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The Professor’s Week 10 Syllabus

Week 10 is an interesting one in the NFL to say the least. The Colts are rolling like a seditious teen at an all night rave. The Texans are reeling like an out of control train that has jumped its tracks and hurtles toward impending doom. 15 teams have a record of 3-5 through 5-3 showing that there is an ever-growing trend and that trend is labeled mediocrity. Cincinnati, Chicago, New York Giants, and Washington have better records than New England, Philadelphia, St Louis and Green Bay. It is truly becoming more difficult to foresee the future of our cherished league.

TO bitches then cries, bitches then cries. How long will people put up with this talented but ignorant jackass? Would someone put a diaper on his ass and a pacifier in his mouth, because this baby needs to shut up? How can a grown man not recognize the consequences of his own actions? What kind of role model is he? Simply, he isn’t. He continues to express that he is just an honest person and has the need to explain his feelings, but he only shows that he has no respect for others and possesses no tact whatsoever. He is what is wrong with the NFL and sports in general.

Back to the action, The Giants and Seahawks rule the NFC with Atlanta and Carolina on their tails, while the Colts and the Bengals are the AFC’s best holding off the Steelers and Broncos for now. The Eagles have a huge Monday night game and have 6 of their final eight games against division opponents, with four being at home. Who knows though, three weeks from now we might be talking about a possible Packers vs. Ravens matchup in the Superbowl. Ok, maybe not.

In any case, sit down class; here is the fantasy outlook for Week 10. I only list players that I have an opinion on so don’t feel bad if the guy your have is not listed. Leave a comment and I will respond the best that I can.

NE @ Mia 1:00

NE finally knows what it feels like to lose to the Colts, and it doesn’t feel good. Sorry, Miami you taste Belichik’s wrath.


Brady – Puts up good numbers against a strong IND Defense and should do the same against MIA

Dillon - He is back and he is healthy. A definite starter this week.

Branch – Reaps the benefits of Brady’s precision passing


Brown – The only viable option at running back for Miami, it’s time to start looking beyond the Ricky era

Chambers – Too bad this guy plays for Miami, he could actually be productive in say Jacksonville

McMichael – This guy always starts out hot and then fizzles like a cheap sparkler on the fourth of July.

MIN @ NYG, 1:00 pm
Minnesota continues to feel the pains of a season of injury, and controversy. Farewell, Mike Tice, it was nice knowing you. Uh, no it wasn’t.


B Johnson – I wouldn’t play him unless your only other options are Carr, Harrington, or Dilfer. He is not that bad with the short game, but won’t score a lot of fantasy points

Burleson – I’ve called this guy a bust from the beginning of the year, why would I change now?

Bennett – With Moore hurt, He seems to be the guy once again. He never did anything as the guy before, but he may break one.


Manning – This guy is showing what experience, talent and a supporting cast can do to a young Quarterback in this league.

Barber – One of the strongest performers in fantasy without the deserved respect

Shockey – Should be able to put up some strong numbers against a Minnesota defense that plays especially poorly on the road

Burress – See Shockey

Toomer – With the amount of opportunities that should be available, due to Minnesota turnovers, he might even score.

BAL @ JAC, 1:00 pm
Jacksonville is looking to make a run at the top tier, but after squeaking by Houston they clearly have some work to do. Luckily, Baltimore should prove to be a pushover


Lewis – Has sucked against poor defenses, what do you think he’ll do against a good one?

Taylor – Clearly the stronger player thus far this year and at this point I would start him over J-Lew, but with the way fantasy football plays out, this would be the week Lewis goes off.

Mason – Will get his catches and yards but with this atrocious offense, there are just not many options for touchdowns

Heap – See Mason


Leftwich – Getting stronger as the year goes on and with confidence should do well against the Ravens hurting defense. Just how is the depleted running game going to affect him.

Taylor (inj) – Even if he plays, how long until he leaves the game with an injury. They don’t call him Fragile Freddie for nothing.

