Sunday, October 01, 2006

By The Numbers

I hope this works or else I just pulled another bonehead move. But since this blog doesn't support any chart, table or spreadsheet typew of format, which is the Holy Temple and sacred sanctuary of any statistician.... then I went and found that Google has started offering .xls spreadsheet webpages.... PREFECT!!

I am hopeful this works, but knowing new technology snafus.... realistic in that something is bound to go wrong. The other thing, I didn't have any template set up for this and creating that took longer than I thought, so I have only analyzed half the games so far.... and I doubt I have enough time or energy to finish it out before the games start.

Next week I won't have to spend so much time with the template and can just export the numbers and go.... so this is a "fly by the seat of your pants" operation and there is plenty of room for growth. I would like to hear any feedback about this attempt in order to make it the best number crunchers "free" resource on the internet for those fantasy numbers we all crave.

Happy reading!

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cliff said...

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