Sunday, September 11, 2005

Walker out for season with torn ACL

You guys have probably heard this already...but WOW! Talk about huge news for fantasy owners around the country only 1 week into the season (and also horrible news for huge Pack fans like myself....need to change my name to '07 now, ugh.)

If this is true, clearly the fantasy values of Driver, Ahman and Longwell all increase, Longwell could end up a top kicker for the entire season since the Pack figure to get to the 30yd line and stall all season long now. Ahman will become even more of a focal point and Driver becomes Favre's main guy. Last time Driver was the #1 I believe he has 1,100 and 9TDs, so not too shabby...

All in all, this most likely leaves several teams without their #1 FF WR....If you need some hot pickups, don't overlook guys like Plax, Santana Moss (96 yds this sunday, quietly), and Randle- el (deep threat now for big ben?)...there are others but those were just 3 I could see somehow not being drafted or easy to trade for from some owner stockpiled with WR....

Goodnight from this disappointed Packers fan.

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