- Idle
Notes: So is D.J Shockley a Heisman candidate or not?

6. Ohio St. (3-1)
Last week- (#7) W 31-6 vs Iowa
This week- Idle
Notes: Ok, so maybe I was wrong about Iowa last week.

7. FSU (3-0)
Last week- (#8) Idle
This week- vs Syracuse
Notes: Seriously, if they don't start losing soon, I may have to go to Tallahassee
and run down Bobby Bowden with a tractor... I'll do it.

8. Tennessee (2-1)
Last week- (#12) W 30-27(OT) @ #9 LSU
This week- vs Ole Miss
Notes: Does anyone else hear that? I think it's the sound of Erik Ainge's pro career

9. LSU (1-1)
Last week- (#3) L 27-30(OT) vs #8 Tennessee
This week- @ Mississippi St.
Notes: Those poor people in Louisiana. They were counting on LSU to pick up their spirits, and LSU failed miserably. Now they have no homes PLUS their football team lost. Way to go LSU.

10. Arizona St. (3-1)
Last week- (#9) W 42-24 vs Oregon St.
This Week- vs #1 USC
Notes: Hop on the bandwagon while you still can!

11. Michigan St. (4-0)
Last week- (#11) W 61-14 @ Illinois
This week- vs Michigan
Notes: Wow... Michigan State for real? I thought I'd never see the day.

12. Boston College (3-1)
Last week- (#12) W 16-13(OT) vs Clemson
This week- vs Ball State
Notes: Poor Clemson can't catch a break.

13. Miami (2-1)
Last week- (#16) W 23-3 vs Colorado
This week- vs South Florida
Notes: Well, the defense certainly has some swagger in them.

14. Notre Dame (3-1)
Last week- (#17) W 36-17 @ Washington
This week- @ #25 Purdue
Notes: Way to stick it to the former coach!

15. Minnesota (4-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 42-35(2OT) vs #25 Purdue
This week- @ Penn St.
Notes: Best offensive line in the last 5 years - nufced.

16. California (4-0)
Last week- (#19) W 41-13 @ Tex-Mex St.
This week- vs Arizona
Notes: Plug any RB behind that line and they are guaranteed 150 yards.

17. Alabama (4-0)
Last week- (#20) W 24-13 vs Arkansas
This week- vs #4 Florida
Notes: DeMeco Ryans has one week left of being the biggest secret in college football.

18. Georgia Tech (3-1)
Last week- (#13) L 7-51 @ #3 Virginia Tech
This week- Idle
Notes: That was Ashlee Simpson-level ugly.

19. Texas Tech (3-0)
Last week- (#21) W by a lot against some crummy school
This week- vs Kansas
Notes: Schedule some competition next year!

20. Wisconsin (4-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 23-20 vs Michigan
This week- Indiana
Notes: ................Damn...

21. UCLA (3-0)
Last week- (#22) Idle
This week- vs Washington
Notes: Maurice Drew = Poor man's Reggie Bush.

22. Iowa St. (3-0)
Last week- (#23) W 28-21 vs Army
This week- @ Nebraska
Notes: I have absolutely no reason to like this team, yet I get excited whenever I see they're on TV.

23. Virginia (3-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 38-7 vs Duke
This week- @ Maryland
Notes: Uh-oh D'Brick.

24. Purdue (2-1)
Last week- (#11) L 35-42(2OT) @ Minnesota
This week- vs #14 Notre Dame
Notes: #1 run defense who?

25. Penn State (4-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 34-29 vs Northwestern
This week- vs #15 Minnesota
Notes: What the hell, they'll be out after this week anyway.

Out- Louisville, Michigan, Iowa Clemson
In- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Penn State

5 in '05:

1. Reggie Bush (+)
40car 333yds 8.3ypc 4TD's
10rec 171yds 2TD's
This week's prediction: 18car 115yds 1TD/ 7 rec 93yds 2TD's

2. Matt Leinart
67.8% 1028yds 10TD's 2INT's; 1rush TD
This week's prediction: 335yds 3TD's 2INT's

3. Vince Young
65% 544yds 5TD's 4INT's
35car 202yds 5.8ypc 1TD
This week's prediction: 195yds 2TD's / 13car 75yds 2TD's

4. Laurence Maroney
113car 698yds 6.2ypc 6TD's
9rec 128yds 1TD
This week's prediction: 22car 180yds 1TD

5. Sam Keller (+)
59.9% 1443yds 16TD's 2INT's
This week's prediction: 410yds 4TD's

6. Chris Leak QB Florida
7. Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin
8. Dwayne Jarrett WR USC (+)
9. Maurice Drew RB UCLA
10. Drew Stanton QB Michigan St. (+)
11. D.J Shockley QB Georgia
12. Marcus Vick QB Virginia Tech


