Wednesday, December 07, 2005

By The Numbers - Week 13

It’s time for a look at the fantasy numbers for week 13. All kneel to the Seattle Seahawks (for now), or just kneel to the porcelain god after watching some pretty horrific QB play … thank God for history!

History Made

No matter how many times I look at it, I have a hard time believing the 44 fantasy points delivered by Seattle’s defense. Four sacks, four picks, two fumble recoveries, three TDs and a shutout. Folks, that’s the highest single game position contribution total for the year! Just to give you a little perspective, the Seahawks had scored a total of only 83 fantasy points in the previous 11 games. One for the history books …

Most of us can’t claim to have started Lee Evans this week. Unless you are in a 14-16 team league or have 25 roster positions, you didn’t have the good fortune to add his 23 fantasy points to your team’s totals. If you projected his first quarter work over a full game, the guy would have scored 92 fantasy points!

Carson Palmer had a pretty good week, with three TDs and no mistakes adding up to 22 fantasy points. Somehow, it just pales in comparison … but at least it’s a far cry from what’s next (here, not for Carson).

More Bad QB Performances

How horrible did Mike McMahon and Koy Detmer look on Monday night? With four picks, a fumble and 145 yards passing between them, they cost owners negative 8 fantasy points. Fortunately for most of us, neither was anywhere near a fantasy roster – right? They’re just lucky they don’t get penalized for the defensive TDs. At least Andy Reid took pity on McMahon and pulled him before he could do any more damage.

Hey Aaron, oh Aaron, you suck! What a bust this bum has turned out to be. Aaron Brooks rewarded his owners with negative 4 fantasy points, rolling up four picks and a paltry 215 yards passing. Man, I hope the Saints fire Jim Haslett …

Eli Manning looked pretty horrid, too. With only 152 yards passing, two INTs and negative 1 fantasy points, he’s lucky he doesn’t get paid for his fantasy performances. Of course, I started Manning over Trent Green. Guess I’ll never learn, or I’ll start Trent the week he goes negative …

I’d rag on Brett Favre (-3), Alex Smith (-3) and Kyle Orton (-1), but I’m too tired. Besides, one of these guys is going to play in Super Bowl XL … you figure it out.

This Week in Fantasy History

This week, we take a look at two week 14 performances by quarterbacks, at least one of whom has to be mentioned in the discussion of greatest of all time. Both are obvious HOFers (it’s an SB thing).

In the 1994 season, Steve Young guided the Cincinnati Bengals to a 50-14 pasting of the Cincinnati Bengals. Young threw for 294 yards and three TDs, and he ran for two more TDs. That’s a sweet 33 fantasy points and a real turn of the tables compared to today (Alex Smith, you’re no Steve Young).

How many of you remember that 9 years ago for the Minnesota Vikings, Brad Johnson managed a tidy 28 fantasy points versus the Cardinals? I always marvel at what a small world the NFL has become. If a few of us are very lucky, we may yet ride the BJ bandwagon and Vikings resurgence to fantasy championships.

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