Thursday, September 08, 2005

Week 1 Predictions

New England 35 Oakland 20
Brady should have plenty of success passing the ball. Last year Oakland gave up 245 yards per outing and they really haven't shored up any problems with their secondary during the off-season. Dillon should also have a nice night. Look for Graham or Watson to get a score this week since the Raiders D is also happy to let those opposing TE's get in the end zone.

Brady 18/30 235 3td 1int
Dillon 115 2td
Branch 90 1td
Graham 40 1td

Everyone is waiting with baited breath for the grand opening of Collins-Moss. Many think the Patriots D will suffer due to all the off-season personel changes and coaching changes. I don't think the run D will suffer but I am cautious about the pass D.

Collins 20/36 225 2td 2int
Jordan 90 0td
Moss 105 1td
Curry 656 1td

Washington 17 Chicago 13
This will be another scoreboard snoozer, so don't look for many td's and fantasy points here. Ramsey still doesn't have a line to protect him, so I doubt his new receivers will have much more success than the ones he had last year. Portis will also have a hard time, but out of all the fantasy players in this match up, he's the one must play option.

Ramsey 17/30 175 1td 1int
Portis 110 1td
Moss 75 1td

Will Orton keep the starting job? Will Grossman star in the sequel to Unbreakable, along with Charles Rogers and Michael Bennett? Do the Bears have a decent passing game just waiting to be unveiled? Too many questions and not enough answers yet. I'm not impressed with the way Benson has handled his business affairs, and if that attitude is also in the locker room and playing field... the Bears may have wasted a #1 pick on another Ricky Williams. I'm sure he'll get a chance to prove himself, but I don't think he gets the goal line glory.

Orton 14/27 160 1td 2int
Gage 50 1td
Jones 60 1td
Muhammad 65 0td

Cincinnati 27 Cleveland 17
I like this match up for Palmer, I think he will have plenty of time to pick the Browns secondary apart, along with a little Rudi J mixed in for good measure. I expect big things from CJ this year and he should get off on the right foot this Sunday.

Palmer 23/35 230 2td 1int
CJohnson 115 2td
RJohnson 120 1td

The Browns have made a few changes in their offense this year with the leadership role going to Trent Dilfer, who has been carrying clipboards the past few seasons. Don't expect any miracles here folks, remember..... it's Cleveland.

Dilfer 15/24 170 1td 2int
Droughns 75 1td
Bryant 70 1td

Denver 31 Miami 13
Bell or Anderson? Guess Anderson gets the start, but don't count Bell out of it completely. Look for Plummer to go up top on the Phin secondary often. Smith and Lelie will be his main 2 targets. Terrell and Watts are also in the mix as decent 3rd options. Also look for Alexander and Putzier to split TE duty, with alexander getting the call in run blocking situations.

Plummer 21/33 255 3td 1int
Anderson 75 1 td
Lelie 90 1td

The Gus Frerotte era has begun in Miami... don't blink you might miss it! Ronnie Brown will help the Phin run game, but they are still a leaderless ship without a clear #1 QB. Look for dismal offensive output once again, but it should be marginally better than last year.

Frerotte 16/30 185 0td 2int
Brown 85 1td
Chambers 85 0td

Buffalo 24 Houston 20
Another new QB situation, which may not be too positive of a start for hopeful Evans owners. This is a good match up though, if Losman is up to the task the Texans secondary is very pourous. Definitely look for a lot of McGahee setting up the pass with his version of sacking York (being a battering ram).

Losman 14/24 165 1td 2int
McGahee 135 1td
Moulds 60 1td

Carr and Johnson are starting their 3rd year together, so the honeymoon is over and people want to see results this year. They may be hard to come by with this match up, but I don't think AJ owners will be too disappointed. But look for Davis to rack up some decent receiving yards this week.

Carr 18/28 185 1td 1int
Davis 110 1td
AJohnson 80 1td

Carolina 24 New Orleans14
Looks like Foster and Davis will split time on this one. Expect Davis to be the vertical runner and Foster to hit the outside perimeter. This combination could prove effective especially against a poor Saints run D. As luck would have it, they also have a fairly poor secondary, so Delhomme should have a nice afternoon this week too.

