Monday, September 19, 2005


Hi, I'm wikkidpissah - maybe you've heard of me. For a stunt performed in respomse to those who failed to take me at my word when I claimed to have been wronged in my 1st week in their league, I have become a pariah in the fantasy football community. In the past few days, I've been called a baby, a lunatic, a terrorist & more. A Fanball moderator even exposed himself to significant legal liability in order that I might be better punished. And guess what? I couldn't care less. I only wish my real life (try one) hadn't kept me away from the boards for much of the weekend so I could've enjoyed watching the fishwives stone their harlot on a more live basis. Fact is, I answered the first message I received about what damage my actions would cause beyond my league with a promise to rectify (which did not stop the recipient from letting his passions turn into inane speculations about my possible future actions throughout the weekend). When I returned to my computer Sunday evening, I roared over the amount of time & space wasted by busybodies pretending to know both my actions & motives, then promptly fulfilled my Saturday AM promises. Please, please, please think of me what you will - for I now know your colors far better than you'll ever know mine. nufced.

I'll spare you a game-by-game recap this week since it likely won't be why you'll be reading this. Just a few observations. Keep your wet noodles at the ready, though - I'll be here every Monday.

- Has a team ever stuck longer with a QB who shows so little ability to lead a team to victory than the Lions?
- Wasn't impressed with him in college, but Cadillac Williams runs not only well, but tough.
- Kudos to those who saw a dramatic fallback for Peyton Manning - I did not.
- Are you surprised by how many marquee RBs have sucked dead bones?
- I'm gonna reserve judgement 'til they play a real defense, but the Bengals are my new favorite team.
- All due respect to Chad Johnson, but there are still only two receivers who change the way a game is played & you know who they are.
- Is the Titans defense not as bad as I thought or is the Raven offense reeeeeeally awful?
- I sure hope as a fan he comes around & closes his career on a positive note, but Bret Favre is playing old.
- They may have taken advantage of the aforeslurred Ravens' offense last week, but the Colts' defense made the Jags' offense look as limp this week as they looked crisp last.
- Are the Steelers the most oddly competent team you've ever seen? Still gonna wait 'til he faces the Pats before putting Wicked Willie Parker up for the HOF.
- The Tampa Bay renewed defensive excellence is not a mirage
- Who's worse - the NL West or the NFC West?
- Defenses take note: Take away Tom Brady's rhythm & he won't hurt you.
- Is it wrong that watching Oakland lose makes me so happy?

Nufced for now. I will comment no further on Smackgate. Feel free to take your shots, but do try to make them entertaining.


Anonymous said...

In fairness it should be stated that what you did in that league was not very professional. Regardless of what happened (I believe that your team ended up losing by less than 10 points), your actions went a step too far for many. Those who have played Fantasy Football for sometime will understand the problems caused by your dropping your entire team and picking up players who serve as backups on their perspective teams.

Were you wronged by not getting things changed? Perhaps, but it was only week #1 after all, and many a fantasy titles have been won by teams with more than one loss during the season. Doing what you did really seems to be a petty reaction to a small issue.

I don't intend to sit here a bash you, but I do want to point out what happened so that it is fairly presented. I hope that you can understand the frustration and anger your action caused.

Anonymous said...

Ur STILL an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Question: Being one of the contributors/founders of this site, (a site dedicated to fantasy sports) after your actions described above, why would you expect one to either subscribe to this site, and/or become actively involved in a site based on fantasy sports with one who committed such an act?

Archer said...

Wow.... Is the Day care center full?

Too many cry babies for my taste... I'll just stay quiet on Fanball.


lumber bush said...

wikkid, yes it is a lame thing to do.... but in a yahoo league i could have cared less about i once had two teams. i got everyone to pick on the weakest team and trash on him, then i traded him all my studs from both my teams, for my own amusement..... funny stuff. if it aint a money league it aint a real league, in my opinion.

by the way,,,,, make a topic for our randy moss/ TO wager.....

make it like a weekly update thing, right now it is pretty close.