Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Games

His Goose err Turkey is cooked

On to this year's festive feat accompanied by a couple of NFL games


It’s time to give thanks for all that has been bestowed upon us. Well, this season has offered little for often thankless fantasy owners to be “thankful” for. So I give some recognition for those that may be scurrying to save a lost season due to injury, lineup mistakes, too many risky picks or just plain draft ignorance

I am thankful for Carson Palmer, for otherwise I may be looking toward next year’s draft so early in this season. Finally, Cincinnati drafts a quarterback that can actually perform on the field.
I am thankful for earplugs. Sports analysts have become so contrite. I remember the days of intelligent and concise commentary. Now there is so much ego stroking and over analytical banter that I often wonder how these people can be paid to speak for a living.
I am thankful for the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions on both football and fantasy in general.
I am thankful for the information superhighway. For without it, I would have to hand calculate box scores on Monday and Tuesday, while still incurring the unending questions about individual team scores. There was never any work getting done those days.
I am thankful for Chris Mortensen, the man who has single handedly saved many a fantasy week for me. You are my hero. (I haven’t forgotten you GeeWill)
I am thankful for cheerleaders. Nufced.
I am thankful for that feeling you get while your fantasy points are being accumulated on Sunday.
I am thankful for ignorant morons that drop solid players because of one poor outing so that I can scoop them up with glee.
I am thankful for sports geniuses such as Bryan Lamb, it’s because of him that I can contribute like I do.
Lastly, I am thankful for Fantasy Football in general for breaking up a league that has become more watered down than a two dollar beer at happy hour, and a parity of what it used to be. Thank you Keith Jackson for creating Free Agency you selfish pig.

Turkey Day Games

ATL @ DET, 12:30 pm
Atlanta had one of their better games against Tampa in the Vick era but still lost. Ouch. If someone would have said to me at the beginning of the year, that at the eleven week mark, the Lions would have the same record as the Eagles, I would have said “Damn, the Lions are going to be that good.” How wrong I would have been. The first game of Thanksgiving 2005 shouldn’t be very exciting.

Michael Vick – Detroit is eighth best in the league at giving up points to quarterbacks and Vick had his second 300 yard game of his career. I don’t see a great game, but 17 total points isn’t asking too much
Warrick Dunn – The Lions are tenth worst in the league in giving up points to running backs and only the Jets and Bucs have given up more points in the last three weeks. Too bad Duckett takes all of the red zone touches or Dunn would be a top back.
TJ Duckett – Only worth a start in TD only leagues.

Joey Harrington – Atlanta is giving just over 200 yards and touchdown per game to opposing QB’s. Harrington is obviously not worth a start.
Kevin Jones – If Marriucci used him correctly he would go off this week. Too bad.
Marcus Pollard – Why did he sign with Detroit? Was he like, “Yeah, I’ll sign with Detroit, they are a contender. That is a team that is worth leaving Indianapolis.” That’s hilarious.

DEN @ DAL, 4:15 pm
Denver needed a win at home against the Jets before two tough upcoming road games and they got that win in a big way. They are looking strong and have the best shot at taking out Indianapolis on the road to the Superbowl. Dallas is an enigma. They could win this game, but probably won’t. I wish that Dallas would lose every single game.

Jake Plummer – He is due for a bad game. This is more of a gut call. He hasn’t thrown an interception since week two and Dallas has a good secondary.
Mike Anderson – He averages about 14 points a game and he’d be lucky to reach that this week.
Rod Smith – Safe play this week, safe play every week.

Drew Bledsoe – This guy is the Kerry Collins of the NFC – I see him doing ok at home, a couple of td’s and a couple of int’s.
Julius Jones – This guy can’t get it together. He will get the bulk of the carries, but his average will be poor.
Jason Witten – This guy is a strong play this week. I think he will go off.

I leave you this week with 6 games remaining on a schedule that has spanned eleven weeks thus far. This season has shown me that football is becoming more about complicated trickery than about the contact sport that it was meant to be. Coaches are making things so complicated that these young players have to be intelligent to thrive with the gifts that they are bestowed. True football players are almost non-existent in the modern era. There seems to be too much focus on making the money rather than on making the play. Can you blame the agents or the fan that shells out the dough to be “entertained” by their favorite team? I know that it is a violent sport getting more and more brutal as these “kids” get bigger and stronger. Inevitability only tells me that there will be a breaking point when injuries mount so high that there will be a need for some sort of regulation, what I cannot foresee. Until then, we must endure these pumped up iconic millionaires in order to partake in the game that we love.

I will post my top ten for positions during my normal Thursday post, it will be up before the Turkey games so no need to worry about the ranking of Plummer, Anderson, Vick and Dunn, Jones or Bledsoe, even KJ or Roy. Not that any will be there in the end.

Always go with your gut and don’t look back

Professor Ellis D Trails


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