Saturday, September 24, 2005

On The Hash... Marks

To start, let me apologize for every "trade David Bell" post I have made on every message board in the last 3 years. He made up for all of it with that homerun against the Reds. I'm telling you, if the Phil's can just get in, we could make some noise.

Moving on, here is the top 25:
1. USC (2-0)
Last week- (#1) W 70-17 vs Arkansas
This week- @ Oregon
Notes: Reggie Bush does at least 3 things every game that lead you to believe he is the a superhero.

2. Texas (3-0)
Last week-(#2) W 51-10 vs Rice
This week- Idle
Notes: Jamaal Charles looks to be the next great Texas running back. Now all he needs to do his grow some dreads, and pass da dutch pon da left hand side.

3. LSU (1-0)
Last week- (#3) Idle
This week- @ #12 Tennessee
Notes: Can a brotha get some JaMarcus Russell Heisman buzz?... I didn't think so. Oh well, worth a shot. ("pass da dutch pon da left hand side, pass da dutch pon da left hand side, pass da dutch pon da left hand side " Stuck in your head yet?)

4. Virginia Tech (3-0)
Last week- (#4) W 45-0
This week- vs Georgia Tech
Notes: Marcus Bagwell could win games if he had that defense! (Yes, I made a Buff Bagwell reference, you got a problem?)

5. Florida (3-0)
Last week- (#7) W 16-7 vs #12 Tennessee
This week- @ Kentucky
Notes: You know it's killing Urban Meyer that he doesn't have an excuse to play Josh Portis.

6. Georgia (3-0)
Last week- (#6) W 44-7 vs LA-Monroe
This week- @ Mississippi St.
Notes: This years Auburn?

7.Ohio St. (2-1)
Last week- (#8) W 27-6 vs SDSU
This week- vs Iowa
Notes: Kicking myself over not taking SDSU with the points last week.

8.FSU (3-0)
Last week- (#11) W 28-17 @ #14 Boston College
This week- Idle
Notes: How the hell does this team keep winning?

9. Arizona St. (2-1)
Last week- (#17) W 52-21 vs Northwestern
This week- @ Oregon St.
Notes: Am I crazy for having Sam Keller ranked as the 2nd best junior QB in the country behind Omar Jacobs, and ahead of Vince Young, Chris Leak, ect.? We'll see.

10. Louisville (2-0)
Last week- (#13) W 63-27 vs Oregon St.
This Week- @ South Florida
Notes: Brian Brohm looked impressive. They may have just gotten by their biggest test of the season. The Big East is pathetic...

11. Purdue (2-0)
Last week- (#9) W 31-24 @ Arizona
This week- @ Minnesota
Notes: How do you not beat Arizona by seven?

12. Tennessee (2-1)
Last week- (#5) L 7-16 @ #5 Tennessee
This week- @ #3 LSU
Notes: Pick a damn quaterback!

13. Georgia Tech (3-0)
Last week- (#14) W 28-13 vs UConn
This week- @ #4 Virginia Tech
Notes: Always sucks when you pick a big underdog & it's a push.

14. Boston College (2-1)
Last week- (#10) L 17-28 vs #8 FSU
This week- @ #25 Clemson
Notes: If Quinton Porter doesn't get hurt, they win that game

15. Michigan St. (3-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 44-41 @ #17 Notre Dame
This week- @ Illinois
Notes: It's a shame someone had to win that game... seriously, I wanted both of them to lose.

16. Miami (1-1)
Last week- (#18) W 36-30 @ #25 Clemson
This week- vs Colorado
Notes: Tyrone Moss needs to start getting some national pub quick. The boy can play.

17. Notre Dame (2-1)
Last week- (#12) L 41-44 vs Michigan St.
This week- @ Washington
Notes: HA!

18. Michigan (2-1)
Last week- (#16) W 55-0 vs Eastern Michigan
This week- @ Wisconsin
Notes: We stopped a running quaterback!!!

19. California (3-0)
Last week- (#15) W 35-20 vs Illinois
This week- W @ Tex-Mex St.
Notes: Is Cal the new running back U?

20. Alabama (3-0)
Last week- (#21) W 37-14 vs South Carolina
This week- vs Arkansas
Notes: Who wants to bet Mike Shula got calls from every SEC coach thanking him for beating the tar out of the ol' ball coach?

21. Texas Tech (2-0)
Last week- (#19) W Eleventy-billion-0 vs Douchebag University
This week- vs Larry Bird State
Notes: When does their Big 12 season start?