Jones – Suitable backup, but you never know how much time Pearman will steal.

Hou @ Ind 1:00

Hmmm, Let’s see. Indy finally beats NE @ NE and now has to play a Sunday after a Monday night game. Can anyone say letdown? Maybe against any team besides the Texans or the Niners. This is an easy 9-0

DD – He has been really disappointing this year and it should be more of the same against a strong defense

Johnson – Has one ok performance and all of a sudden people start thinking he is back. Where was he the first half of the season?


Manning – Peyton is the best on-the-field coach in the NFL, he is a must-play, but you already know that

Harrison – I look for a buck plus a couple of TD’s against the laughable Texans

Wayne – 80 and a touch isn’t out of the question.

Edge – I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy goes for 200 this week, no seriously

Indy – I don’t actually recommend defenses that often but, c’mon, they are playing the Texans. Do they even field an O-line?

ARI @ DET, 1:00 pm
Wake me up when this one’s over.


Fitzgerald – Warner’s favorite target, but with Boldin out, he should be McCown’s favorite too.

Warner – Only an option because he is playing in a dome against Detroit


Kevin Jones – If he plays, should do well. If he does not, his backups are NOT options

Pollard – This guy seems to be Harrington’s go-to guy in the red zone, I bet he wishes he hadn’t left Indy

SF @ CHI, 1:00 pm
Chicago could be 6-3 after this week and leading the worst division in football. They are nothing more than a bye week for the team that plays them in the first round of the playoffs until they prove otherwise


Battle – The only receiver worth starting from the Niners due to the amount of looks he receives because they are perpetually trailing.


Jones – If he plays (notice a pattern?) he is a definite start.

Benson – He should only be on your team if you are in a keeper league.

Muhammad – What a difference a year makes, worth a start in deep leagues as a third WR, and the real Mushin has just stood up.

KC @ BUF, 1:00 pm
This is past the point at which Green gets his rhythm and starts lighting up the scoreboard. One problem, he faces the number one pass defense, on the road. If Roaf doesn’t play, that takes Gonzo out of the game. No Priest, either, the cards are stacking up against him.


Green – I don’t like his matchup, but has performed well in the past against strong defenses, albeit with a healthy Roaf blocking in front of him. Start him, but be cautious.

Johnson – Cue spotlight, it’s showtime. Larry gets his chance much like last year. This guy is a star in the making.

Gonzo – With Roaf out, he will be asked to block more and we all remember what that did to his production early in the year


Holcombe – He is a veteran who knows how to run this offense, if only his o-line played a little better. Start if you have to, could surprise people this week.

McGahee – Strong runner that has durability issues. However, he is in line for a strong week. 90 yards and TD are likely.

Moulds – Fares much better with Holcombe than he did with Loseman and it shows. 4 games with Loseman – 10 receptions 80 yards zero TD’s. 4 games with Holcombe – 27 receptions 283 yards 3 TD’s.

DEN @ OAK, 4:05 pm
Oakland puts up the numbers but loses, Denver puts up the numbers, the difference, Denver wins. This is a huge rivalry and with Moss ailing - advantage Broncos. The Colts should look out for this team. They are only getting stronger.


Plummer – Is definitely a different player on the road, but has learned something new this year – how not to throw interceptions.

Bell, Anderson – Who will be the man this week? Both should be mediocre this week at best. Oakland’s weakness on defense is definitely not against the run.

Smith – Should exploit the real weakness to this defense.


Collins – This week is looking to be his multiple interception week, he is long overdue

Moss – As always, if he plays he is a must start but, with the amount of wins this team has, it’s only a matter of time before he loses interest on this season

Porter – coming on strong lately and could get 80 and maybe a touch, if not vultured in the red zone by Courtney.

Jordan – Denver will allow him the yards receiving and rushing but I don’t see the end zone for Jordan this week.

