Saturday, January 14, 2006

Las Vegas All-American Bowl Preview (By Creek)

This saturday (aka today), will mark the beginning of the post post-season for college football fans, and NFL fans who want to get a look at some of the deeper talent in this years draft. The Las Vegas All American Classic kicks off at 4:30 EST, and features some talented players (Note: disregard the heading on the link. Rosters are current) who could be playing for your team come next year. So, I figured I'd take the time to write about some of the guys I have an opinion on.

East Team

Brett Basanez QB Northwestern

Big Ten offensive player of the year, who is a threat running and passing. Has 28 total TD's (21 passing, 7 rushing), and lead the Wildcats to big wins against Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan St., and Iowa. Ended the year 3rd in total offense. Isn't good enough of a passer to be a starter at the next level, but I've been wrong before.

Chris Barclay RB Wake Forest

Small guy, but has proven to be capable of carrying the load in college. Had a great game early in the year against FSU that I saw. Haven't seen him on many boards.

Quadtrine Hill RB Miami

Not really big enough to be a fullback in the pros, but has great hands, and protects the passer. Also is a great teamate, and a source who attended the Miami Hurricane's awards banquet told me, he was the team's senior leader, and even won an award for it. Could catch on somewhere as a 3rd down back, but likely will be regulated to NFL Europe.

Dennis Roland OT Georgia

Monster of a person, and an excellent pass blocker. Known as "Bambi" when he arrived at UGA for his slender frame, he's beefed up, and has all the tools to be a top O-lineman.

Troy Reddick OT Auburn

Not the best technique, but is a mauler, and an underrated right tackle prospect. Has helped block for a great running game his whole career. A guy who could jump after the combine, if some O-line coaches think they can "coach 'em up."

Daid Castillo C FSU

Best known for holding up the gator head in Gainsville after beating Florida one year, that started a massive brawl, but known by my buddy Big Jon and I as David "injured once a game" Castillo. I'm not even exaggerating, every game, he went out with something, but he usually came back in. Still, if I'm a GM, that makes me shy away from him.

Charles Sharon/Steve Sanders WR Bowling Green

Sharon and Sanders were a dynamic combination, and I'd like to think one of them will get a chance in the NFL. Sanders how the more potential of the two, but Sharon has proven to be successful day in and day out. Sanders scored more TD's, Sharon had more catches. Between the two, I'll take a chance on Sanders.

Willie Reid WR FSU

Not much of a receiver, but as you saw in the Orange Bowl, he is a solid return man. I doubt he gets drafted, as there are players who are just as good returners, but much better receivers.

Willie Evans DE Mississippi St.

Finished 3rd in the country with 15 sacks, but isn't ranked very high on most boards. I have him in the 5th-6th round range, based on his production in college. One of the guys I'm REALLY going to be watching.

Brandon Guillory DE/LB Louisiana-Monroe

Compared by some to DeMarcus Ware, as far as how he could be used in the pros. Great athlete with speed and size, but playing at a small school obviously hurts his stock. Probably wouldn't work in a 4-3 scheme, but could flourish in a 3-4.

Pierre Woods DE/LB Michigan

Was going to be a star, before voodoo curse was casted upon him. Still has the ability, and had a better year last year, than he did in his god awful junior year. I bet someone takes a chance on him ala Cato June.

Leon Williams LB Miami

All Miami LB's can play in the NFL. Should be drafted, and will prove in this game, that he deserves to be drafted.


Justin Holland QB Colorado St.

Great pocket passer, and a guy who would be getting much more attention in a weaker draft class (like last year's for instance). Has a great arm, but makes poor decisions from time to time. Potential will be too much to pass on for a team in the 4th or 5th round.

Terrence Pennington OT New Mexico

One of the more underrated schools in terms of NFL talent, is New Mexico, and Pennington is part of a talented O-line. Has great size, but it may not be enough to get him drafted.

Aldo De La Garza OG Texas A&M

Owns the school record in the bench press (490lbs), and quite frankly, scares the crap out of me. Shouldbe drafted on intimidation factor alone.

Jovon Bouknight WR Wyoming

Superb return man AND receiver. Will get drafted somewhere because of his speed and potential. Saw him against Florida, and he was very..."meh."

Nick Reid OLB Kansas

Big 12 defensive player of the year, and 1st team all Big 12. Very good linebacker, who should be rated higher based on production. Will likely be an early day two pick.

Freddy Keiaho OLB SDSU

Same thing as Reid. Will likely be an early day two pick. SDSU has een producing some good linebacker talent as of late, and the trend continues with him.

Jimmy Cotrell MLB New Mexico St.

One of my big sleepers. He's great against the run, and was the best player I saw in the Sun Belt conference this year. Proved all the college teams that passed up on him wrong, and will likely do it to the NFL teams that pass up on him too.

Cletis Gordon CB Jackson St.

Small school guy, who I have yet to get a look at. This will be very important for him to see if he is just as good against tougher competition. Very anxious to see what he can do.

You can always TIVO this game, and watch the playoffs. I know I will, because THATS... How I roll.

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