Saturday, September 16, 2006

On The Hash... Marks (Special Separation Saturday Edition~!!1!!11!)

"It’s a mans obligation to stick his boneration in a woman’s separation to help increase the population...hehe."

1. Ohio St. (+4)
2. Auburn (-1)
3. Notre Dame (+3)
4. USC (-2)
5. LSU (+2)
6. Florida (+2)
7. West Virginia (+2)
8. Iowa (-4)
9. Texas (-6)
10. Georgia
11. Oklahoma (+4)
12. Louisville (+4)
13. FSU (-2)
14. Miami (-2)
15. Michigan (+2)
16. Tennessee (-2)
17. Arizona St. (+1)
18. TCU (+1)
19. Iowa St. (+1)
20. Oregon (+2)
21. Nebraska
22. Virginia Tech (+2)
23. Boston College (NR)
24. Alabama (+1)
25. Boise St. (NR)

Some reshuffling at the top due to tOSU and ND's good games.

Oklahoma & Louisville move up 4 spots due to FSU & Tennessee's weak performances.

Moved Michigan up 2 this week. Not quite sure why...

Everyone welcome BC and Boise St. to the top 25.

Heisman Race:

1. Troy Smith QB tOSU
194.2QBRat 68.6Comp% 566yds 5TDs
Prediction:Vs. Cincy 15-22 240yds 4TDs

2. Adrian Peterson RB Ok
56rush 304yds 3TDs
3rec 75yds 1TD
Prediction: @ Ore 30rush 120yds 1TD; 3rec 25yds 1TD

3. Brady Quinn QB ND
138.7QBRat 64.9comp% 533yds 3TDs
15rush 15yds 1TD
Prediction: Vs. Mich 27-40 250yds 2TDs

4. Steve Slaton RB WVU
63rush 503yds 8.1ypc 6TDs
Prediction: Already played. Put up 195yds 2TDs vs. Maryland in win.

5. John David Booty QB USC
114.9 QBRat 246 yds
7 rush 9 yds 1 TD
Prediction: Vs. Neb 13-22 210yds 2TDs

Honorable Mention- Kenny Irons, Ian Johnson, Rudy Carpenter, Drew Tate, Chris Leak

Ohio St. -29 Cincinnati
Ohio St. certainly looked like they're the best team in college football. One would think Troy Smith is leading the Heisman race at this point in the season, and this will probably be one of those fun stat-padding games the kids like so much.

tOSU 43 Cincy 10

Virginia Tech -35 Duke
We're still not sure how good Tech is, and we won't find out this week. I'm sure Brandon Ore will look fantastic again in this one, and a blocked kick returned for a TD seems destined to happen for that vaunted Hokies special teams.

VT 42 Duke 3

Georgia -17 UAB
Oklahoma's shittiness brings this spread closer thanks to them barely surviving UAB, but I'm not sold on the Blazers being that good. Georgia's a legit team (more legit than the Sooners anyway...), and should have their way with UAB. Not sexually... unless they're into that sort of thing.

UGA 26 UAB 0

Auburn -3 LSU
The OMFG YUGE game of the week. Aurburn's my pick to win it all, so you know I'm not picking against them. Love those big 3:30 SEC games, but UM/ND is on at that same time, and well, I may get to watch the end of this game at least, depending on how much UM is losing by.

Aub 27 LSU 21

Miami +4.5 Louisville
Really have no clue here. If Louisville had Michael Bush, I'm taking them without hesitation. If UM had a meaningful win under their belt, I'm taking them. But since neither apply, I'll go he "what the hell?" route with UM. Gave this 1 confidence point on Yahoo.

Miami 30 Louisville 30

As for the games with no line this week, I'm taking Penn St. over Youngstown St., and California over Portland St.... Though I don't really feel to confident about either.

Notre Dame -5.5 Michigan
Not looking forward to this game at all. UM's offense hasn't been too impressive thus far, while ND is coming off a huge offensive output againt PSU. The key to this game is Chad Henne. He needs to complete more than just the WR screens and dink and dunk stuff. Steve Breaston will play a huge part as well. He needs some nice returns to give us the field positon we need, and he needs to get open deep in the pass game. Of course, I'm assuming Mike Hart and the run game will be working, but if they aren't already over.

ND 24 Mich 16

BYU +7 Boston College
After BC's huge win over Clemson, BYU strolls in to town and scores one for the mormons.

BYU 30 BC 27

TCU +1 Texas Tech
the battle of the half decent Texas teams. Sweet. TCU should be able to keep up with the Red Raiders, and pick up the win at home.

TCU 40 TxTech 36

Texas -31 Rice
Hopefully they fare better than FSU did against Troy last week.

Tx 57 Rice -11

Arizona St. -10.5 Colorado
Colorado hasn't had anything going on offense under Dan Hawkins, and should easily be outscored by the potent ASU bunch. always be weary of Pac 10 teams on the road, but I've already got plenty of eggs in the ASU basket and don't intend on taking them out now.

ASU 27 CU 9

Clemson +4.5 FSU
More of a personal pick really. I hate FSU, and was a big Clemson supporter all offseason. Clemson has to win for me to save face.

Clem 23 FSU 20

Nebraska +19.5 USC
Very suprised at the spread on this game. Thought it would be -14 in favor of USC at best. Nebraska's defense is one of the best, and their offense is much improved.

USC 35 Neb 21

Florida -3.5 Tennessee
So win big over then #9 Cal, then win by 1 point over the Air Force academy? Phil Fullmer's team is damn near impossible to bet on. Florida's the better team anywhoo.

UF 16 UT 10

UPSET SPECIAL (1-1): Iowa St. +14 Iowa
I really like both of these teams this year. Iowa St.'s offense will be able to put up points with Iowa's, and the fact that it's a rivalry game (and a big one at that) suggests that the point totals will be closer than 14 points.

Iowa 31 ISU 28

**~**$Creek's 5-Star, No Doubt, Money-Making *dramatic music, extreme closeup* LOCK OF THE WEEK**~** (2-0): Oregon -4.5 Oklahoma
Oregon will be out for revenge after last year's Holiday Bowl. Going into Oregon and winning is no easy task to begin with, as Michigan proved a few years ago. Oklahoma hasn't looked that good this year, while Oregon has impressed each time out.

Ore 31 Ok 21


Professor Ellis D Trails said...

How about this for lock of the week, Boise St is only a 7 point favorite over Wyoming, Friggin Wyoming. Boise St should win this by 20 at least, am I wrong creek.

Creek! said...

For my lock of the week, I try not to pick the easy games (I.E. Boise St./Wyoming). Makes it a little more exciting.

wikkidpissah said...

Now for a cheer they are here,
Here they come with banners flying,
In stalwart step they're nighing,
With shouts of vict'ry crying,
We hurrah, hurrah, we greet you now,
Far we their praises sing
For the glory and fame they've bro't us
Loud let the bells them ring
For here they come with banners flying
Far we their praises tell
For the glory and fame they've bro't us
Loud let the bells them ring
For here they come with banners flying
Here they come, Hurrah!

Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the conqu'ring heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan
The leaders and best
Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the conqu'ring heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
The champions of the West!

We cheer them again
We cheer and cheer again
For Michigan, we cheer for Michigan
We cheer with might and main
We cheer, cheer, cheer
With might and main we cheer!

Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the conqu'ring heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
The champions of the West!

Professor Ellis D Trails said...

I do hate Notre Dame