Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Creek's College Column (working title)

Well, with college football action starting tomorrow, I figured I would unveil my top 25, so here it is:

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Michigan
4. Tennessee
5. LSU
6. Virginia Tech
7. Miami
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma
10. Louisville
11. Iowa
12. FSU
13. Purdue
14. Boston College
15. Florida
16. Georgia
17. Arizona St.
18. Auburn
19. Alabama
20. Texas Tech
21. Virginia
22. Texas A&M
23. Boise St.
24. Pittsburgh
25. UCLA

I will be including an updated version of my top 25 every wednesday in my college football column.

Another thing I will be duing is my top 5 heisman contenders, but since this is the 1st week, I figured I would start off with a bang and post the top 25 heisman contenders!

1. Matt Leinart QB USC
2. Reggie Bush RB USC
3. Vince Young QB Texas
4. Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
5. Gerald Riggs Jr RB Tennessee
6. Chris Leak QB Florida
7. Ted Ginn Jr WR/KR Ohio St
8. Omar Jacobs QB Bowling Green
9. Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
10. Marshawn Lynch RB California
11. Brian Brohm QB Louisville
12. DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
13. Reggie McNeal QB Texas A&M
14. Devin Hester CB/KR Miami
15. Mike Hart RB Michigan
16. Drew Tate QB Iowa
17. Tyler Palko QB Pittburgh
18. Cody Hodges QB Texas A&M
19. Brad Smith QB Missouri
20. Jarret Hicks WR Texas Tech
21. Jared Zabransky QB Boise St
22. Maurice Drew RB UCLA
23. Cornell Brockington RB UConn
24. Troy Smith QB Ohio St
25. Greg Lee WR Pittsburgh

So there you have it. One of those 25 players will win the heisman this year, and the other 24 will be heisman-less pieces of crap.

As for this week's games, it all gets started tomorrow night when the old ball coach makes his return to college football, coaching the South Carolina Gamecocks (hehe...) against the UCF Golden Knights. So starting with that game, I'm going to make my picks on some of the college lines.

South Carolina -18.5 UCF

Iike SC in this one. Spurrier will be pulling out all the stops on ESPN in hopes of getting the attention of some high school seniors. If you get a chance to watch this one, watch for safety Ko Simpson on South Carolina. He'll be a star on sundays in a few years. Also, watch for the first "visor toss" of the year for Spurrier. Always a highlight.

Georgia -7 Boise St.

D.J Shockley's debut will be spoiled by the number two scoring offense in the country, and the number 21 player on my heisman list, Jared Zabransky. Not only do I think Boise St. Will cover the spread, they will win by 14 points. I am making this my (zooms up on face for dramatic effect) Lock Of The Week.

USC -34 Hawaii

I'm going with Hawaii here, but not because I think they stand a chance, just because I think when USC benches their starters, up 40-0 in the fourth quarter, Hawaii can score 14 to 20 garbage points... If I can get completely off topic for a second, Do you think Jesse Palmer got the idea to do The Bachelor from Matt Leinart's resemblance to Bob Guiney?

Pittsburgh -3 Notre Dame

Probably the toughest game of the week. Notre Dame always wins a few of these games against better teams, and last time they got a new coach, they started out 8-0. If it were in South Bend, I would probably go with the Irish, but I like Pitt to win, and defend the honor of Dave Wannstedt's mustache.

Virginia Tech -4 North Carolina St.

Virginia Tech is in for a struggle. NC State has the toughest defense in the ACC (and arguably the nation), and even though Marcus Vick has looked like the second coming in spring practice, I expect to see a defensive struggle, with Va Tech coming out on top with a score along the lines of 17-10 or 13-7.

Miami -3 FSU

In a game of dueling freshmen making their first start, I like Miami here, because they are, simply put, the more talented team. The loss of Antonio Cromartie is a huge blow for FSU, and I'd look for Ryan Moore to exploit his absence and come up with some big catches. I can talk about players, and stats, and injuries all I want, but the bottom line is I will not pick FSU in the game untill they show they can beat Miami.

That's my take on some of this week's games. Do with this information what you must.


Anonymous said...

Your picks sucked!

Creek! said...

you're ugly

Ken said...

BSU over UGA...the LOCK OF THE WEEK, huh? Cover? Win by 14? Nice. Missed it by that much. And I'll assume Zabransky's performance moves him UP your Heisman board then too...How embarrassing. Loser.


Creek! said...

Ok, so maybe I was a little to into Dan Hawkins & BSU, but how many people (other than complete UGA homers) would have thought Georgia would play that well? I was very impressed by "the dawgs" (who wasn't?), and it will be reflected in my next column on saturday maorning. So when you're up bright & early for gameday, come check out some of my picks so you can embarrass me come monday.

Ken said...

Not looking to embarrass you, just the "lock/cover/by 14" junk was over the top. But I dunno dude,...all UGA homers aside and while it was a ranked game (I think 13 vs. 18), UGA is loaded and plays in the best conference in the land. And then versus a gimmick, spread offense from MWC? And Between the Hedges at Sanford in SEPT? That, to me--a UGA homer from Chicago--spells UGA. Big. And the Dawgs took care of business. Big. All as expected. And to be honest with you...UGA homers down in the ATL we're not at all impressed or satisfied. Honest. But the ole ballcoach and his cluckers are next...look for UGA to run up the score. Big.

But hey, found y'all via Fanball. Do you guys do a lot of FF stuff on here? Discussions? Weekly projections/predictions? Wrap-ups? FF crap like that? I will keep checking. Thanks.

Creek! said...

Yeah Ken, every day we have a new thing. Tomorrow we have Archer with his FF thoughts on the upcoming games, friday is Jimed's gambling picks, saturday (real early in the morning) I will post my college column, and hopefully to a tad better this week (0-6!! Are you kidding me?!?!) I'll also throw in my top 25 & top 5 heisman hopefuls heading into the days action. Sunday-Wednesday isn't set in stone yet. We'll have a monday morning QB thing going on, and some other stuff sprinkled in. It's mostly FF stuff, except for my college column, which will slowly merge into a draft column after the season.