Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekly Mock

1 Houston- Reggie Bush RB USC

After his senior bowl performance, this pick could be D'brick, but more than likely will be Bush, or a trade back. Vince Young is a hot name at this spot right now, but I'm pretty sure Kubiak realizes how great Bush would be in the Denver zone blocking scheme.

2 New Orleans- Matt Leinart QB USC

I'm sure Sean Payton will want to bring in a new QB, and Aaron Brooks doesn't deserve to be kept around. New Orleans is Leinart's best chance to succeed with Duece and Joe Horn there.

3 Tennessee- Vince Young QB Texas

Even with how much I like Billy Volek, it looks like the top 3 is set. Vince Young will likely take the same route to starting that McNair did, sitting the bench for a while, before slowly taking over.

4 New York Jets- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis

I think the Jets are going to trade up. And if they do trade up, it will be for Reggie Bush. In this mock, with no trades taking place, I'll pencil in DeAngelo Williams. I was pretty even between him and LenDale white, but it seems everyone is talking about how great he was in practice this week.

5 Green Bay- Mario Williams DE NC St.

Tough pick, as I think A.J Hawk is just as likely a pick, but I don't think they will be able to pass up Williams. He and KGB would create quite the pass rush, and again, if a team needs defense, I don't think they can pass up Williams.

6 San Francisco- A.J Hawk LB Ohio St.

The 49ers will be taking the top defensive player available, and after Williams, it's Hawk. Losing Julian Peterson will hurt this defense a lot, and drafting an OLB to replace him would be ideal, but as long as they got a top defensive player, they'll be happy.

7 Oakland- Haloti Ngata DT Oregon

I think they may end up trading up to the #3 spot, to get either Leinart or Young, but if they stay at #7, they'll take Ngata. It's still a little too early for Cutler, so we'll give them the best defensive player available, and a guy who will give Sapp and Washington a breather, and eventually replace them.

8 Buffalo- D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia

They would rather have Ngata, but they do need a LT, and even though D'brick will go higher than this, without trades, this is the best I can do for you.

9 Detroit- Winston Justice OT USC

I think Justice is overrated, and would take Scott and Winston over him, but it seems everywhere I look, he's a top 10 pick, and the 2nd OT taken. The Lions probably do need a QB, but with Garcia and Orlovsky, I think they can afford to take one later on.

10 Arizona- Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt

I still think Cutler in the top 10 is a reach, but the Cardinals can afford to take the time for him to become a premier player. I don't think they'll go running back, only because of how foolish they would look. They can wait around for a tight end, as I'm sure one of the better ones will fall to the 2nd round.

11 St. Louis- Chad Greenway LB Iowa

They signed a couple of veteran LB's last year, and it didn't work out, so I think they'll try to bolster that unit through the draft. Although, it's tough to see them passing on offense with new coach Scott Linehan.

12 Cleveland- Demeco Ryans LB Alabama

Built up their offense last year, so I assume this year they'll be drafting defense. Could see them going with Huff here, but I think they end up with a LB at this pick if Ngata doesn't fall.

13 Baltimore- Michael Huff S/CB Texas

BPA, and they could use a young defensive back. Would be interesting to see if they took a chance on LenDale White here.

14 Philadelphia- Jon Scott OT Texas

I'm about 90% sure we'll go OT in the 1st round, and even though I personally like Eric winston more, I can see us going with Scott because he can play both tackle positions, and Andy loves versatility in his o-lineman.

15 Atlanta- Ko Simpson S South Carolina

Another team that I think could take White, but it seems like they're going to take someone to help out the secondary. If Ko waited a year or two to come out, he would be a top 10 pick, but I'm sure the Falcons are happy he's around for their pick.

16 Miami- Jimmy Williams S/CB Virginia Tech

To me, the biggest problem for the Dolphins this year was their secondary. Williams falling for some reason I haven't discovered, and the Dolphins need help at both CB and safety.

17 Minnesota- LenDale White RB USC

I'd bet somebody trades up for White before he gets this far down the board, but in this mock, he falls into the waiting arms of the Vikings. They need a true, starting running back, and quit all this foolishness with Moore, Bennett, Fason, Smith, and whoever else they have hiding on the bench.

18 Dallas- Eric Winston OT Miami

I guess it's set in stone that the Cowboys will be taking a LT with theit 1st pick. Winston is a guy I still think is a top 10 player, and he could end up being the biggest steal of the draft.

19 San Diego- Darnell Bing S USC

I had a tough time passing on Santonio Holmes with them, but I think they go with need first, and take Bing. They can still pick up another 1st round pick to get a WR by trading one of their QBs.

20 Kansas City- Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St.

As bad as their defense is, they've needed a true #1 WR for some time. The offense was good (but predictable) last year, and Holmes will give them another dimension.

21New England- Richard Marshall CB Fresno St.

Hot rumor because of the Pat Hill-Bill Belichick connection. Makes sense to me.

22 Denver (f/WAS)- Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College

Denver does need a pass rusher, and even though Kiwi will probably go higher, I have him going here. And yes, it's taking everything I have from giving Denver a TE causing njx to attack me through my computer.

23 Tampa Bay- Tamba Hali DE Penn St.

Rice is getting old, and I've never been that impressed with Spires. Looking at their roster, the Bucs don't have any glaring holes (other than QB of course). I think they'll end up going with the best defensive player available, and it happens to be Hali.

24 Cincinnati- Brodrick Bunkley DT FSU

After not taking Travis Johnson last year, I think they definately have to go DT in the draft. I have Watson over Bunkley, but for the Bengals, Bunkley is the better fit.

25 New York Giants- Tye Hill CB Clemson

Keeps rising up boards ala Fabian Washington last year. Was considering McNeill for the Giants here, but after the week of practice Hill had, it sounds like he'll be a 1st round pick.

26 Chicago- Vernon Davis TE Maryland

Kind of suprised I had him fall this far, but the Bears will do nicely to have a nice dump off option for Grossman who can get yards after the catch.

27 Carolina- Gabe Watson DT Michigan

With Buckner near retirement, and Kris Jenkins' injury problems, Watson is a smart pick, and he could go even higher after this week. Had a hard time not giving them Maroney.

28 Jacksonville- Antonio Cromartie CB FSU

The Jags showed last year they aren't afraid to take a chance in the draft, and if Cromartie wasn't hurt, he would have been a much higher pick.

29 Denver- Chad Jackson WR Florida

The Broncos make out pretty good in the 1st round with Kiwi and Jackson. Obviously they do need a young WR who can play alongside Lelie when Smith retires. I think Jackson does work his way into the 1st round.

30 Indianapolis- Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota

Even with James back, I think this a good pick. Edge ran the ball a ton this year, and they could use a RB like Maroney who can take some of the load off. Plus, better safe than sorry.

31 Seattle- Manny Lawson DE NC St.

Could come in and start ahead of Bryce Fisher. May not last this long anymore.

32 Pittsburgh- Claude Wroten DT LSU

Need a DT for when Kimo retires. Have seen a couple mocks that have Martin Nance to Pitt, which I had a hard time not doing myself. It comes down to Wroten being a better pick for the future.

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every mock i see, kiwi drops lower. he'll be mr irrelevant b4 u know it.