Thursday, December 15, 2005

Professor Ellis D Trails Week 15 Syllabus

I just wanted to thank Creek for taking care of the Week 14 Syllabus, thus allowing the good professor to work on a very important study. I have been home and abroad studying how other countries, as well as our own, are handling the sudden craze over the Christ and Christmas debacle.

Creek, you did a marvelous job and I see that you take time to teach the children of America how to grow and save like you have. I didn’t know you were such a financial wiz.

It is such a needless thing in my eyes that people of different religious backgrounds should or should not be offended by the phrases “Seasons Greetings” “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.” Bill O’Reilly can say some intelligent things. Then he can be a jackass and contradict his own statements. He made a comment that non-Christians should not, in any way, be offended when someone says "Merry Christmas" as it is a general term for spreading holiday cheer and does not promote Christianity to others. I agree with this, Bill. Then, in a different setting, he states that Christians should be offended by people saying "Seasons Greetings" as it takes Christ out of this “Oh So Holy” Holiday. Are you kidding me, Bill?

This country seems to be looking for more bullshit problems in order to promote even more bogus solutions in an asinine effort to become even more politically correct than where we have so ridiculously become today. Our president admitted today that he invaded Iraq based on faulty intelligence and it seemingly goes unnoticed. I am truly appalled at the state of our “Democracy.” It amazes me how the more we fight for “Freedom” in Iraq, the more we take away “Freedom” from our own people.

If you want to say "Merry Christmas", go ahead. If you want to say "Seasons Greetings", go ahead. People, you should not be caring about this senseless crap. There is so much media attention on worthless celebrity garbage and meanwhile our country's ideals that founded this great nation are going to Hell in a hand basket. I know that the words I speak will do nothing to the faceless zombies that drive this pandemic, but I had to express my deep disgust for this situation.

Now that that is out of the way, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
I know you all missed my analysis and prognostications. I have painstakingly licked enough frogs to comprehensively delve into possibly the most important fantasy football week of the season, other than the fantasy bowl, of course.

Always remember, your teams may have been down and out, but this is where you can make up for everything in one week. Oh yeah, as you can see, things can always be worse.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

TB @ NE 1:30pm
Tampa has won three straight games on the road since losing to SanFran. New England has a comfortable two game lead in the weakest division in the AFC. I think that Tampa is due for a letdown.

Chris Simms – He might be flustered with the defensive schemes he will see this week.
Cadillac Williams – This guy seems to have put the injuries behind him and is picking up steam. If they can get into the playoffs, he is going to have to shoulder the load.
Joey Galloway – Except for last week, he has put up good fantasy numbers every week since week 6. Start him.

Tom Brady – He's not a super great start, but should do enough to win.
Corey Dillon – Not very many yards this week as the Bucs have a better run defense than the Bills. He might get a score though.

KC @ NYG 5:00 pm
KC gets beat in the final seconds by Dallas much in the way that they beat Oakland. The NFL certainly knows how to even the scores. The Giants looked mediocre in their win over the Eagles and doesn’t seem to have the tenacity that they had earlier in the year.

Trent Green – He's doing it again. Late season fantasy points. This guy has 7 TD’s in the last four games. I would only be starting Peyton and Carson above him right now.
Larry Johnson – He does it against poor defenses and against strong defenses. Take a lesson, Willis McGahee.
Tony Gonzalez – He is truly a disappointment with only 2 TD’s this year. He is still second in the league for TE receptions and fourth in yards.

Eli Manning – Hasn’t thrown nearly as many TD’s (3) as Int’s (6) in his last three games. He needs a strong performance to build on.
Tiki Barber – Yardage hound and great heart shuns the naysayers from preseason. The one-time butterfingers has only fumbled once this season.
Plaxico Burress – He has been quiet lately and seems to not run all of routes with the same fervor. However, he is due for a big game.
Jeremy Shockey – Kansas City is giving up the most points to TE’s and the most TD’s as well (10). You do the math.

DEN @ BUF 8:30 pm
Denver played an ugly game against Baltimore but who cares, they won. Buffalo has gone from a team that looked strong to a pathetic team one game ahead of the Jets.