Delhomme 22/34 255 3td 1int
Davis 45 0td
Foster 65 0td
Smith 75 1td
Colbert 90 1td

The key to this one is Deuce McAllister vs The Panther Front Four. If Deuce wins, New Orleans could put more points on the board. Don't expect it to happen though. As a matter of fact, I think the Panthers will keep Big Mac out of the end zone all afternoon. Horn will be the best fantasy play here.

Brooks 24/38 220 2td 2int
McAllister 110 0td
Horn 130 1td

Kansas City 30 NYJets 24
The Chiefs have a much better match up here for their ground game then they do for their passing game. Look for Holmes to have a big afternoon, with Johnson getting clean up duty in the second half. Green will also spend some time to see if any of his new talent receivers have playmaking potential that Morton never seemed to develop.

Green 28/39 265 2td 1int
Holmes 125 2td
Kennison 80 1td
Gonzalez 80 1td

The Jets have the passing attack that will exploit a susceptible Chiefs secondary. But there's new faces on the Chiefs secondary this year, and a new receiver for Pennington (well, he's not really new, just new this year). Martin is a solid rusher, so the key to the Jets success will be Air Pennington.

Pennington 25/33 240 2td 1int
Martin 95 1td
Coles 100 1td

Seattle 24 Jacksonville 13
Exit KoRo. Enter BobEng. Better hands! The Seattle passing game should be developing into an exciting offense, and Alexander is already a very stable known quantity that defenses have to respect.

Hasselbeck 23/36 210 1td 0int
Alexander 125 2td
Jackson 80 1td

Does Byron have any decent weapons to develop his passing game this year? We will see. Reggie Williams has to step up and the rookie Matt Jones has to make an impact as well. Then there's the 3rd year receiver Cortez Hankton that may surprise us this year, too. But Byron has to show us he can be consistent before this offense ever gets off the ground. Speaking of ground... Freddie's got that covered, barely. If he can stay healthy. If not, there's Toefield and Greg Jones... and it's a good bet that one or both could be decent TD vultures this year.

Leftwich 17/30 190 1td 0int
Taylor 75 0td
RWilliams 65 1td

Minnesota 28 Tampa Bay 21
Well, looks like the injury bug is still active in the Vikings backfield. Bennett is slated to start but will only see limited action. Moore, the #2 backup is also out, so Williams once again looks like he's going to have the job by default. C'Pepper has also got to figure out who his best receivers are, so expect him to spread the ball around alot.

Culpepper 25/38 235 3td 1int
Bennett 75 0td
Burleson 75 1td
Robinson 60 1td
Wiggins 15 1td

The Bucs offensive line is a work-in-progress which may hamper the enthusiasm about their offensive weapon, Cadillac. Look for Griese to do a lot of passing this week, and with the improved Viking secondary, that could really spell trouble.

Griese 25/35 210 2td 2int
CWilliams 65 1td
Clayton 85 1td

Pittsburgh 28 Tennessee 10
All eyes on Willie Parker! Luckily he faces a Titan defense that has been dwarfed of its former glory. Big Ben could have much success if he shows the same patience and maturity beyond his years that he showed last year. But don't expect big numbers from Ben, he's not that kind of QB.

Roethlisberger 15/23 180 2td 1int
Parker 115 1td
Ward 75 1td
Millr/Tuman 30 1td

The Steelers have a very strong run D, so don't look for any miracles out of Chris Brown this week. The only miracle will be him staying healthy. McNair will have to go up top with Bennett and Calico as his main targets, but the main concern here is the pass protection. Don't look for Kinney or Troupe to be involved in the receiving part of it, they will have their hands full making sure Steve doesn't eat more dirt than his old body can handle.

McNair 17/26 180 1td 1int
Brown 80 0td
Bennett 80 1td

Arizona 26 NYGiants 17
Pass protection is going to play a key role here in this match up as well. The Cards will have to make sure Kurt stays healthy in order to have their hopes of a playoff berth this year realized. The Giants secondary could prove to be a bit more of a hinderance to the passing attack, so look for quick outs and play action. Arrington is a promising rookie running back and this is a good match up for him.