22. UCLA (3-0)
Last week- (#25) W 41-24 vs Oklahoma
This week- Idle
Notes: Drew Olson stepped it up big time in this one.

23. Iowa St. (2-0)
Last week- (#22) Idle
This week- W 28-21 vs Army
Notes: Survived a scare from Bobby Ross.

24. Iowa (2-1)
Last week- (#23) W 45-21 vs Northern Iowa
This week- @ Ohio St.
Notes: At least they beat one team in Iowa...

25. Clemson (2-1)
Last week- (#20) L 30-36 vs #16 Miami
This week- vs #14 Boston College
Notes: What happened to the running game?

In- Michigan St.
Out- Virginia

As for the heisman, here is the 5 For '05 list:
1. Matt Leinart QB USC
713yds 75.0% 7TD 1INT
This week's projection- 380yds 4TD's

2. Reggie Bush RB USC (+)
20car 211yds 10.6ypc 3TD
7rec yds 1TD
This week's projection- 13car 70 yds / 5rec 85yds 1TD

3. Vince Young QB Texas
544yds 65.0% 5TD 4INT
35car 202yds 1 TD
This week's projection- Idle

4. Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota (+)
67car 481 yds 7.2ypc 7 TD's
4rec 69yds 1TD
This week's projection- 25car 110 yds 2TD's

5. Sam Keller QB Arizona St. (+)
1078yds 62.2% 12TD 1INT
This week's projection- 410yds 4TD's

Horable Mention:
6. Chris Leak QB Florida
7. Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin
8. Maurice Drew RB UCLA
9. Brian Brohm QB Louisville
10. Drew Stanton QB Michigan St.
11. JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
12. Kellen Clemens QB Oregon

On to the picks, where I am an unimpressive 18-20-2 for the year, but am coming off a good 12-5-1 week.

USC -21 Oregon
I really think we're giving Oregon too much credit. Sure, they're doing a great job with their new Utah/Texas Tech/ol' school BYU style offense, but their secondary is going to get smoked faster than a crack-pipe at Kate Moss' house (or Randy Moss' house for that matter, but that's only once in a blue moon). Think about it, how many #1 teams have been upset in a game where everyone was talking about a possible upset? It never happens (in fact you might say it only happens once in a blue moon, but I digress)! Pete Carroll has been over-hyping Oregon to his boys for three weeks now, and come game time, USC will take care of business.
USC 56 Oregon 27

Tennessee +7 LSU
I think it will just be too much for LSU. Playing back to back top teams, another hurricane threatening the gulf coast. Mix that in with Phil Fullmer doing everything short of getting his fat ass up, and literally pushing hurricane Rita closer to shore, and the fact the Vol's are in full rebound mode after that debacle against Florida, and I'll take the points, thank you very much.
Tennessee 23 LSU 20

Virginia Tech -11.5 Georgia Tech
Mark my words, Chan Gailey will be the downfall of Georgia Tech, and the Reggie Ball era. His play-calling rivals that a retarded moose might make... if the moose was high. I honestly think someone explained the game to him wrong, and he thinks the team with less points at the end of the game is the winner. On to this game specifically, Reggie Ball's viral meningitis may be the most damage an injured ball has ever done to a team since Chris Paul nailed Julius Hodge in the family jewels in their mid-court scuffle last season. Everyone will be watching to see if Krister Greece can keep up what he's been doing against the likes of Buffalo, Duke, and St. Mary's School for the Blind.
Virginia Tech 30 Georgia Tech 16

Florida -23 Kentucky
Since nobody cares about this game, allow me to vent about a completely unrelated topic- mandatory recycling. What the hell is that about? I was under the impression that only hippies, and people who "cared about the environment" recycled. Now I get a letter in the mail that says I have to recycle. Or else what, you'll throw some tofu at me? Hey hippies, go to hell (in a wooden handbasket)!

Georgia -15 Mississippi St.
Even with D.J Shockley's play fluctuating more than Linsay Lohan's weight, Sylvester Croom's boys won't be pulling off the upset here. As for Georgia, is anyone else sensing they might be this years Auburn? The running backs, the running quarterback with surprisingly better decision-making skills than was thought coming into the season, the defense that will not allow its team to lose, and a head coach that no one is really sure about, but needs to get to a BCS bowl soon or else people will start grumbling. Looks like we will have to wait until the Tennessee game (or maybe even the Florida game) to see if they are for real, but if they can play every game like they did in the Boise State game, look out!
Georgia 40 Miss St. 12

