Saturday, September 10, 2005

On The Hash... Marks

Before I get started, I would like to pass along this announcement: Will a D. Wannstedt please report to Lucifer's office for a "soul-selling renewal" application. Thank you.

Now with that out of the way, I would like to introduce you to "On The Hash... Marks" A little college football, a little double entendre, everybody is happy! let's move on to my new top 25 poll:

1. USC (1-0)
Last week- (#1) W 63-17 @ Hawaii
This week- Idle

2. Texas (1-0)
Last week- (#2) W 60-3 vs Louisiana-Lafayette
This week- @ #4 Ohio St.

3. LSU (1-0)
Last week- (#5) Ppd. vs North Texas
This week- @ #15 Arizona St.

4. Ohio State (1-0)
Last week- (#8) W 34-14 vs Miami (OH)
This week- vs #2 Texas

5. Michigan (1-0)
Last week- (#3) W 33-17 vs Northern Illinois
This week- vs #20 Notre Dame

6. Tennessee (1-0)
Last week- (#4) W 17-10 vs UAB
This week- Idle

7. Virginia Tech (1-0)
Last week- (#6) W 20-16 @ NC State
This week- vs Duke

8. Georgia (1-0)
Last week- (#16) W 48-13 vs Boise St.
This week- vs South Carolina

9. Iowa (1-0)
Last week- (#11) W 56-0 vs Ball St.
This Week- @ Iowa St.

10. Purdue (0-0)
Last week- (#13) Idle
This week- vs Akron

11. FSU (1-0)
Last week- (#12) W 10-7 vs #16 Miami
This week- vs Citadel

12. Boston College (1-0)
Last week- (#14) W 20-3 @ BYU
This week- vs Army

13. Florida (1-0)
Last week- (#15) W 32-14 vs Wyoming
This week- vs Louisiana Tech

14. Louisville (1-0)
Last week- (#10) W 31-24 @ Kentucky
This week- Idle

15. Arizona St. (1-0)
Last week- (#17) W 63-16 vs Temple
This week- vs #3 LSU

16. Miami (0-1)
Last week- (#7) L 7-10 @ FSU
This week- Idle

17. Georgia Tech (1-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 23-14 @ Auburn
This week- vs North Carolina

18. Texas Tech (0-0)
Last week- (#20) Idle
This week- vs FIU

19. Notre Dame (1-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 42-21 @ Pittsburgh
This week- @ #5 Michigan

20. Virginia (1-0)
Last week- (#21) W 31-19 vs Western Michigan
This week- Idle

21. Alabama (1-0)
Last week- (#19) W 26-7 vs MTSU
This week- vs Southern Miss

22. California (1-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 41-3 vs Sacramento St.
This week- @ Washington

23. TCU (1-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 17-10 @ #25 Oklahoma
This week- @ SMU

24. Clemson (1-0)
Last week- (Unr) W 25-24 vs Texas A&M
This week- @ Maryland

25. Oklahoma (0-1)
Last week- (#9) L 10-17 vs TCU
This week- vs Tulsa

So LSU & Ohio St. move up, taking Tennesee & Michigan's spots. Georgia's performance shoots them up into the top 10, and Purdue moves up by default. Clemson, TCU, California, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech all make their 1st appearance in the top 25, while Auburn, Texas A&M, Boise St, Pitt, and UCLA (who deserves to still be in it) all were on their way out.

Now for my Heisman candidates, which we will be calling "5 for '05."

