Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Look Ahead: 2006 NFL Free Agency (By Creek)

You know what the NFL offseason means... more of ^THIS^ guy.

With week 14 of the NFL season already upon us, this means one thing for many teams-- the draft is coming! The NFL draft, is my favorite thing in sports (other than Adam Morrison's mustache), and had developed into something everyone suddenly knows everything about. Well, before you worry about the draft, you should focus on the free agents your team could be looking at. So, with nothing else to write about (no college games this week = unhappy Creek), I've decided to take an early look at the top 5 unrestricted free agents at each "skill" position.

1. Drew Brees (current team: San Diego)
The answer to the "Brees or Rivers" debate depends on whether or not the Chargers make the playoffs. Even if they go 9-7, but miss out on the playoffs, I think Phillip Rivers takes over as starter. Basically, the only chance Brees has to keep his job, is to make the playoffs. The loser of the Brees/Rivers battle, will certainly end up in Miami.

2. Jeff Garcia (current team: Detroit)
Due to injuries, never got a chance to really separate himself from Joey Harrington. Stay with me here, but Favre retires, and the Packers fire Sherman, and bring Mooch back to Green Bay, we could see Garcia brought in to bridge the gap from Favre to Aaron Rodgers. Miami is also a possibility here, or he could catch on somewhere as the permanent backup.

3. Jon Kitna (current team: Cincinnati)
From what I've read, he is really content finishing his career in Cincinnati, backing up Carson Palmer. Should be interesting to see what he does if the Jets or Dolphins contact him and promise him a chance to start.

4. Kurt Warner (current team: Arizona)
Will go wherever there is a young QB that he could spell from time to time if need be, and maybe even start a game or two if need be. The Raiders seem like the type of team to give him a call if they cut Kerry Collins.

5. Josh McCown (current team: Arizona)
Will likely be back in 'Zona, but in what capacity? Isn't a "Denny Green guy," and the Cards could be going QB in the first round of the draft.

1. Shaun Alexander (current team: Seattle)
Running better than anyone in the league, and it would have only cost you a second round pick last year. Can't see Seattle letting him get away.

2. Edgerrin James (current team: Indianapolis)
Another guy who could have been had for a 2nd rounder last year. Miami has been mentioned a lot with him (as it has been in the past) due to him being from here and all. The Colts would be fools to let him go.

3. DeShaun Foster (current team: Carolina)
The Panthers have worked him into their starter, and he will be re-signed for bigger money than you expect.

4. Jamal Lewis/Chester Taylor (current team: Baltimore)
The Ravens will resign one of these guys, and it would seem the fans would rather have Taylor. Thng is, Lewis had to rehab a major injury in prison, and wasn't ready for the season. Tough to imagine where he would go, but San Francisco, Minnesota, and Houston are some of the teams that could try taking a chance on him. Especially if the Texans and 49ers miss out on Reggie Bush.

5. Ahman Green/Najeh Davenport (current team: Green Bay)
Another team with its #1 & 2 RB's on the market. I'm betting Davenport stays, as no coach wants to inherit a RB with fumbling problems. Green would be a good fit in Arizona with Denny.


1. Reggie Wayne (current team: Indianapolis)
May be the odd man out in Indy this offseason. Miami is the hottest rumor for him right now, but of course, I'm going to throw the Eagles out there as a possible candidate. Kansas City is a team in need of a big-name WR, and they are willing to spend the money.

2. Antwaan Randel El (current team: Pittsburgh)
He should stay put, but a team in need of a big play guy (Miami, San Francisco, Houston) could make a big play for him in this weak WR market. In the end, I think he stays put, as he and Hines Ward make a great duo.

3. Keenan McCardell (current team: San Diego)
An older guy, but would still be a great #2 anywhere, maybe even a #1 somewhere like, oh, I don't know, Philly? Could go somewhere like Cleveland, where a veteran on the WR corps would be a nice addition. also, KC would love to swoop himaway from the Bolts.

4. David Givens (current team: New England)
I definitely think the Patriots will re-sign Givens, as long as he doesn't ask for a ridiculous amount of money. I can see someone offering him more money, but the Patriots have a better chance than most to win next year.

5. Peerless Price (current team: Dallas...kinda)
Someone will give him a chance to see the field. Wherever he goes, it'll have to be somewhere with a good system in place, like St. Louis, or Denver.

1. Chris Baker (current team: NYJ)
Showed flashes of how good he can be, before getting hurt. Someone's always looking for a big, athletic TE, and perhaps a team like Denver, Cincinnati, or Jacksonville will sign him to get their team to the next level.

2. Christian Fauria (current team: New England)
Dependable redzone target, which a lot of teams will covet. Especially a team like Green Bay, that does use a lot of 2 TE sets.

3. Justine Pelle (current team: San Diego)
Arizona needs anybody at TE, and taking a chance on Antonio Gates' backup isn't a bad idea. He's a athletic guy, and could serve as a security blanket, if they draft a QB.

4. Robert Royal (current team: Washington)
Basic, run-of-the-mill-white-guy TE. Doesn't do anything great, but doesn't mess anything up. A lot of teams could use one.

5. Jerame Tuman (current team: Pittsburgh)
A very good blocker, and underrated receiver. I think he'll stay in Pittsburgh alongside Heath Miller to help out with the blocking.

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