Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week 2 Predictions

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Just to keep tabs of how I'm doing, I'll start the new week's article with a summary of how I did last week. Week 1 is so hard to predict without the current stats to go on, but I went .500 at 8-8, which I won't complain about. There's room for plenty of improvement and I didn't totally suck.

Speaking about totally sucking.... how about that Bronco offense!! How embarrasing it must be to have to deal with that loss to open the season. Frerotte must like S. Florida, if he keeps up those types of performances he'll have a good shot at staying there for a while. We'll see if this is trend or mirage with the Jets D this week. Plenty of new TE's to mention, but I'm glad that Pollard and Heath Miller both had good days. Anderson and Alex Smith could be consistent impact players on their respective offenses.

One final note about last week... what happened with the QB's not being able to hold onto the ball? I don't know how many had fumbles, but it was a very disturbing epidemic that came out of nowhere.

Let's hit it!

Baltimore 24 at Tennessee 7
According to Simms article on today it sounds like Boller is not going to play this week due to injury, which could help Wright win the starting job with a good showing this week. The Titans D is struggling, so Wright has an excellent chance of taking over the #1 spot for the rest of the season. I've been wanting Boller out of there for a few years now. Wright may not have ALL the attributes of a star QB, but at least he has an arm. If Wilcox has another decent outing this week it may spell the end of Heap being the Ravens #1 go-to guy. Things are changing on that offense this year, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

Boller 7/17 120 0td 1int or
Wright 17/28 210 2td 1int
Lewis 65 1td
Mason 115 1td
Clayton 50 0td
Heap 65 1td
Stover 3xp/1fg
DEF 2s/2i/0f

McNair 22/34 220 1td 1int
Brown 80 0td
Henry (?)
Bennett 80 1td
Calico 60 0td
Troupe 50 0td
Kinney 30 0td
Bironas 1xp
DEF 1s/1i/0f

Buffalo 14 at Tampa Bay 20
Losman had an easy time of it with the Texans secondary, and still didn't put up numbers that could be called impressive. He'll struggle this week. Both offenses will have lower output this week. This will be a duel of stellar defenses and running backs.

Losman 21/34 185 0td 2int
mcGahee 115 2td
Moulds 50 0td
Evans 75 0td
Lindell 2xp
DEF 4s/2i/0f

Griese 16/32 190 1td 2int
Williams 90 1td
Clayton 75 1td
Galloway 90 0td
Smith 25 0td
Bryant 2xp/2fg
DEF 3s/2i/1f

Detroit 24 at Chicago 10
First of all, I'd like to congratulate Charles Rogers for staying healthy beyond week one of the NFL season. Keep up the good work... and get in the end zone this week! I'm cautious with the success of the Lions passing attack aginst that Bears secondary, but with Harris taking over for Green... I think there's something there for the Lions to take advantage of this week.

Harrington 21/34 220 2td 1int
Jones 80 1td
RWilliams 40 1td
Rogers 80 1td
MWilliams 50 0td
Pollard 50 0td
Hanson 3xp/1fg
DEF 3s/1i/1f

Orton 16/30 175 1td 1int
Jones 70 0td
Benson 30 0td
Muhammad 65 0td
Gage 30 1td
Brien 1xp/1fg
DEF 3s/1i/0f

Jacksonville 17 at Indianapolis 27
The Colts D was impressive last week against the Ravens, this week should make it two in a row. Jimmy Smith had an awesome week against a Hawks secondary that didn't look very good. Can he get in the end zone 2 weeks in a row?

Leftwich 16/28 190 1td 2int
Taylor 95 0td
Jones 25 1td
Smith 90 1td
Williams 30 0td
Scobee 2xp/1fg
DEF 3s/1i/0f

Manning 23/35 255 2td 1int
James 80 1td
Harrison 70 1td
Wayne 60 1td
Stokley 50 0td
Utecht 30 0td
Vanderjagt 3xp/2fg
DEF 3s/2i/1f

Minnesota 20 at Cincinnati 24
Hmm.... Culpepper without Moss was a totally different beast. The Bengals D isn't as tough as the Bucs, but it won't be much better this week. On the other side of the ball for the Bengals O... they looked like a team that was clicking on all cylinders. The Vikings d will be a little more of a test than the Browns were.

