Wednesday, December 28, 2005

By The Numbers - Week 16

It’s time for a look at the fantasy numbers for week 16. One of my favorite Redskins paid tribute to last week’s history maker, two RBs exploded and Kyle bowled everyone over. McNair owners were left deflated and many a whiner chalked up championship losses to Mssrs. Smith and LT. Today’s history lesson involves one of the best QBs in the game.

Oye Como Va

He’s no musician, but my favorite Santana (Moss) put together the best performance of the week. Looking like a young Eddie Kennison, his five catches for 160 receiving yards and 3 TDs elated his owners with 26 fantasy points. The Giants had no answer …

Two top-notch running performances were turned in by Shaun Alexander and Julius Jones (Mr. Explosive). Shaun tied the rushing touchdown record with a 3 TD 145 combined yard performance, and JJ surprised many with a 194 rushing yard 2 TD day. Their respective totals of 24 and 21 fantasy points made the winning difference for many owners (especially the guy who had both against me in one of my championship losses).

Finally, there’s the resurgent Kyle Boller. With 289 passing yards and 3 TDs, could it be that he has turned the corner? Ravens’ coach Brian Billick is not convinced, but Kyle sure made a few owners believe in the risk/reward equation with a nice 21 fantasy points.


Steve McNair turned in a short but lousy day with 34 passing yards and 2 picks. His negative 4 fantasy points left some owners with a hole in their collective pockets.

Steve Smith also had a short day, with a different kind of explosion that left owners with 18 receiving yards and zero fantasy points. Some days, even your studs (LT2 = 2 fantasy points) leave you high and dry, just hurts to have it happen on a championship weekend … ah, well, they got you there, you have to live with whatever happens, right?

Do we have to talk about Brett Favre again? When will he truly call it quits?

This Week in Fantasy History

This week, we take a short trip back in history to look at one of a future hall-of-famer’s best games.

In 2003, Tom Brady closed out the season with a 31-0 shutout of the Buffalo Bills. With 204 yards passing, 23 yards rushing and four passing TDs, Brady put together a nice total of 29 fantasy points. As usual, he spread the wealth to four different receivers.


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