Friday, October 20, 2006

On The Hash... Marks

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to keep this week's column down to the bare essentials. I have a 12 page report on Herbert Hoover (read that again and feel sorry for me) due monday, and of course, I haven't started it yet. Just the picks this week, I promise to make it up to you next week by posting pictures of Wikkid naked on a trampoline.

Last Week: 12-7
Overall: 80-51

West Virginia -22.5 UConn

Louisville -17 Syracuse

Nebraska +4.5 Texas

Ohio St. -30.5 Indiana

Wisconsin -6.5 Purdue

Arkansas -21 Ole Miss

Auburn -31.5 Tulane

Notre Dame -13.5 UCLA

Tennessee -11 Alabama

Michigan -12.5 Iowa

Boston College +6 FSU

California -23 Washington

Oregon -3.5 Washington St.

Boise St. -21 Idaho

Oklahoma -14 Colorado

Georgia Tech +7.5 Clemson

LSU -33 Fresno St.

UPSET SPECIAL (5-1): Rutgers +6.5 Pittsburgh

LOW (3-2-1): Michigan -12.5 Iowa

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