Jake Plummer – After going eight games without a pick, he has thrown 3 in three games. The good news is that he did not throw one last week. The bad news is that 5 of his 6 Int’s have come on the road.
Tatum Bell – With Anderson struggling the last 3 games and Bell taking most of the carries last week, I look for him to exploit this Buf team that gives up the second most points to running backs.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

ARI @ HOU 1:00 pm
Arizona sucks and Houston is worse. What a game.

Kurt Warner – Should have another big week, but one must wonder if he can put up the numbers, since his team won’t be trailing as much to force him into a passing mode.
LF/AB – Both of these guys should do well this week.

Dominick Davis – If you have to start a Texan, this guy is it, except maybe for Andre.

SEA @ TEN 1:00 pm
Seattle is on fire and hasn’t lost since week 4. Tennessee is not as bad as their record would indicate, they are worse. The Titans pass defense has gotten better, but they just can’t seem to play consistently.

Matt Hasselback – I really think that Holmgren is going to shove SA down the Titans throats this week. I also thought that last week and Matt throws for 4 TD’s. Go figure.
Darrell Jackson – He finally returns this week and, honestly, Seattle doesn’t need him. I would play him if I had him, but I won’t be surprised to see him leave early with another injury.

Chris Brown – I wouldn’t start him. His receiving skills have given fantasy owners some hope, but you just can’t count on that with him.
Drew Bennett – I know he has been hurt, but he was one of the earlier WR taken in drafts this year as a sleeper and you would have gotten more points drafting Erron Kinney.

SD @ IND 1:00 pm
If San Diego wants any shot at winning the division they have to win their last three games and hope that Denver loses all. Indy is trying to go undefeated, but there is already talk among the coaches about not playing slightly injured defensive starters because everything is locked up. Hmmm… Interesting.

LT – If Simon doesn’t play because they want him healthy for the playoffs, then LT will take this team to victory this week.
Antonio Gates – He proved this year that Tony G answers to him.
Drew Brees – He actually impressed me this year. Although he probably will not have as high of a rating as last season, he should easily have more completions and yards and maybe even more TD’s as well. Congratulations Drew.

Peyton Manning – He has thrown 3 TD’s in 4 of his last 6 games. He is on pace for 33 TD’s which is amazing considering after the first 6 games this year, he was on pace for 11.
Edgerrin James – San Diego is one of the better teams in stopping the run and they need this game wayyyyy more than Indy does. He is obviously a must start though.
Marvin Harrison – I think people finally realize that no one is going to take this guy’s job away. He is the man around the end zone.

CAR @ NO 1:00 pm
New Orleans beat this team on opening day. They are two completely different teams since then. After New Orleans beat the Bills, I said that they would not win again. My bad, they have won once against the Jets, barely. Big f’in deal. They suck and they know it.

Jake Delhomme – Surprisingly, the Saints only average giving up about 180 yards to opposing QB’s and Jake has only one 300 yard game this season along with throwing 3 TD’s only twice.
Steve Smith – He has 87 receptions for 1329 yards receiving and 10 Td’s. The rest of the team has 139 receptions for 1540 yards receiving and 9 Td’s. With nine other receivers besides Steve, that averages to 15 receptions 171 yards and 1 TD’s for the season for each of them. Is that because Steve is so good or the rest of the team is that bad. I say a little bit of both.
DeShaun Foster – He has been featured a little more lately, but still can’t find the end zone, despite scoring a couple of weeks ago.

I have no comments about any New Orleans players. I would start none of them.

PIT @ MIN 1:00pm
After breaking a 3-game slide last week, the Steelers begin the dogfight for a wildcard slot. The Vikings have somehow clawed back in the playoff hunt. Who will choke? Choker, er..I mean Cowher or the venerable lobotomy poster child himself Mike Tice.

Jerome Bettis – This guy just never goes away. I thought he should have retired two years ago. I would start him this week, but be careful as Minnesota has only given up two TD’s to RB’s in the last 5 weeks, one to Ryan Fitzpatrick and one to Tiki Barber.
Hines Ward – He has scored in 4 of the last 5 games and looks good to score again this week.

