Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big 12 Breakdown:


Iowa State 7-4
A team that I really like, and could do better if sophmore QB Bret Meyer continues to get better, and turn into Seneca Wallace 2: Bigger and Blacker. RB Stevie Hicks is coming off a 1,000 yard season, and along with WR Todd Blythe, could be two breakout stars. The defense is solid, and junior DeAndre Jackson, along with senior safeties Nik Moser ans Steve Paris make up one of the better secondaries in the nation. But winning the ig 12 North all depends on the play of Bret Meyer.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Steve Hicks RB* (Jr)

Colorado 7-4
Ah.... Scandal U! Colorado never has the best players, but Gary Barnett, regardless of all the off field hijinks, wins football games. They have 10 defensive starters returning, to a defense that was average, but it sure to get better with experience. Back to back late season games at Missouri and at Iowa St.will decide if this team will be the Big 12 North champs.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Joe Klopfenstein TE

Missouri 7-4
Can Brad Smith finally fulfill his potential? Well, he certainly will have a better year than last year, when he had his lowest rushing total of his career. They lost a lot of talent on the on the defensive side of the ball, but they still have enough talent in place to remain among the better defenses in the Big 12. In the end, it all comes odwn to the play of Brad Smith.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Sean Coffey WR

Nebraska 5-6
Oh how the mighty have fallen. And to be honest, I don't see them getting up anytime soon. They didn't rank in the top 50 in total offense, or defense... and that's never a good sign. The offense will run through RB Cory Ross, with an occasional cameo from TE Matt Herian. DT Le Kevin Smith, and SS Daniel Bullocks will be the key contributors on the defensive side of the ball.

Top NFL Draft prospect- Matt Herian TE

Kansas 5-6
Kansas would be competing for a bowl birth, if not for the dismissal of starting RB John Randle, and the fact that between two senior QB's, neither wants to perform on the field. The biggest brightspot is the defense, which may be the best in the conference. It certainly boasts the top LB corps in the Big 12 North, and CB Charles Gordon is a All-American canidate.

Top NFL Draft Porspect- Charles Gordon CB* (JR)

Kansas State 3-8
Well... this should be fun. Remember the days of El Robertson and Darren Sproles? Well, Welcome to the days of Dylan Meier, and Carlos Aslup. (mmm.... Aslup) This team will struggle to win one game in the Big 12.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Brandon Archer LB* (Jr)


Texas 10-1
Is this finally the year? Is this finally the year where Mack Brown can get his team to beat Oklahoma, and be in contention for a national title. The answer is, "yes." Texas has quite possibly the best O-line in the country, and has possibly the best playmaker in Vince Young. (who broke my heart, and I will punch in the face and run if I ever meet him) Even with Cedric Benson gone, RB's Selvin Young and Romance Taylor are very talented, and Taylor is one of the fatsest players in the Big 12. Defensively, they lose their biggest playmaker Derrick Johnson (who, may I add was shut down in the Rose Bowl by Kevin Dudley except for one play which we won't talk about.) but still have two top prospects in DT Rodrique Wright, and SS Michael Huff. An early game against Ohio St. will be their toughest test this year.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Jon Scott OT

Oklahoma 9-2
Unless freshman QB Rhett Bomar steps up and has a "Chad Henne-esque" type season, Oklahoma will finish behind Texas in the Big 12 South. Adrian Peterson is still the best RB in college football, and a Heisman contednder, and Travis Wilson is a very solid WR. However, if they can't get consistent play from the quaterback positon, they will not have the same type of success they enjoyed the last two years. The defense will be happy to get back DT Dusty Dvoracek around the third or fourth game of the year, and senior CB Chijioke Onyenegecha could work his way into the 1st round with a good year, and sophmore Marcus Walker is a star in the making. Look for Oklahoma to lose a game to either UCLA or Texas Tech or Both this season.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Davin Joseph OG/OT

Texas Tech 8-3
Is there anything more fun than watching Texas Tech, that doesn't involve midget kangaroos? This year, they actually have a decent defense to go along with their number one rated passing attack. They also have a decent RB in Taurean Henderson, but the big star of the offense is junior WR Jarrett Hicks, who lead the Big 12 in receiving yards per game last season, and now has a better QB throwing to him in Cody Hodges. This team has the potential to possibly suprise Texas or Oklahoma, which would be a big boost to the program.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Jarrett Hicks WR* (Jr)

Texas A&M 7-4
Remember when a Young, fresh-faced Reggiem McNeal lead A&M to a win over Oklahoma? Well, what have you done for me lately, Reg? After pulling of a "Minnesota Vikings-like" slump at the end of last season, going 1-4 in the last five games, including a loss to Baylor.(read that again) This year, it all rests on Reggie McNeal's shoulders again, and the last 4 games of the season include home games against Iowa St. & Texas, as well as games at Oklahoma & Texas Tech.

Top NFL Draft Prospect- Reggie McNeal QB

Oklahoma State 5-6
One of the youngest teams in the nation, with a new coach, inconstistant QB play, and their RB left early for the draft. Certainly not a team that will contend for anything, but this team could be on the rise, and maybe even competing for a Big 12 title in a couple years. As for this season though, 5 or 6 wins seems to be the most they will do.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- D'Juan Woods WR* (Jr)

Baylor 2-9
The team will suck, but there are a couple of guys who could be draft picks. Junior RB Paul Mosley could be a sleeper pick next year, and JUCO All-American Matt Lott will be a decent mid-round pick next year, but their best player is their punter, and Ray Guy award winner Daniel Sepulveda. This year however, DE Montez Murphy is probably their best prospect. He doesn't always put up the best numbers, but he will impress scouts come work out time.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Montez Murphy DE

All Big 12 Team:
QB Vince Young Jr Texas
RB Adrian Peterson So Oklahoma
RB Stevie Hicks Jr Iowa St.
WR Jarrett Hicks Jr Texas A&M
WR Travis Wilson Sr Oklahoma
TE Matt Herian Sr Nebraska
OL Justin Blaylock Jr Texas
OL Tony Palmer Sr Missouri
OL Kirk Elder SO Texas A&M
OL Davin Joseph Sr Oklahoma
OL Jon Scott Sr Texas

DL Dusty Dvoracek Sr Oklahoma
DL Le Kevin Smith Sr Nebraska
DL Rodrique Wright Sr Texas
DL Xavier Lawson- Kennedy Jr Oklahoma St.
LB Aaron Harris Sr Texas
LB Rufus Alexander Jr Oklahoma
LB Nick Reid Sr Kansas
DB Charles Gordon Jr Kansas
DB Marcus Walker So Oklahoma
DB Michael Huff Sr Texas
DB Daniel Bullocks Sr Nebraska

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