Wednesday, January 04, 2006

By The Numbers - Week 17

It’s time for a look at the fantasy numbers for week 17. Larry Johnson made a case for MVP (not happening) and next year’s #1 draft slot in fantasy leagues everywhere. With the regular season at an end, the history channel takes a look at defensive performances for the year.

You Can Call Me Ray

You doesn’t have to call him Johnson, just LJ for short. Another top performance of the week made the remaining owners with week 17 championships dance in the aisles. His 201 rushing yards, 21 receiving yards and 3 TDs suffered only the minor blemish of a single fumble. Oh, that I could get 27 fantasy points from my #1 RB every week …

In a pure pride performance, Kerry Collins put together an error-free 3 TD 331 passing day and rediscovered Randy Moss for a total of 24 fantasy points. Fortunately, it was too-little, too-late to save Norv Turner’s job … who’s next on the Oakland merry-go-round? Did you hear John Mara’s comments on his late father’s feelings about the Giants clinching the division title over the Raiders – sweet!

Don’t everyone run to the front of the line in your keeper leagues for this dead cat bounce. Joey Harrington had a fine day with 212 passing yards and 3 TDs, but that performance and three dollars at Starbucks will get you a cup of coffee and 22 fantasy points. The boy only managed 75 fantasy points all season …

Bottom Feeders

Seems like just last week I was talking about Kyle Boller as the turnaround kid – guess I spoke too soon. The Browns made KB look like his old self with 151 passing yards and 2 picks. His negative 1 fantasy point shouldn’t have hurt most fantasy managers, but it shows what a long way he has to go.

What’s that coming from the stands? Rudi? Rudi? How about BOO-DI! That was one sad-sack performance by the other RB Johnson. A short day is no excuse for 18 rushing yards and zero fantasy points. Marvin Lewis better hope the Bengals aren’t reverting to their bungling ways just in time for the playoffs …

This Season Is History

Since there’s no week 18 (yet) in the NFL, there’s no next week to look forward to. However, I thought I’d recap some of the best and worst defensive performances of 2005.

Seattle, Chicago and Green Bay turned in the three best performances of the year, with unbelievable fantasy point totals:

Seattle = 44 (@ Philly, week 13)
Chicago = 34 (vs. Detroit, week 2)
Green Bay = 33 (vs. Nawlins, week 5)

At the other end of the spectrum, there were four times that a defense turned in the worst fantasy performance possible, negative four fantasy points. That means no sacks, no turnovers, no points score and 35 or more points allowed. And the losers are:

Green Bay (@ Balt, week 15) runs the gamut
New Orleans (@ GB, week 5) see best performances, above
New England (vs. San Diego, week 4) hitting rock bottom
Arizona (@ Seattle, week 3) just being themselves

New England and New Orleans ended up near the bottom of fantasy piles everywhere – and to think that I drafted the Patriots in one league!

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