NYJ @ Car 4:15

After Carolina lost an emotional opening game against New Orleans, they have won five out of six. The Jets are going the opposite direction and have no leader. This one is simple.


Martin – Too bad he has to run with Testeverde or Bollinger taking the snaps or he might actually produce.

Coles – finally got a touchdown last week after a long drought. It’s not out of the question that he gets a garbage time TD this week, too.


Smith – Has proven that the injury did not affect his speed and will be burning this defense quite often this weekend. Can anyone keep up with this guy?

Davis – Healthy or not this guy finds the endzone, especially at home.

WAS @ TB, 4:15 pm
Mark Brunell continues to surprise me. This doesn’t really do anything special, but he doesn’t do anything to lose games either. Maybe Gibbs really does know what he is doing


Brunell – I wouldn’t start him against TB, they make good QB’s look bad

Moss – He will still get points and is a definite fantasy start at this point in the season.

Portis – Hey Clinton, score some points will ya? I mean, do you know how? He is worth a flex spot or number two back, but don’t expect much.

Cooley – He is a versatile guy who Brunell likes to throw to, not a bad option at TE.


Galloway – Through everything, he still gets the deep ball. Doesn’t get the receptions (about 5 a game) but have you seen that average (16.6)?

Williams – Has he hit the wall? Only time will tell. Remember his college season was only ten games and this is his ninth week in the NFL. He’ll be fine, but this week he faces a tough run defense. Look for about 80-90 yards but no TD’s

STL @ Sea, 4:15

Remember last year when Seattle had the game in hand in the fourth quarter and then lost? Don’t think they have forgotten either.


Bulger – He has been solid this year and should put up 300 and a couple of TD’s this week.

Holt – Back from injury and to the joy of many FF owners everywhere. He loves to play the Seahawks.

Bruce – Will he return this week? If he does, he’ll only add to Holt’s numbers by taking some pressure away from him. I see 85 yards receiving.

Jackson – With Martz away the Rams have featured the run a lot more. Is this a coincidence? Maybe, but they had little other choice with Martin at QB. I wonder how Bulger’s return will affect that strategy.


Hasselback – Had his best game ever in Arizona last week, that’s not saying much. St Louis gives up the fifth most points in the league to quarterbacks. Cha-Ching

Alexander – He is Shaun Alexander

Joe Jurevicious – With D-JAX out, he benefits greatly - especially against this defense.

GB @ ATL, 4:15 pm
No matter how much magic Favre has had in his career, he just cannot revive this dead duck. It is a shame that a legend must go out like this. He will still put up the numbers, unfortunately for Packer fans it will be because his team is trailing.


Favre – Solid start and yards and TD’s offset any interceptions. Be wary of his history in dome games

Driver – Will put up points, for the sole reason that he is Favre’s only viable option at receiver

Gado – Looks like the best back that the Packer’s have had all year and only averaged 2.4 yards in his first start, he should do a little better this week with Atlanta in the bottom half of the league against the run.


Vick – If this guy didn’t run then he would be worthless in terms of fantasy value. The only thing he does know how to do is win games. That’s great for his team, but it sucks for fantasy teams. That being said, I think he’ll have a pretty good week this week against a bad Packer defense.

Dunn – He gets a lot of yards but loses TD’s to Duckett. He is a must start in yardage heavy leagues, a risk in TD heavy leagues now that his vulture is back.

Duckett – He is only an option in deep leagues or TD heavy leagues only.

Crumpler – Vick’s main man. Now, if Vick had the accuracy to hit him, he would score a lot more consistently.

Atlanta – I only list Atlanta due to Brett’s tendency to throw i-n-t’s in d-o-m-e-s.

Cle @ Pgh 8:30

Steelers squeaked by GB with an apathetic performance by Batch and being just awful on third down conversions. This week they play Cleveland. The Duce will be Loose this week so it won’t matter who hands the rock to him.


