Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Archer's Bio

What do you call a statistical wunderkind and phenomenally accurate NFL prognosticator, who was delivered in a movie theater basement during the most life threatening hours of the British Invasion in 1964?

You call that man..... Archer! *trumpet fanfare*

A heartbreaking childhood of destitution and illness in the trailer parks of Oklahoma, gave rise to one of this Nation's best football minds. Back in 1980, just inches from death from an unknown infection, and beyond any treatment known in the medical community, brave Archer was miraculously healed by a Navajo medicine man named Y'ahta'ah. Once he recovered fully and was able to run, he learned how to play the game of football. In the enchanted deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, he began his arduous journey to master the game he loves so much.

Today Locker Room can proudly herald the arrival of Archer as their pre-eminent Fantasy Football genius (Okay, well.... at least one of them). Stay tuned for Archer's Fantasy Football breakdown each Wednesday throughout the 2005 NFL season. He'll be putting on his Carnac turban and staring into his crystal ball (and he might even do some research) to bring you weekly scoring breakdowns for every match up.


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