1. Matt Leinart QB USC
18-24 332 yds 3TD's 1 INT
This week's projection- Idle

2. Reggie Bush RB USC
12 car 86 yds 2 TD's
4 rec 58 yds
This week's projection- Idle

3. Vince Young QB Texas
13-17 173 yds 3TD's 1INT
7 car 49 yds 1TD
This week's projection- 10-21 130 yds 1TD; 10 car 55 yds 1TD

4. Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota (+)
21 car 203 yds 2TD's
This weeks projection- 25 car 145 yds 2TD's

5. Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green (+)
30-51 458 yds 5TD 1INT
This week's projection- 39-48 485 yds 4TD's

Just missed the cut- Chris Leak QB Florida, Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin, Ted Ginn WR/KR Ohio St, Drew Tate QB Iowa, Michael Hart RB Michigan

Nothing really out of the ordinary. Even in a loss, I think Jacobs' performance opened up some eyes, and if they can go 9-1 the rest of the way, he may have a chance. How about Brian Calhoun? Anthony Davis who? Michael Bennett who? Ron Dayne whoooooo???? Ok, so maybe not quite that good, but very impressive.

Now for my picks, which I completely bungled last week going 0-5-1, I will now be predicting all the games for the teams which I have in my top 25 each week. Enjoy:

Tulsa +30 Oklahoma
They lose to TCU, their superstar running back is injured, they've kicked 2 offensive lineman off the team, and the young stud QB was arrested for underage drinking. Bob Stoops may kill someone if OU doesn't score on the opening drive. I'm being dead serious here, you do not want to be anywhere near him on the sideline if OU struggles even the slightest bit out of the gate. They win, but not by 30.

Oklahoma 30 Tulsa 13

Maryland -1 Clemson
Clemson won against the Aggies last week on the strength of there kickers foot, and their inability to finish drives with a touchdown worries me. Coming off a big win, I think they go on the road and lose a tough one to a decent Maryland team.

Maryland 21 Clemson 17

Umm... Does SMU still have Eric Dickerson? Ah what the hell, just go with TCU!

TCU 24 SMU 6

Alabama -13 Southern Miss
Some people are worried by Bama's performance last week against Middle Tennessee State (Yes, it's a real college!) but I'm banking on it just being first game jitters. They did score 17 of their 26 points in the 2nd half, and the rushing game seemed to wake up then. Brodie Croyle played well last week, and look for that to continue. Besides the fact, The Tides D could win this game by themselves.

Alabama 26 Southern Miss 9

Texas Tech -34.5 FIU
Quick, anybody know the record for most points scored in a game? Welcome to D-1 football, FIU.

Texas Tech 109 FIU 2

Georgia Tech -12.5 North Carolina
Has the prophecy of Reggie Ball finally come true?!?!?!? Maybe (probably not) but they'll still win this one. I think we can all start talking about Calvin Johnson being the best WR in college football bar none. (bar none? Who the hell am I, Trev Alberts? Speaking of which, how you enjoying collecting welfare Trev? Goooooo Huskers!)

Georgia Tech 34 North Carolina 14

Florida -29.5 Louisiana Tech
All I can say is thank god Louisiana Tech isn't playing Miami.... (ouch...too soon?)

Florida 38 Louisiana Tech 7

Boston College -27.5 Army
BC really impressed me last week, putting up a strong effort against a solid BYU team (which BTW I was forced to watch instead of my beloved maze & blue). Obviously Army has no chance to win, but it's nice they let them on the same field with Boston College.

Boston College 38 Army 3

FSU (no line) The Citadel
This game is important for FSU to see if either of the QB's emerge, and to get them some confidence. All I remember about monday night's game is seeing Kyle Wright drive the ball down the field, then look up and see Lorenzo Booker running like a madman around the stadium in celebration. I think a field goal was involved, but I'm still not positive.

FSU 55 The Citadel who cares?

Purdue -35 Akron
Purdue could be scary this year in the Big Ten. Unless Brandon Kirsch has a Kyle Orton-like collapse down the stretch,-.... Ah hell, I don't have the balls to pick them as the Big Ten champs, so I'll just shut up.

Purdue 48 Akron 0

Iowa -8.5 Iowa St.
This is my toughest game to pick this week. I really like Iowa St. and picked them to win the Big 12 North. However, I can't go against the Hawkeyes, because I know Drew Tate will have a great game, but I'm not positive Bret Meyer will. Hodge, Greenway, and the usual cast of characters will want a win against the Cyclones to close out their career.

