Saturday, October 08, 2005

On The Hash... Marks

So it seems that parity has made its way to college football. After the top fifteen, it's a complete wash. You honestly could plug in 45 different teams in slots 15-25. A team that just two weeks ago lost to South Florida is in the top 25... you figure it out. Anyway, here is MY top 25:

1. USC (4-0)
Notes: You know a team is great when they only have to play one half to win.

2. Texas (4-0)
Notes: Boy, was I wrong or what about Missouri being able to hang with these guys? When will I learn to stop picking Brad Smith in big games?

3. Virginia Tech (4-0)
Notes: I would like to bring up a quote by my buddy Big Jon made prior to the season,"Marcus Vick is sooooooooooooo overrated." Big Jon is currently busy eating Crow.

4. Georgia (4-0)
Notes: 1st real road test of the year this week... Should be a good one.

5. Ohio St. (3-1)
Notes: The Joe Pa cometh.

6. Alabama (5-0)
Notes: Great all-around game for 'Bama (other than the Protho injury... that was just disgusting). An SEC title game may be in their grasp.

7. FSU (4-0)
Notes: Well, looks like everyone missed the boat. Weatherford is starting to come around, and this team has a chance to be a major player in the national title picture.

8. Tennessee (3-1)
Notes: Weren't that impressive over Ole Miss... Does anyone else find it weird Ole Miss has a black quarterback? I keep expecting Eli Manning to be under center when I watch them.

9. LSU (2-1)
Notes: Good win in a short week after a tough loss. The enigma that is Jau Culter lies ahead.

10. Florida (4-1)
Notes: 5 of my top 10 are SEC teams. Tell you somethin', dunnit?

11. Arizona St. (3-2)
Notes: If they have any other schedule, they are 4-1 or 5-0.

12. Miami(FL) (3-1)
Notes: They may just be back. Beat a good USF team that blew out Louisville.

13. Boston College (4-1)
Notes: Welcome back Quinton!

14. Notre Dame (4-1)
Notes: Still no pass defense, but they just keep winning.

15. California (5-0)
Notes: 17 sraight games with a running back going over 100 yards.

16. Wisconsin (5-0)
Notes: Quietly tied for the big ten lead.

17. Michigan St. (4-1)
Notes: HA!

18. Texas Tech (4-0)
Notes: Defense looked very meh against Kansas.

19. Penn St. (5-0)
Notes: Boy was I wrong about this team.

20. Auburn (4-1)
Notes: Been sleeping on this team all year.

21. UCLA (4-0)
Notes: Drew Olson looked good in a close one against Washington last week.

22. Michigan (3-2)
Notes: Mike Hart is simply amazing.

23. Georgia Tech (3-2)
Notes: Tough loss aginst a good NC State team. Poor Calvin Johnson, bless his heart, he's got to be the sickest man in America.

24. TCU (4-1)
Notes: What the hell? They beat Oklahoma, win a game 51-50 in overtime... Why not?

25. Minnesota (4-1)
Notes: Looked pitiful... maybe worse.

5 in '05:

1. Reggie Bush RB USC (+)
57 car 491yds 8.6ypc 6TD's
11rec 175yds 1TD
This week's projection- 15 car 100yds 1TD / 5rec 75 yds 1TD

2. Matt Leinart QB USC
173.8QBrat 65.1comp% 1286yds 10TD's 2INT's
This week's projection-

3. Vince Young QB Texas
161.7QBrat 65.9comp% 780yds 7TD's 5INT's
48car 310yds 6.5ypc 2TD's
This week's projection- 220yds 2TD's / 14car 70yds 1TD

4. Sam Keller QB Arizona St.
161.3QBrat 59.4comp% 1790yds 18TDs 7INT's
This week's projection- 350yds 3TD's

5. Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota (-)
129car 746yds 5.8ypc 6TD's
11rec 131 yds 1TD
This week's projection: 25car 95yds 1TD

6. Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame (+)
7. Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin
8. Drew Stanton QB Michigan St.
9. Brodie Croyle QB Alabama (+)
10. Marcus Vick QB Virginia Tech
11. Omar Jacobs QB BGSU
12. DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis


Last week: 10-8-1
Overral:36-36-1 (.500!!!)

USC -37.5 Arizona
This line could be USC -327 & I'm still going with USC.- nufced

USC 48 Arizona 6

Oklahoma +14 Texas
This makes two weeks in a row I'll be picking against Texas, even though I think they'll win. I just think this is destined to be a close game. This is Oklahoma's national title game, and they still have a good defense, and they still have Adrian Peterson.

Texas 23 Oklahoma 17

Virginia Tech -35 Marshall
Long gone are the days of Pennington to Moss at Marshall. Krister Greece will be doing his usual Ron Mexico impression, and Va-Tech will stay #3 in the polls.

Virginia Tech 39 Marshall 0

Ohio St. -3 Penn St.
Rides over, folks, move it along. 5-0 is as good as anybody at Happy Valley could have hoped for. Went against Penn State last week & it killed me, but I never learn. Can't wait to see Michael Robinson shit the bed when he realizes how fast Ohio State's linebackers are.

Ohio St. 26 Penn St. 16

Tennessee -3 Georgia
This pick is DRIVING ME CUH-RAAAAZY, but after changing my pick several times, I'll take the 'Dawgs (this one is destined to be wrong)

Georgia 28 Tennessee 24

LSU -15.5 Vanderbilt
I may be the biggest Jay Cutler supporter around, but even I know better than to call an upset here.

LSU 34 Vanderbilt 17

Florida -27.5 Mississippi St.
Not only do they want to make up for last weeks slaughtering at the hands of 'Bama, but they want to make up for being beat by the Bulldogs last year. Gators win big.

Florida 48 Mississippi 13

Arizona St. -9 Oregon
Still reeling from almost calling the upset of the year with ASU last week, I'll stay on the bandwagon 'til the wheels fall off.

Arizona St. 31 Oregon 17

Miami -35 Duke
You think every team laughs when they see Duke is on their schedule? I know I would.

Miami 42 Duke 0

Boston College -7 Virginia
BC is getting Quinton Porter back, and UVA is still banged up. It's hard not to take the points here, but I got a feeling.

Boston College 24 Virginia 13

Wisconsin -7 Northwestern
Wisconsin's starting out just like last years team. Hopefully they can finish a little better. No problem from the Wildcats this week.

Wisconsin 27 Northwestern 10

Michigan -7.5 Minnesota
We're baaaaaaaaaaack! Classic big ten matchup, with Mike Hart coming out on top over Laurence Maroney.

Michigan 30 Minnesota 21

Texas Tech -4 Nebraska
The Red Raiders aren't that good... but then again neither are the Huskers. Plus Tech KILLED them last year.

Texas Tech 40 Nebraska 14

Wyoming -6 TCU
Even though I just let TCU in the rankings, they're going to fall right back out. Wyoming is a very good offensive team, and this would should be a shootout.

Wyoming 41 TCU 33

Upset Special (2-3):
California +1.5 UCLA
UCLA almost loses to Washington at home, and they're still favored?

Cal 34 UCLA 24

UN-lock of the week (1-4):
FSU -21 Wake Forest
I'll go ahead and say it, FSU has the best defense in the country. Sorry for doubting.

FSU 27 Wake Forest 3

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