Warner 19/29 210 2td 1int
Arrington 95 1td
Boldin 75 1td

Manning's health and ability to throw will be a concern for the Giants offense this week. The Cards have improved their defense drastically, but their run D still may prove soft. Look for a conservative game plan and lots of Barber/Jacobs.

Manning 14/28 175 1td 2int
Barber 135 0td
Jacobs 20 1td

San Diego 38 Dallas 20
Depending on how well Osgood or Peelle can step up and fill Gates shoes, there may not be as much points on the scoreboard as I have predicted. Chargers should have no problem with the Dallas defense though. LT is surely going to have success. The concern is with Brees and his downfield receivers against the Dallas secondary.

Brees 22/34 230 3td 1int
Tomlinson 140 2td
Parker 75 1td
Peelle 30 1td

Bledsoe knows Parcells way of doing things, and now he has the maturity to be able to execute Parcells plans better. That's the idea anyway. We'll find out if that's true or not Sunday. The Chargers pass D was a strong unit last year and they are basically intact this year, with an extra year under their belt. Jones should have a decent day though.

Bledsoe 15/28 185 1td 2int
Jones 85 1td
Glenn 75 0td

Detroit 31 Green Bay 24
Harrington has a few new weapons to work with this year. One of them being a seasoned TE that may prove to be an excellent sleeper and this isn't too bad of a match up for him this week. Of course, I'm talking about Marcus Pollard. Mike Williams is the other option at receiver, making the Lions receiver combo a Williams affair with Roy on the other side.

Harrington 21/34 210 2td 0int
Jones 95 1td
RWilliams 80 1td
Pollard 55 1td

Favre is too seasoned for the improved Lions secondary to really give him any problems, but I think Driver will have a better afternoon than Walker. Green needs to hold onto the ball and should have success on the perimeter.

Favre 28/38 260 3td 1int
Green 110 0td
Walker 100 1td
Driver 65 2td

St Louis 34 San Francisco 16
Air Bulger is now boarding.... next destination San Francisco. Look for the Rams to see what kind of running game they have with Jackson too. Curtis has gotten much attention as a sleeper pick this year, and with a match up like this against the 49ers secondary, I would expect him and maybe even McDonald to get a little taste of the action.

Bulger 27/40 270 3td 0int
Jackson 75 1td
Holt 125 2td
Bruce 60 1td

A lackluster offense last year, has actually gotten worse this year with the departure of Wilson, a seasoned veteran at the receiver position. Morton was brought in from KC, but it looks like Arnaz Battle and Brandon Lloyd will get the start. Don't look for much production here.

Rattay 20/34 200 0td 1int
Barlow 60 0td
Gore 40 1td
Lloyd 80 0td
Battle 60 0td

Indianapolis 27 Baltimore 17
Manning has his crew from last year's record breaking season back for another round of fun and scoreboard mayhem. The question here is.... will the Ravens secondary be THAT much of a killjoy to ruin everyone's expectations. I think they will temper the fun, but not too bad.

Manning 24/35 230 3td 1int
James 95 1td
Harrison 115 1td

Simon vs Lewis will be a key here. If the Ravens can establish a ball control, clock-eating offense, they could win. The Colts have improved their defense recently and until Boller can prove that the Ravens have improved their passing attack.... it'll be 8 in the box.

Boller 17/32 160 1td 1int
Lewis 100 1td
Mason 65 0td
Heap 55 1td

Philadelphia 30 Atlanta 24
Great NFC Championship game rematch for the MNF opener. The question about the Philly offense, as usual.... is the running game. If Gordon can get a little action, that would take a big load off Westbrook. But the key here is how well TO and McNabb can attack the Falcons secondary. Look for a new name to be mentioned across from Owens.... Greg Lewis. He could be a surprise element to the Eagles success.

McNabb 26/34 235 3td 0int
Owens 120 2td
Westbrook 80 0td

Don't look for much production out of the the Falcon WR's.... they don't have a QB who can get them the ball, and they also have an excellent Eagle secondary to thwart any efforts. The Falcons have a chance of winning if they can utilize Vick's scrambling abilities and their running game with Dunn and Duckett.

Vick 12/22 150 1td 1int Run (50 1td)
Dunn 75 1td
Crumpler 60 1td

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