Brad Johnson – He takes few risks, which is no good for fantasy owners, but does well for the Minnesota Vikings. Pitt has some trouble playing in loud domes as shown in the Colts game, but the Vikings are no Colts.
Michael Bennett – He has gone over 70 and scored in each of the last 2 weeks, but don’t forget this is the same guy that has 3 games this year with negative yardage. Also, his two best games this year were against Detroit.

NYJ @ MIA 1:00 pm
With one more win, the Jets could make the last game of the season against the Bills for sole possession of last place. The Fins are one the 3 teams that the Jets have actually beaten this year and I just don’t see it happening again. Miami has played pretty good ball as of late and had a nice win against San Diego last week.

Laveranues Coles – He scored in week two against the Dolphins, but that was when Pennington was still the QB. It might as well have been last year.
Cedric Houston – He played well in place of Martin last week and should come back to earth this week.

Gus Frerrotte – Not worth a start this week.
RB/RW – It’s hard to tell who will get the lion share with this duo. Most likely it would be Ronnie. It’s even harder to tell who will score.
Randy McMichael – After scoring 4 TD’s in his first 4 games this year, he has only one since, Ouch. The Jets have only given up 2 TE scores this year, but one of them was to McMichael.

PHI @ STL 1:00 pm
The battle of the two 5-8 teams of the NFC. This is a shocker for me. My beloved Eagles looking more like wounded ducks. St Louis doesn’t have it much better. These two teams have been decimated, but should put on a game that will be fun to watch.

Ryan Moats – I should have picked him up last week and started him over Chris Perry. I would have won if I had. If he makes it til my pick this week, which I’m sure he won’t, I will gladly play him against the team that has given up the most rushing touchdowns all season.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Eli threw 3 Int’s against the Eagles last week and still won. He could do ok.
Torry Holt – There are no big games left for the Rams this year, but this guy has pride and loves to put up the big numbers.
Stephen Jackson – The Rams are still a throw first team, but I like Jackson against the Birds this week.

SF @ JAC 1:00 pm
The Niners haven’t even come close to a win on the road this year. They are about as bad as they come. Jacksonville controls their own fate and play three pretty mediocre teams in San Fran, Houston, and Tennessee.

David Garrard – This guy has played pretty well in place of Leftwich. Now he gets to face a team that would have trouble stopping a Division II college team.
Jimmy Smith – He just went over 12,000 yards for his career. In fact he has moved into 13th place just 46 yards behind Charlie Joiner. He has scored in two straight games and seems to have a good rapport with Garrard.

CLE @ OAK 4:05 pm
Tuiasosopo had a chance to take the job from Collins and failed. So, Collins is back in the lineup to continue the futility that is the Oakland Raiders. Cleveland is trying to build, and have been for several years. Frye and Edwards should be a nice pair. Now, if only Winslow could ever get into the lineup.

Charlie Frye – This kid is real green and definitely needs time to develop. He is only worth a start this week if you are truly in a bad situation.
Reuben Droughns – This guy is a sleeper this week. If Cleveland can get any kind of a lead, then Reuben could have a solid day.

Kerry Collins – He will continue to instruct on just how one can steal a paycheck.
Lamont Jordan – Cleveland gives up 132 yards a game rushing. NUFCED.
Randy Moss – He has given up on this year and when Randy gives up, you all know what happens to his production.

CIN @ DET 4:05 pm
The Bengals have played some clutch ball. They have only lost to Indy, Pitt, and Jacksonville. They don’t lose to the Detroits of the world.

Carson Palmer – I bet he is glad that Bailey won’t be playing this week. He is a must play every week.
Rudi Johnson – When Perry got hurt last week, RJ ran all over Cleveland
Chad Johnson – He was shut down last week for the first time all year, won’t happen again.

Roy Williams – He is the only guy worth starting in the Lions and even that is a stretch.

DAL @ WAS 4:15 pm
A good ole NFC East Rivalry game. The Skins and the Boys doing their business. Dallas is one game back of the Giants and the Skins are one game back of the Cowgirls. This one is too close to call. Just when it looked like Washington was in the toilet, they win two road games in a row. I know, I know, they were against the Cardinals and Rams.