Iowa 28 Iowa St. 16

Virginia Tech -20 Duke
Let's get something straight. I will, from now on, be referring to Marcus Vick as Krister Greece, in honor of his brothers Ron Mexico alias. With that out of the way, I think Krister will run wild against coach Kryzechfksrieyzhiesey's Blue Devils. (hey, if you can correct me and name the football coach at duke, by all means go ahead and do it)

Virginia Tech 44 Duke 9

Michigan -7 Notre Dame
I have absolutely no confidence in this pick. I didn't see the Mich/NIU game(damn you American Broadcasting Company!), but I sure as hell caught Charlie Weis making Dave Wannstedt his bitch. Everything I've read seems to point to Michigan playing poorly (to put it nicely) against the run, and Darius Walker ran for over a hundred yards & a couple of TD's last year against UofM in South Bend. Pittsburgh has no running game, so we need to see how ND can handle a back like Mike Hart who is always going forward, and Chad Henne, who showed last week it wasn't all Braylon Edwards behind his sensational freshman season. This game comes down to the Michigan defense, and Gabe Watson, Prescott Burgess, Ryan Mundy, and Grant Mason specifically. If these four guys can step up, ND will be hailing to the victors.

Michigan 31 Notre Dame 23

Arizona St. -1 LSU
While LSU is maybe the most talented team in the nation not named the Trojans, the devastation of hurricane Katrina may be looming large in the outcome of this ballgame. LSU having to move this game to the desert (where national title hopes go to die) is what does it for me. As unfair as it is, ASU will pick up the win here with their high-powered offense.

Arizona St. 20 LSU 17

Ohio St. -1 Texas
It all just seems too good for Texas. They finally will beat Oklahoma, but Ohio St. will send them into that game with one loss. As fast as Vince Young is, A.J Hawk, and Bobby Carpenter are speedy linebackers (and they're white, no less!) who will be able to contain him. The Schmuckeye's are so pumped for this game, I can't picture them losing. Also, look for Nate Salley to get at least one big hit in on Young, and for me to openly applaud a Buckeye.

Ohio St. 21 Texas 14

Upset Special (0-1)
Washington +9 California
The next Aaron Rodgers my ass! Ok, so maybe it's a tad early, but with Joseph Ayoob in for sidelined QB Nate Longshore, Cal's offense could be in trouble if Ayoob has another 0-10 start. I think Ayoob will start out bad (maybe not quite 0-10 bad) but with Marshawn Lynch, I don't see Cal losing this game, even though Washington will be pumped up, and keep it close with coach Ty Willingham looking to build himself, and his program up again.

California 31 Washington 24

Lock of the Week (0-1)
Georgia -18 South Carolina
Ok... So last week I was a little off with my Boise St. over Georgia pick, so to make up for it, I am picking Georgia to win it big baby! (*does Lee Corso impression and puts on Bulldog head*)

Georgia 40 South Carolina 17

So with that in mind, have fun watching some great games this weekend, and remember to get in touch with your bookie if need be. Untill next time, GO BLUE!

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Ken said...

Yo Creek! Damn, tough Saturday huh kid? You and a lot of folks. But Go Blue? Damn. Are you a Michigan man? Sucks to be you. I hate all things U of M. Anywho...

I have been meaning to post my apology (been a busy week for me)...I feel somewhat responsible for your UGA Lock of the Week pick...telling you UGA in a romp/big, all that noise. Kinda funny though that you missed out on them, in opposite directions, for two weeks in a row now. I suggest you just avoid picking UGA games all together.

But it was an embarrasing showing by the Dawgs. Embarrassing. I was so pissed (still am)...even after they won. It just comes down to loving UGA...and hating Spurrier equally as much...oh well, at least they survived. Still, very embarassing. I hope Richt seriously feels the heat from the alumni and press this week.

Good luck with your picks for this can only go up from here and the games (decisions/choices) get a little easier...sorta. So who you got between UF and UT? I am still hoping for a plague of some sorts to wipe out the entire gathering of white trash in Gainesville this Sat. The world would be a much better place...