Saturday, October 14, 2006

On The Hash... Marks (Special "I'm Late, I'm Late!" Edition)

Oh Mario, Where Art Thou?

1. Ohio St.
2. Florida (+2)
3. USC
4. Michigan (+1)
5. West Virginia (+1)
6. Louisville (+1)
7. Texas (+2)
8. California (+11)
9. Tennessee (+9)
10. Iowa (+3)
11. Notre Dame (+3)
12. Clemson (+4)
13. Georgia Tech (+4)
14. Arkansas (NR)
15. Auburn (-13)
16. Georgia (-4)
17. Missouri (+4)
18. LSU (+10)
19. Boise St. (+1)
20. Nebraska (-2)
21. Oregon (-11)
22. Rutgers (+1)
23. Oklahoma (-8)
24. Wisconsin (NR)
25. Boston College (NR)


1. Troy Smith QB tOSU
QBRat 170.6 1261yds 15TDs 2INTs
Prediction: @ Mich St. 18-29 245yds 2TDs

2. Adrian Peterson RB Ok
142rush 752yds 5.3ypc 8TDs
5rec 82yds 1TD
Prediction: vs. Iowa St. 35rush 225yds 3TDs

3. John David Booty QB USC
137.8QBrat 1209yds 11TDs 3INTs
Prediction: vs. Az St. 23-36 270yds 3TDs

4. Garrett Wolfe RB NIU
156rush 1343yds 8.6ypc 13TDs
13rec 162yds 1TD
Prediction: W. Mich 30rush 180yds 2TDs

5. Mike Hart RB Mich
157rush 794yds 5.1 ypc 5TDs
6rec 66yds
Prediction: @ Penn St. 25rush 120yds 1TD

Last Week: 8-9
Overall: 68-44-2

Minnesota +8 Wisconsin
It's amazing how these two teams can retool the running back position every year. A lot of that has to do with the good o-lines they consistently have, but P.J. Hill is going to be a superstar. My bet is the last team to score takes this one.

Wisc 31 Min 27

Iowa -18.5 Indiana
Iowa will run all over Indy regardless of whether Albert Young plays or not.

Iowa 40 Ind U 13

Georgia -13.5 Vanderbilt
Offense looked much better with Tereshinski back last week. Things kind of fell apart at the end there, however. Georgia should be back ready to dominate, and Jay Cutler is nowhere in sight for Vandy.

UGA 28 Vandy 7

Oklahoma -19 Iowa St.
The Cyclones broke my heart last week and fell out of the Big 12 North race. Oklahoma is more than likely a bit ticked off after losing to Texas which should make for a tough day for my boys Bret Meyer, Stevie Hicks, and Todd Blizzythe.

Ok 34 ISU 14

Ohio St. -14 MSU
I can see the Spartans keeping this one close, but I don't have the mazumbos to pick 'em.

tOSU 27 MSU 10

WVU -25 'Cuse, Ark (no line) over SeMizzou, Louis -25 Cincy, Tx -27 Baylor, LSU -26 UK, Boise St. -26 NMST.

Oregon -8.5 UCLA
Jon Stewart should be able to pick up the win on the ground for the Ducks while still maintaining his ability as a witty, comical left-wing fake news show host.

Ore 27 UCLA 16

California -8 Washington St.
I've been down on Cal since they killed me by losing to Tennessee (talked all kinds of crap in the preseason that the Pac-10 elite is as good as anyone's to my friend/redneck football watchin' buddy. Caught a lot of heat when Cal got killed), but I'm finally coming around on them. Longshore can play, Lynch and Jackson are two of the best playmakers in the country.

Cal 32 Wazzu St. 20

Nebraska -9 Kansas St.
K-State's got 4 straight wins at home, but that's in the past. Nebraska should be able to put up a big lead early and the blackshirts will do the rest.

Neb 28 KSt. 13

Auburn +2 Florida
Hopefully is a closer game than last week's UF/LSU game. I'll be watching the Michigan game, so I'll miss out on this one, but this should be a GOTY candidate.

Aub 21 UF 20

Michigan -6 Penn St.
I'm sticking with my forumla of having no confidence is picking Michigan games. They've been winning, so I'm happy. Manningham being out is tough, hopefully Breatson steps up.

UM 24 PSU 17

Arizona St. +19 USC
Close win for USC last week, while ASU had a week off to prepare after their big loss against Oregon. I don't think ASU gets the win, but they will be able to keep it within 19.

USC 31 AZU 20

Upset Special (4-1):
Rutgers +2.5 Navy

Yeah, so Rutgers is pretty much gonna suprise everyone and win the Big East. Your days are numbered, Louisville and West Virginia.

Rutg 27 Navy 19

**~**$Creek's 5-Star, No Doubt, Money-Making *dramatic music, extreme closeup* LOCK OF THE WEEK**~** (3-1-1):
Missouri -2 Texas A&M

Chase Daniel is a sexy bitch. As far as football playing ability is concerned that is. A&M's got a good team, but Mizzou's on the path the Big 12 title game.

Mizzou 24 TxA&M 20

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