Palmer 23/32 250 2td 1int
RJohnson 100 1td
CJohnson 75 1td
THoushmandzadeh 60 0td
Walter 50 1td
Graham 3xp/1fg
DEF 1s/2i/1f

Culpepper 22/33 275 1td 2int
Bennett 50 0td
Williams 30 1td
Burleson 60 1td
Taylor 40 0td
Robinson 35 0td
Wiggins 40 0td
Edinger 2xp/2fg
DEF 2s/1i/0f

New England 21 at Carolina 17
This one could swing Carolina's way if they can establish a decent running game. I think most of Foster's 60 yards will be passing yards though, so I wouldn't bet on the Panthers having much more than 100 yards on the ground. Let's see if they can also have some success throwing to their TE like the Raiders just did last week.

Delhomme 20/33 240 2td 1int
Davis 80 0td
Foster 60 0td
Smith 100 1td
Colbert 80 0td
Mangum 35 1td
Kasay 2xp/1fg
DEF 1s/0i/0f

Brady 20/32 230 2td 0int
Dillon 95 1td
Branch 75 1td
Givens 30 0td
Brown 50 0td
Watson 45 1td
Vinatieri 3xp
DEF 1s/1i/0f

Pittsburgh 31 at Houston 7
Ride the Willie Parker train again while it's hot. The Titans D was only slightly better than the Texans will be this week, so look for similar numbers. Carr is suppose to be coming of age this year, but starting the year off against Buffalo and then Pittsburgh is tough. Don't expect miracles this week.

Carr 15/26 140 0td 1int
Davis 110 1td
Johnson 75 0td
Brown 1xp
DEF 0s/1i/0f

Roethlisberger 14/21 215 1td 1int
Parker 120 2td
Haynes 40 0td
Ward 40 0td
Randle El 70 1td
Miller 30 0td
Reed 4xp/1fg
DEF 4s/1i/1f +td

San Francisco 13 at Philadelphia 30
Surprising performance by the 49ers offense to beat the Rams last week. I don't think the Eagles D with Trotter will be as yielding. I'm also hoping McNabb can play an error free game this week.

McNabb 19/31 240 2td 0int
Westbrook 90 1td
Gordon 45 0td
Owens 85 1td
Lewis 45 0td
Smith 30 1td
Akers 3xp/3fg
DEF 4s/2i/1f

Rattay 12/22 150 0td 2int
Barlow 35 1td
Gore 40 0td
Lloyd 70 0td
Battle 50 0td
Nedney 1xp/2fg
DEF 0s/0i/0f

Atlanta 23 at Seattle 21
If Vick could only pass the ball, he could have a similar outcome as Leftwich just had against this secondary. I think the Falcons will still win it, but it will be a close one.

Hasselbeck 23/37 265 2td 2int
Alexander 90 1td
Jackson 75 1td
Engram 85 0td
Stevens 40 1td
Brown 3xp
DEF 3s/1i/1f

Vick 13/24 160 0td 1int r(60 1td)
Dunn 85 0td
Duckett 35 1td
Jenkins 70 0td
Crumpler 45 0td
Peterson 2xp/3fg
DEF 2s/2i/0f

St Louis 24 at Arizona 20
Last weeks games by both of these tteams was pathetic, whoever wins this one will be by default. I'm predicting a Rams win just based on the fact that Bulger has less of a chance of turning the ball over than Warner does. But he will be under pressure all day. A last minute touchdown saves the Rams from going 0-2 to start the season.

Bulger 28/42 330 2td 1int
Jackson 65 1td
Holt 130 1td
Bruce 60 1td
Curtis 60 0td
Wilkins 3xp/1fg
DEF 0s/2i/0f

Warner 26/40 275 1td 2int
Arrington 30 1td
Boldin 60 1td
Fitzgerald 55 0td
Rackers 2xp/2fg
DEF 4s/1i/0f

Cleveland 13 at Green Bay 14
The glory days of high scoring football at Lambeau are over for the time being. Last week the Packers were only able to muster a FG against the Lions. They should be able to score a few TD's this week against the Browns, but I wouldn't expect much more than that. Hard to believe a Packers game could be called a snoozefest.