Roethlisberger – If he plays, then is not an awful choice but doesn’t put up high fantasy numbers reliably.

Staley – Will get his first shot at a whole game with no one looking over his shoulder and will show why Pitt signed him two years ago to “replace” Bettis.

Ward – He still puts up numbers, but misses Burress on the other side

Miller – Has great hands and gets looks in the red zone. I could see him scoring, but not getting a lot of yards. He reminds of an Anthony Becht type guy.

Edwards – This guy came back quick, just to start for Cleveland. Maybe this guy should train Kellen Winslow.

Bryant – One week he’ll get a hundred with 2 TD’s against the bears and then has a 1 catch for 15 yards game against Detroit. Start only if you have no other choice.

Monday, Nov. 14

Dal @ Phi 9:00

This is the earliest Philadelphia has needed a victory in some time but, in last place and zero wins in the division, this is about as must-win as you can get. This game will go a long way in telling the rest of the Eagles season. It may sound like my Eagles outlook is a little biased, but I’m the Professor, now sit down!


McNabb – He produced before Owens and will produce without him. He may not get 25-30 fantasy points a week, but 20 is not out of the question

Westbrook – Has a fat new contract and, with no TO, he will see even more opportunities. I really like him this week.

Brown – This rookie has good speed and good hands. Someone has to take all the yards that Owens was getting.

LJ Smith – The Eagles just signed Chad Lewis out of retirement. This doesn’t mean good news for Smith


Bledsoe – He killed the Eagles in the last game he played them. He'll have a decent game, but I don’t see a repeat performance. This guy is a statue in a football uniform.

Julius Jones – He was hurt in the last game against Philly and may not be 100% this week. He is a must start if he is the official starter, but Barber could steal some important carries.

Glenn – This guy had a career game against the Eagles in week 5, don’t think that Jim Johnson is going to see that happen again. 70 yards and no TD’s

Witten – The Eagles always give up crazy points to the TE position and if anyone is going to score, it’s this guy.

K Johnson – I wonder if Madden takes a break from slobbering over Larry Allen for a minute to bring up the fact that this guy was suspended much in the same way TO was this year.


Top QB matchups - Week Ten

  1. Marc Bulger
  2. Matt Hasselback
  3. Donavon McNabb
  4. Michael Vick
  5. Tom Brady
  6. Peyton Manning
  7. Brett Favre
  8. Kelly Holcombe
  9. Eli Manning
  10. Byron Leftwich


Top RB matchups for Week 10

  1. Larry Johnson
  2. Edgerrin James
  3. Shaun Alexander
  4. Stephen Davis
  5. Duce Staley
  6. Cedric Benson (If TJ is out)
  7. Steven Jackson
  8. Tiki Barber
  9. Willis McGahee
  10. Warrick Dunn


Top WR’s for Week 10

  1. Steve Smith
  2. Larry Fitzgerald
  3. Torry Holt
  4. Marvin Harrison
  5. Donald Driver
  6. Plaxico Burress
  7. Santana Moss
  8. Chris Chambers
  9. Eric Moulds
  10. Rod Smith


Top TE matchups for Week 10

  1. Jeremy Shockey
  2. Everybody Else


Top K’s for Week 10

  1. Seriously, it’s a kicker


Top Defense matchups for Week 10

  1. Indy
  2. Atlanta
  3. Flip a coin


Sleeper of the Week

Brian Westbrook, I know this guy isn’t necessarily flying under the radar, but he is certainly motivated with that new contract. 150 combined yards and 2 TD’s


Bust of the Week

Tony G – With Roaf most likely missing the game, he will be needed to protect Green and see his numbers suffer for that reason

There you have it - a trip through week 10 in the NFL from a Fantasy Perspective. If you don’t like what I have to say, then why are you reading this far? In all seriousness, I know that this information will help you to survive another week. If this helps to stop even one WDIS post, then I have succeeded.

Always go with your gut and don’t look back.

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