Saturday, November 26, 2005

College Basketball, Baby!!!

With college basketball season getting started, I was shmoozing along the 'net reading different preview articles, then it hit me-- you know what all these preview articles are missing? Me. So with that in mind, I decided to select the 16 teams that I think have a chance to win it all, and have staged a mock tournament. Before we start, let me send my apologies to the Florida Gators, who I want to put in, but can't see kicking any of the other guys out for them. Next year, you can bet they'll be here. So, in the immortal words of Captain Tenniel, Let's get it on!

Play-in game:
West Virginia vs Northern Iowa vs UCLA (triple threat match)
A West Virginia vs UCLA match was all set to begin until... wait, wait a minute... THAT'S NORTHERN IOWA'S MUSIC! That's right, the 1st ever triple threat match, to decide who loses to Duke. It starts out with WVA and UCLA double teaming Northern Iowa, and beating them to the point where WVA goes for the pin, but UCLA pulls them off, and is all like "what?" & then WVA is all like "what?!" And as they're arguing, Northern Iowa hits UCLA with the brass knuckles, and rolls up WVA for the pin, and the three count.

Winner: Northern Iowa

Now on to the actual tourney:

1. Duke / 16. Northern Iowa
After an hard fought victory in the play-in game, Duke just overpowers Northern Iowa and their 5 returning starters. The Panthers make an impression on the rest of the country though, by staying with Duke in the 1st half, and showing just how improved the Missouri Valley conference is. Duke goes inside to Sheldon Williams for most of the game, and he finishes with 28 points 11 rebounds. J.J Reddick sat for the last 5 minutes of the 2nd half, but still finished 21 points.

Final Score: Duke 91 N.Iowa 71

8. Boston College / 9. Memphis
Boston College comes in looking to avenge their loss to Milwaukee-Wisconsin last year, but they run into a flat-out more talented team in Memphis. Point guard Darius Washington Jr ends up with 17 points and 6 assists, and Rodney Carney ends up with 17 as well. BC is one and done for the second year in a row, but unfortunately for all of us, Jared Dudley will return for one more ugly year. Sorry, but with Charlie Villanueva gone, it will take the combined efforts of guys like Dudley, Josh Boone, and Adam Morrison to keep up the ugly.

Final Score: Memphis 79 Boston College 71

5. Gonzaga / 12. Nevada
In a matchup of star forwards, Adam Morrison out duels Nick Fazekas. Gonzaga had a great Maui tournament, and showed they are a powerhouse this year. Nevada is a very good team, but nobody Gonzaga's Gonzaga.

Final Score: Gonzaga 75 Nevada 69

4. Villanova / 13. Iowa
Villanova finished strong last year, and even with Curtis Sumpter out, they still have a very good frontcourt to go with what is possibly the best backcourt in the nation. Iowa will be back strong, despite Pierre Pierce graduating. Jeff Horner is very good at running the point, and Greg Bruner is solid down low. Sill, villanova's talent is just too much for the Hawkeyes. 'Nova wins in a close one.

Final Score: 'Nova 76 Iowa 13

6. Louisville / 11. Oklahoma
Somewhat of an upset, as the lower-seeded Sooners beat the Cardinals, but both teams are about even. The tandem of Taj Gray and Kevin Bookout edge out Taquan Dean and Juan Palacios. When asked about the loss after the game, coach Rick Pitino states, "Francisco Garcia is coming through that door... Reece Gaines isn't coming through that door!"

Final Score: Oklahoma 65 Louisville 57

3. Texas / 14. Arizona
'Zona had a good regular season, with Mustafa Shakur and Hassan Adams stepping up to replace Salim Stoudamire and Channing Frye, but c'mon... Have you seen Texas? As my man Stu Scott would say, "Dem kids be doin' all kindsa shizzle wit' Pookie & Ray-Ray & dem...umm... BOOYAH!" No matter how you look at it, Texas has one of the top 3 frontcourts in the country, and Daniel Gibson is a true playmaker. LaMarcus Aldridge could be the breakout player of the year.

Final Score: Texas 80 'Zona 67

7. Michigan State / Kentucky
Even though they did embarress themselves against Hawaii, Michigan State still has as good a chance as anyone at capturing the NCAA title. Kentucky is one of the better shooting teams around, which will make them tough to beat in tournament play, but Tom Izzo will have his boys ready. State wins in OT.

Final Score Michigan State 94 Kentucky 90 OT

2. UConn / 15. George Washington
G-Dub is a sleeper team that is returning a lot of talent. Obviously though, they stand no chance. NEXT ROUND!

Final Score: UConn 78 G-Dub 60

1. Duke / 9. Memphis
A rematch of a very exciting game last night. Same result, as the Dukies get the win, but Memphis puts a scare into them.

Final Score: Duke 83 Memphis 81

5. Gonzaga / 4.Villanova
In what would be the game of the tournament, Gonzaga shows why they're so dangerous in the tournament, and beats 'Nova in a classic. Adam Morrison builds his case for tourney MVP, while Allen Ray keeps the cats close with his lights out shooting. Sadly, this will end another Philly teams quest for a title... but what else is new?

Final Score: Gonzaga 87 Villanova 84

3. Texas / 11. Oklahoma
A Big 12 dogfight. Oklahoma hopes to fare a little better than their football team, but it ain't gonna happen. Texas gets carried by Daniel Gibson, in a game where he elevates himself as the undisputed best point guard in college basketball.

Final Score: Texas 71 Oklahoma 63

2. UConn / 7. Michigan State
I wouldn't give the Spartans much of a chance here. They're going up against a guy who can't be guarded in Rudi Gay (quit giggling), and they'll have Marcus Williams back by now, who is one of the top passers in the country to dish him the ball. Seriously, if Rudi Gay be more consistent, I can see this team losing.

Final Score: UConn 77 Michigan State 66


1. Duke / 5. Gonzaga
The fun stops here, when the 'Zags run into the the Blue devils. Coach Mike Krzyeweficheskitonwing gets to another final, and J.J Redick gets a chance to go out on top... but will it happen *dum dum dum*

Final Score: Duke 74 Gonzaga 68

2. UConn / 3. Texas
Like I said before, if Rudi Gay is more consistent, I can't see UConn losing. And I think Gay will be consistent. Like a virus attacking your immune system... Yep... Gay is like a virus... ain't that right, your holiness?

Final Score: UConn 71 Texas 67


1. Duke / 2. UConn
And then there were two... You probably know who I'm going with here. UConn is my pick to win it all. Is there even a point to play the season now that I'be predicted the Huskies would win? Can we just give 'em the title and move on to next year?

Final Score: UConn 87 Duke 79

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