Wednesday, January 11, 2006

By The Numbers - Wildcard Week

It’s time for a look at the numbers for week 18 (that’s the wildcard round, boys and girls). Not much in the way of fantasy football to pick from, but we’ll suffer along. With the NFL regular season over, I’ll dabble in the NBA numbers now and then (or whatever else catches my eye).

The Beast Won’t Die

Only 8 months to go until the start of the 2006 NFL season …

If you’re still playing any kind of fantasy football, shame on you – I just hope you had Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger for your QB. Each had 3 TDs, 200+ passing yards and no mistakes, for totals of 22 fantasy points. That kind of play wins championships …

Steve Smith was the only two-TD scorer of the week, so he wins the top non-QB fantasy slot hands down (16 fantasy points). Who was number two? That’s right, a kicker! John Kasay had a nice mound of 12 fantasy points with his 3 FGs and 2 XPs.

It was ugly from a fantasy perspective, that “offense” of the NY Giants. Eli Manning managed negative 4 fantasy points with his three picks, and no one else showed up for work either. The Redskins’ offense turned in a similar stinker, but they have Gregg Williams (and his $8M) to thank for another week of football. Remember my pre-season prediction about the Seahawks? It’s coming this week, at the hands of my beloved Gibbs!

Is it just me, or were they dropping like flies last weekend? With Carson Palmer and Chris Henry hurt on the same play, the Bengals’ playoff chances went the way of the dodo. Teammates of Renaldo Wynn have a new meaning for double-jointed – did you see that replay? My theory on the Sean Taylor spitting incident goes like this: check the grassy knoll, get out the DNA kit, look for the troll. My bet is the flag came out when the ref got hit on the rebound ...


I know virtually nothing about fantasy basketball, but that won’t stop me from talking about it. My Wizards-heavy fantasy team has finally started to develop some consistency, especially after I got rid of most of the Wizards players! Gilbert Arenas is a nice player, and Antawn Jamison has started to revive his game. However, neither is a top-10 performer of late. It’s all about the role players, baby. Fantasy basketball teams are a lot more work to manage, with the constant injury rotation and 82-game schedule. I’ll consider myself lucky to make the top-tier playoff bracket in my 12-team H2H league. Thankfully, there’s no money involved …

You can talk about Kobe Bryant all you want (four 45+ point performances in a row, interrupted by a 2-game suspension) and LeBron James seemed an obvious number 1 draft pick with his seven 30+ point performances in a row, but Yahoo says the best all-around game belongs to Shawn Marion. Look at his numbers for the last month:

FG % = .538
FT % = .744
3 PTs = 19
Total Points = 333
Rebounds = 193
Assists = 27
Steals = 25
Blocks = 28
Turnovers = 22

What do they mean? Damned if I know, they just looked good …

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