Saturday, December 03, 2005

On The Hash.... Marks (by Creek)


South Florida +9 West Virginia
Did anyone realize that West Virginia is #11 in the BCS? I had no idea this was going on. I mean, is Pat White really THAT good? This is the West Virginia that put up 15 points against Syrcause in their 1st game right? Ok, so maybe the emergence of Steve Slaton also had something to do with it, but if after week one, you would have asked me where this team would be, I would have said 5-6, 4-7. Well, that's why they play the-- (shut the hell up Berman!)... I really don't know who to go with in this game, so I'll take USF & the 9 points they're getting at home. Really hoping Andre Hall has a big day in his last home game. He'll be a good pro.

WVA 21 USF 17

Georgia +1.5 LSU
Kind of upset we won't be seeing Vandy in this game, but I knew it was a pipedream to begin with. After some late season sputtering against Florida and Aubrun, the Dawgs are back on track. Plus, are we really ready to give the SEC title to Les Miles?... Remember that Tennesse game?

Georgia 29 LSU 24

UCF -2 Tulsa
Umm.... who the hell knows, I just want O'Leary to win, land a major headcoaching job, then go on to beat Notre Dame in a game of importance. Goddamn catholics...

UCF 24 Tulsa 20

Texas -28 Colorado
The game that decides the fate of the heisman trophy. if Vince Young throws 4 or 5 TD's, we got ourselves a race (even though we shouldn't). Texas WILL kill the Buffs, but the thing I'm most looking forward to, are the many mispronunciations of star TE Joe Klopfenstein's last name. Hey, in games like these, it's the little things you need to look for.

UT 55 CU 17

Navy -6 Army
I love Jimed

Navy 31 Army 17

Virginia Tech -14 FSU
4 weeks ago, there is no way I'm taking VaTech if they're favored by this much, but FSU has been so bad that Roget's Thesaurus does not have a word that accurately portrays how bad they are currently playing. Marcus Vick has bounced back nicely since the Miami game. Darryl Tapp may literally have 139 sacks this game. Coach Bowden will may have a stroke as well.

VaTech 31 FSU 10


5 words: Reggie Bush, heisman trophy winner.

USC 43 UCLA 30

That leads us into my final awards. You already know my heisman winner, but here are the rest:

Bednarik- A.J Hawk
Belitnikoff- Mike Hass
Maxwell- Matt Leinart (Maxwell is usually more of a leadership award)
O'Brien- Vince Young (Leinart & Bush already have trophhies)
Outland- Greg Eslinger
Thorpe- Jimmy Williams
Walker- Reggie Bush

And remember, bowl season is just around the corner. GO BLUE!

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