Marion Barber – Washington is susceptible to a good ground game and if Parcells knows what is good for him, then he’ll stick with the hot hand and limit Jones.
Jason Witten – He just voided the final four years of his deal making him a restricted free agent. He will play the final three games to get the big money.

ATL @ CHI 8:30 pm
Atlanta doesn’t have its best games against strong defenses. Vick was hurt at the end of last week’s win and doesn’t have the luxury of sitting for the playoffs. Chicago is riding their defense to the end. I am not saying that it will happen, but a certain team won the Superbowl a few years back with a strong defense and Trent Dilfer as their QB.

Michael Vick – Even if he starts, I would go in another direction. Chicago is a swarming defense and only allows 11 points a game. They have only given up more than 7 points at home once and that was in a loss early in the year to Cincinnati.
Warrick Dunn – I wish he scored touchdowns but, alas, he doesn’t and creates lineup problems weekly for it.
Alge Crumpler – He is the only receiving threat on this team this year. Roddy White is progressing, but he is not there just yet.

Thomas Jones – He has averaged about 5 yards a carry in the last two games and I like him to score this week.
Chicago Defense – They are always a threat to score.

Monday, December 19, 2005

GB @ BAL 9:00 pm
This could possibly be Brett’s swan song on Monday Night and you know that Madden will be almost completely unintelligible. Brett could throw 10 int’s and will do nothing wrong through Madden’s rose-colored glasses. Baltimore needs to go back to the drawing board.

Brett Favre – A true legend says goodbye to Monday Night Football, most likely. He should have left last season
Samkon Gado – I can’t see him continuing this pace. Noodles is hoping that Gado leads his team to victory over mine this week, we’ll see.
Donald Driver – This game should be low scoring and does not bode well for either team’s wide receivers. Brett could go off, but I just don’t feel it.

Chester Taylor – Sneaky pick this week. He will get more carries than Jamal. Green Bay is giving up like 120 yards per game, but on the other hand they have only given up 5 rushing TD’s to running backs all year.

Top QB’s for Week 15

1. Peyton Manning
2. Matt Hasselback
3. Carson Palmer
4. Trent Green
5. Kurt Warner
6. Drew Brees
7. Eli Manning
8. Brett Favre
9. Jake Delhomme
10. Ben Roethlisbeerfdfsdjfhsdkjfhdfk

Top RB’s for Week 15

1. Shaun Alexander
2. Larry Johnson
3. LaDanian Tomlinson
4. Rudi Johnson
5. Edgerrin James
6. Dominick Davis
7. Clinton Portis
8. Tiki Barber
9. Thomas Jones
10. Lamont Jordan

Top WR’s for Week 15

1. Steve Smith
2. Anquan Boldin
3. Joey Galloway
4. Marvin Harrison
5. Torry Holt
6. Chad Johnson
7. Larry Fitzgerald
8. Plaxico Burress
9. Terry Glenn
10. Jimmy Smith

Sleeper of the Week – Ryan Moats

Moats looked great against the Giants in his first career start. The Rams have allowed a league high 17 TD’s to opposing running backs. Both teams have nothing to play for and Moats is playing with a lot of heart.

Bust of the Week – Michael Vick

Most of you will say this is an obvious choice, but he has been playing hot. He was hurt last week, yet he promises to play this week. Even if he does, he will have problems all day. If you have another option, I suggest you use it. This game should be a defensive battle.

There it is. For those of you in your Fantasy Bowl, good luck. For those of you in the semis, good luck as well. As for the rest of you, let the mock drafts begin. Just kidding. I know the season is winding down, but this is where the true prognosticators really dig in. I subscribe to too many a newspaper and love to read all that I can. This upcoming time of year is the time where a lot of pertinent fantasy information can be lost. Keep your eyes and ears open and it’s never too early to think about draft position and keepers for next season. I have a suggestion for those of you with leagues that have no use for week 17. In a league that I used to be in would have the Fantasy Bowl in week 16 and during the final week of the year, there was no head to head matchups. It was considered the All-Star week. Every team would start all of their normal starters and bench players and the team with the highest points would get a bonus $50.00. Just a thought

Don’t forget, always go with your gut and don’t look back.

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