Thursday, September 22, 2005

Week 3 Predictions

Week 3 of the season and some interesting events are shaping the new landscape of several divisions. Minnesota has no offense so far and Chicago found it. The Bengals are playing strong on both sides of the ball, while Baltimore's defense is trying it's best to be as bad as it's offense. In the RB rookie department, it looks like Cadillac is off to a fast start. Arrington and Gore have been no shows so far.

Week 3 predictions

Atlanta 14 at Buffalo 20
Vick may not be able to play this game, Atlanta is 9-19 in games where Vick wasn't able to start.

Oakland 23 at Philadelphia 31
McNabb/Owens should be able to outscore Collins/Moss, but both offenses will be able
to score plenty of points.

New Orleans 35 at Minnesota 17
Brooks should be able to burn the Vikings secondary a few times. Culpepper will
struggle again but I don't think he'll have 5 interceptions this week. If he does,
then I would seriously consider playing your back-up QB the rest of the way. Burleson is listed as doubtful this week due to a knee injury... not that it makes much difference.

Carolina 28 at Miami 17
Davis sure surprised us last week. Delhomme should have a good day this week
along with Smith and Proehl. I may be optimistic to think Miami will get in the end zone twice.

Cincinnati 33 at Chicago 19
The Bears offense woke up last week in a big way, but I don't think they will score as much against the Bengals defense. Palmer and CJ will be successful for a few scores.

Cleveland 13 at Indianapolis 35
Jags shut down Manning last week, but he should be back to his old record breaking self this week. After Sunday Trent Dilfer's least favorite month will be June... as in Cato.

Jacksonville 10 at NY Jets 13
Not looking for much scoring here, but Martin should have a score. Don't look for either QB to have over 200 yards passing.

Tampa Bay 24 at Green Bay 6
Tampa looks like the Bay team this year with a better shot at post season. They are playing well on both sides of the ball.

Tennessee 16 at St Louis 23
Tennessee actually has a better chance of winning this game than they did last week against the Ravens... now that they have upset the cosmic kharma gods the Rams will beat them in a very sloppy game.

Arizona 13 at Seattle 24
Until Arizona can get a running game established, Warner will be throwing close to 300 yards/game and against the Seahawk secondary... that spells trouble.

Dallas 13 at San Francisco 6
Millions of insomniacs will be prescribed to watch this game and will end their sleepless suffering. Dallas can get in the end zone at least once though.

New England 26 at Pittsburgh 23
Vinatieri and Reed are going to have great days. Big Ben has put up some very respectable passing numbers so far this year. If it weren't for the Steeler win last year and the Patriot loss last week, I might be tempted to think the Steelers could win this one.

NY Giants 28 at San Diego 24
The difference in this game will be a Brees interception late in the 4th quarter that sets up the winning score by Manning and Shockey.

Kansas City 27 at Denver 31
I don't know if QG will make much difference here, but Plummer is definitely hotter than Green right now, who has yet to find the end zone with any of his attempts. That should change and Gonzalez will be the recepient.

If I have the time I'll add more detailed predictions regarding key fantasy players, but this week I've been too busy to go into that much depth.
For those interested in my week 2 results, I went 8-8 again. All I can say is.... DAMN YOU SANTANA MOSS!!

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