Iowa +7 Ohio St.
I actually changed this pick a couple times, but Iowa makes their living off winning Big Ten games on the road. Coming into the year, my biggest concern with Iowa was their running game, but they managed to get 205 yards on the ground in their loss to Iowa State, not to mention how hungry Drew Tate will be for a win after getting knocked out of the Iowa/Iowa St. game early. I think Iowa's star linebacking duo of Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge will be able to keep Troy Smith in the pocket, and make him beat them passing...which I don't think he can do.
Iowa 24 Ohio St. 20

Louisville -22 South Florida
I have a feeling I may end up regretting this pick, with Andre Hall in the backfield for USF, but I can't really justify going with USF. I mean, they're playing a top 10 team. Even though this may be my only chance to wager on Andre Hall in college, I will have to pass up on it, in lue of common sense (damn common sense, you're such a wet blanket).
Louisville 48 South Florida 17

Minnesota -3.5 Purdue
Just so there is no confusion, I am still on the Purdue bandwagon for the moment, but Brandon Kirsch's performance throwing the ball last week, mixed in with another long flight to play a road game, and the fact Laurence Maroney has been doing his best Eric Dickerson impersonation so far this season may be a sign that it's time for me to get off. This will be a great matchup however, with Purdue's run defense being the best in the nation, but they haven't faced a back, or O-line as talented as Minnesota's.
Minnesota 31 Purdue 23

Clemson -3 Boston College
Following a game like the one they had in Miami, it's tough to predict how Clemson will do, but with Quinton Porter possibly sidelined, and the game being played in Death Valley, I like Clemson here. Although, Boston College does have the "gamebreaker" factor with Will Blackmon always a threatening to take it to the house when he touches it. The "gamebreaker" factor has got to be the best part about college football (next to watching Aaron Taylor do highlights). The closest the NFL has ever come to duplicating it is with Dante Hall a couple years back.
Clemson 20 Boston College 16

Colorado +14 Miami
This line suprised the hell out of me. Do people not understand that a team coming off a big win in OT it almost always going to have a letdown game the next week? Factor in that Colorado actually has a half-way decent team, and I'll take the points.
Miami 21 Colorado 17

Notre Dame -13.5 Washington
As much as I want to go with Ty Willingham here, Washington just plain sucks. I think Washington has a decent chance to keep it within ten points, but I'm not betting against Charlie Weis after a loss, for the same reason I don't bet against Bill Belichick...ever. Period.
Notre Dame 34 Washington 17

Wisconsin +3 Michigan
And you know this is killing me. A lot of streaks collide in Madison, but I just don't see us going on the road and winning to open Big Ten play. Not to mention we're facing a top O-line, and a heisman candidate at running back. I really hope Henne worked out the kinks against Eastern Michigan, and Lloyd Carr finally breaks down and puts Gabe Watson back as the starter. Maybe the best nose tackle in the country, and he hasn't started in two weeks. Very aggravating. With all the injuries we have, benching one of our best players isn't going to help.
Wisconsin 23 Michigan 21

Alabama -16 Arkansas
Following a breakout game against the Gamecocks (hehe...cocks) last week, I like the Crimson Tide to keep rolling over the Razorbacks. (wow, only in the south would they give their football teams nicknames like "Crimson Tide," and "Razorbacks" I'm starting to think we should have another civil war...)
Alabama 28 Arkansas 10

Texas Tech (no line) Larry Bird St.
I think Texas Tech would play grade school teams if they could.
Texas Tech 134 Larry Bird St. 131 (3OT)
(Bird puts up 40/15/10, but in the end, coach Knight gets the better of him)

Upset Special (1-2):
Illinois +10 Michigan St.
This should give the boys over at something to choke on. Let's just say this, if there is a god, throwing a flag down on his favorite football team's home field isn't going to help your chances for the next week. Prepare to be smited, Spartans.
Illinois 33 Michigan St. 30

UN-lock Of The Week:
Here's the thing with my lock of the week: I'm always wrong! So until I can get back up to .500, it will be deemed the "un-lock of the week."
Arizona St. -7 Oregon St.
If anyone is interested, I just got a ticket on the Arizona State bandwagon for REAL cheap. Seriously though, I haven't liked a pac-10 team this much since the days of Joey Harrington to Keenan Howry. Now we have Sam Keller to Derek Hagan, and I may just be riding this bandwagon to the Fiesta bowl. All aboard! (do they have conductors on bandwagons? Oh well, it's a good line to go out on)
Arizona St. 51 Oregon St. 30

And let's hope that I can get back over .500 after it's all said and done this weekend.

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