Last week: 8-8
Overrall: 26-28-2

Texas -14.5 Missouri
Am I really betting against the number two team in the nation because I think the team they're playing will cover... not even win? This is most likely a bad idea, but I think Mizzou will keep it close. They did a good job against Vince Young last year, and there has been very little to no Brad Smith hype, so maybe he can get a win this time. It's unlikely, but I think they'll keep it within 14.
Texas 34 Missouri 27

Virginia Tech -10.5 West Virginia
I actually considered West Virginia here, with the whole letdown game/battle of the Virginia's thing going on here, but betting against the top three teams must have a success rate of -.17565%. Plus I am pretty sure I am contractually obligated to use the name "Krister Greece" in a positive light every column. Krister Greece bumbaye, Krister Greece bumbaye, Krister Greece bumbaye! Does that ever get old?
Virginia Tech 31 West Virginia 17

Alabama +3.5 Florida
Wow, so many home 'dogs! There's something about a game like this between two SEC teams that screams, "take the points!." On top of that, I think 'bama will win anyway.
Alabama 20 Florida 16

FSU -21 Syracuse
FSU may actually be the worst top ten team of the last five years. No need to worry though, having 2 QB's this incompetent never works out in the end. I just hope they don't end up with a January 1st bowl. Let's hide them on December 27th or something like that.
FSU 32 Syracuse 13

Tennessee -21 Ole Miss
All hail Rick Clausen. Whenever Tennessee is in a rough spot, a Clausen brother will be there to help them out. Gotta love a family like that. They're like the Mannings, only without talent.
Tennessee 28 Ole Miss 3

LSU -14.5 Mississippi St.
LSU only favored by 14 against a team it beat beat by 51 points last year (51-0 shutout in fact) !?!?! Someone in Vegas messed this one up.
LSU 48 Mississippi St. 10

Michigan + 5.5 Michigan St.
I refuse to believe that we will start 0-2 in the Big Ten. Henne played awful last week, yes, BUT can he really play that bad twice in a row? After all, Brady Quinn lit up this defense, and we get Michael Hart back, so I can be optimistic right? Can't I? Please?
Michigan 35 Michigan St. 31

Boston College -38 Ball St.
Hehe... Ball State...
Boston College 51 Ball St. 6

Miami -21 South Florida
Serves me right for going against a gut feeling and not going with South Florida last week. Stupid Brian Brohm... Stupid Louisville... *mumbles off incoherently*
Miami 37 South Florida 14

Notre Dame +3 Purdue
As much as I like Purdue, I just think that the Charlie Weis-led Fighting Irish will win this game. Purdue will be emotionally drained from their double OT loss in Minny last week, and the fat man for ND will know how to capitalize.
Notre Dame 27 Purdue 13

California -16.5 Arizona
California is a great running team, Arizona can't stop the run. It doesn't get much easier than that.
California 48 Arizona 20

Here are the next 4 games. This week stopped being exciting awhile ago:
Texas Tech -17.5 Kansas
Wisconsin -17.5 Indiana
Iowa St. -3 Nebraska
Maryland +3.5 Virginia

Upset Special (1-3):
Arizona St. +17 USC
You best believe this is my pick! I am loving Sam Keller, and that ASU passing game right now, and for gambling purposes, I definately think they keep it within 17. Whether they can win, remains to be seen, but this team by far has the best chance to knock off the defending champs. Ah hell with it, go Sun Devils!
Arizona St.45 USC 42

UN-lock of the week (1-3):
Minnesota -2.5 Penn St.
Let's see, the team with be the best running game in football, or a team that stumbled against Northwestern last week? Give me team number one please.
Minnesota 30 Penn St. 21

and, for the love of god, if you read this, make a comment!


toonsterwu said...

Nice job, except you trying to piss me off by picking Maryland??

Creek! said...

Whenever picking ACC games that include Maryland, Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, or NC State it's probably a good idea to take the points.

Plus anytime this year Marques Hagans has faced a team not names "Duke" he has thrown at least 2INT's.

Anonymous said...

JoePa hater - you suck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good call on Bama and the Wolverines.... those made me proud son.

You botched the Tex/Mizzou (and I could have told you) but it looks like you're getting better as the season goes along

PokerGuy12 said...

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