Favre 24/37 255 1td 1int
Green 80 1td
Driver 60 0td
Franks 40 1td
Longwell 2xp
DEF 1s/2i/0f

Dilfer 23/41 230 0td 2int
Droughns 80 1td
Bryant 100 0td
Jackson 75 0td
Heiden 35 0td
Dawson 1xp/2fg
DEF 1s/1i/0f

Miami 13 at NY Jets 17
The defenses in this one are just too good to think there's going to be much action on the scoreboard. I'm thinking Frerotte has a harder time with the Jets secondary, but Pennington won't fair any better with the Phins. Martin and the Jets running game makes the difference.

Pennington 18/29 210 1td 1int
Martin 115 1td
Coles 65 1td
McCareins 50 0td
Baker 50 0td
Nugent 2xp/1fg
DEF 2s/1i/0f

Frerotte 25/35 250 1td 1int
Brown 65 0td
Chambers 75 1td
Booker 60 0td
McMichael 65 0td
Mare 1xp/2fg
DEF 2s/1i/0f

San Diego 31 at Denver 30
I'd love to be a homer and pick my Broncos to win this one, but I'm already giving them too much benefit of the doubt by making this one as close as I have it. If the Broncos don't get a decent running game going this week, they will be down by a few touchdowns in this one easily. That's a sad state of affairs since the Bronco running game has been such a stalwart during Shanny's tenure. On the positive side, I think the Broncos secondary will cause Brees some problems, so the Chargers will probably look to LT more this week.

Brees 21/33 210 2td 1int
Tomlinson 125 2td
McCardell 60 1td
Gates 70 1td
Kaeding 4xp/1fg
DEF 2s/1i/0f

Plummer 20/34 260 2td 1int
Bell 65 1td
Anderson 30 0td
Smith 60 0td
Lelie 75 1td
Putzier 75 1td
Elam 3xp/3fg
DEF 1s/1i/0f

Kansas City 28 at Oakland 23
I like the new Chiefs Defense, DJ is going to have a big year. Oakland will have problems stalling out near or just beyond the red zone, so Janikowski is going to have a decent day. The way Holmes and Johnson split duty last week is exactly what the doctor ordered for keeping Holmes healthy as long as possible, that will be happening every week. For a RBBC, the Chiefs version actually doesn't hurt anyone too bad. Just pretend LJ and Holmes are both feature backs for a "typical" team.

Collins 21/43 255 2td 2int
Jordan 90 0td
Moss 120 1td
Porter 50 1td
Anderson 25 0td
Janikowski 2xp/3fg
DEF 0s/1i/0f

Green 23/35 280 2td 1int
Holmes 85 1td
Johnson 70 1td
Kennison 75 1td
Gonzalex 80 1td
Tynes 4xp
DEF 3s/2i/0f

Monday Night's Double Header
Washington 16 at Dallas 21
Who will be the starting QB at Dallas this week for the Skins? Brunell is my guess. Simms also had the same feeling, and he also added that Ramsey wasn't losing his starting job due to a slight injury last Sunday. Either way, I don't see the Redskin passing game having much success against the Cowboy secondary. I also don't see Bledsoe having an interception-free afternoon this week against the Skins D.

Bledsoe 17/31 230 2td 2int
Jones 90 1td
Crayton 80 1td
Glenn 60
Witten 30 1td
Cortez 3xp
DEF 2s/2i/0f

Brunell 14/25 170 0td 1int
Portis 100 1td
Moss 65 0td
Cooley 40 0td
Hall 1xp/3fg
DEF 3s/2i/1f

NY Giants 27 at New Orleans 28
Maybe the whole Katrina thing can be used as a 'rallying the troops' kind of thing for the Saints this year. If their D can hold the Giants offense to just 2 td's, then I think they can win this one. McAllister will have to have a good day, too. The Giants D may be a little better this year than it was last year. They looked good last week. The special teams were extraordinary.

Brooks 20/34 240 2td 1int
McAllister 95 2td
Horn 75 1td
Stallworth 50 1td
Conwell 80 0td
Carney 4xp
DEF 1s/0i/1f

Manning 12/25 160 1td 0int
Barber 120 0td
Jacobs 40 1td
Burress 75 0td
Shockey 15 1td
Feely 2xp/2fg
DEF 3s/1i/0f +td


Watership2 said...

The Giants are playing *at* New Orleans. Think of the New Jersey swamps as bayou country. ;)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading the column, nice to see how another FFer analyzes upcoming games.

Wondering why the picks you make in your Weekly Predictions column are different than the ones you make in the weekly Pick-Em contest?