Wednesday, December 14, 2005

By The Numbers - Week 14

It’s time for a look at the fantasy numbers for week 14. Alphabetical honors go to Matt & Larry, and we get to bash a couple of miserable RBBCs. As for history, can you say Dallas’ playoff hopes after this week?

26 Skidoo & Drew

Matt Hasselbeck finally woke up from a dream state (4 TDs, 226 passing yards) and rewarded his owners with 26 fantasy points. Maybe I’ll be wrong about my preseason prediction on a first round exit for the Seahawks … naaaaahhhhh!

Larry Johnson continues to be my personal fantasy savior, at least in one league. His 3 TDs and 143 rushing yards gave happy owners everywhere 26 fantasy points. I predict a similar success this week for one Clinton Portis …

I’m not talking about Boo Bledsoe (24 fantasy points) only because I HATE THE COWBOYS. DALLAS SUCKS! GO SKINS (please get healthy!).

Rush For The Exits

Enough of the bad QB performances already – we all know that Mark Brunell (3 picks, 122 passing yards, -4 fantasy points), Alex Smith (a pick and a fumble, 77 passing yards, -2 fantasy points) and Brett Favre (a pick and a fumble, 170 passing yards, -1 fantasy points) sucked last week. Let’s see how the RBBC approach is working for Nick and Denny.

Ronnie Brown & Ricky Williams did everything they could to sink the Dolphins ship (58 combined rushing yards and two fumbles) with their negative two fantasy points between them. Fortunately for the rest of the team (if not for their fantasy owners), Gus Frerotte noticed what the immortal Sage Rosenfels figured out a long time ago – throw the damn ball to Chris Chambers!

Speaking of crappy RB committees, how about the JJ Arrington & Marcel Shipp show! These two combined for 53 rushing yards, two fumbles and negative two fantasy points. Just imagine what Denny Green could do if he had a running game – oh yeah, NOTHING! Talk about overhyped …

Finally, we turn to Willis McGahee and his disappearing act. He managed to avoid turnovers, but his 3 rushing yards and 5 receiving yards still equal a big fat fantasy goose egg. Along with the explosive Julius Jones and the mismanaged Steven Jackson, Willis has to rank near the top of the disappointing RB pile for this season.

This Week in Fantasy History

In honor of the late Richard Pryor, this week we take a look at two week 15 performances by black quarterbacks on one of their best days.

Believe it or not, Daunte Culpepper didn’t always suck, it just seems that way to his owners this year. Back in 2002, he had a stunning fantasy day in a 32-31 victory over the Saints. His two passing TDs, two rushing TDs, 312 passing yards and 73 rushing yards won the game, including a hookup with Randy Moss with 5 seconds remaining. Does the future hold any more of these 33 fantasy point days for Daunte? Perhaps Richard can put in a good word with the man upstairs …

When Kordell Stewart was good he was very good. As the QB for Pittsburgh in 2001, he led the Steelers to a 47-14 victory over the Lions. His personal totals of 226 passing yards, two passing TDs, 22 rushing yards and two rushing TDs gave fortunate owners a 29 fantasy point boost for the day.

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