Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

I have been probably the biggest (and maybe the only) Terrell Owens supporter around, and with that in mind, I'd like to say this:

"Go to hell, T.O"

And yes, it has gotten that serious. Philly fans open up their hearts for no one, but did for T.O. He was just as big as anyone in the city, minus Allen Iverson & maybe on par with Donovan.

We fell in love with T.O, and I'd thought T.O had fallen in love with us. When he caught that touchdown in that preseason game against the Ravens, it was the happiest moment I had since we beat the Bears in Chi-town. Imagine that, a TD in a preseason game has me in full "call everyone I know and scream" mode.

Then, he starts out the season with 3 TD's in a win over the Giants. Right then and there, he had won over Eagles fans.

Then, he got injured against the cowboys. He walked off the field, then just kind of brokedown in the tunnel, and had to be helped back to the locker room. That monday was the day of my midterms, and the whole time, I was on my cell phone looking for the results of his MRI. That's how much this guy meant to me and my team.

When I found out the injury is serious, I am devastated. I'm talking borderline, "My parents told me I am adopted" devastated.

Then comes the Super Bowl, and he played on a broken ankle. And, by golly, he played well! In fact, he was the bright spot of the game from an Eagles fans perspective.

Fast forward to now. Terrell Owens, after a summer-long contract dispute, and numerous cheapshots at Donovan McNabb and the Eagles organization, he has walked out of training camp, and quite frankly, I hope he keeps walking. Keeps walking until he meets up with a few Eagles fans who have pounded a few too many down, and gets what's coming to him.

I don't think T.O realizes what he has done. He angered the most volatile fan base in sports. And if he plays for the Eagles this year, he will be booed endlessly, and if he doesn't play for the Eagles this year... Well, I give him four to six months.


Anonymous said...

Uhm, the man deserves a new contract. "Austin Crocheure" or however u spell it, of the Indiana Pacers makes more money than him. Thats pathetic. He is the # 1 receiver in the NFL and should be making # 1 money. Don't hate the playa.

Creek! said...
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Creek! said...

That's the thing, I was one of the few people not "hating the playa" for so long.

I know he deserves more money, but that's not what this is about. He needs to behave like a grown man. It seems to me, he has trouble with the "team first" concept. (Wow, I sound like Mark Schlereth)

I'm not the type of person who will shout "shut up and play the game" when someone is outspoken. That's one of my favorite things about sports. But T.O has crossed the line of outspokenness, and is now in straight up jackass country.

If it were up to me, I would have gave him the money right after the season. He deserves it, but that's not how the Eagles work. I wouldn't have even minded if he held out. But the insulting of McNabb, crying on "The Big Idea With Johnny Doushe" (or whatever it's called) and his antisocial, "I come before the team" attitude is too much for me.

By the way, NBA players get bigger contracts than NFL players. The average NBA contract is 4.92 million per year in the NBA, and 1.25 million dollars is the average in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Well Creek, we all know damn well that if T.O would have simply just "held out" he would have been scrutinized just as much as he is now. People love to hate T.O, I think I'm one of his few fans. You know damn well that the media would have called him selfish and all the other things they call him if he would have held out AND shut his mouth, but if hes gonna hold out and get scrutinized he might as well hold out and get what he wants and say whats on his mind.

Creek! said...

Yes, if he holds out, that is true. But how is dropping insults about your QB, crying on TV (crying? c'mon now) and all his other hijinks helping his cause? T.O had Philly fans in the palm of his hand. Hell, I have 2 different T.O jerseys. If he just says he wants a new contract, you don't think Eagle fans wouldn't go along with this?

We know he's crazy, we know he's always looking out for number one. We knew that when we signed him, but we hoped winning would change that for him. But sadly, that was not to be.

wikkidpissah said...

i'm not one to automatically criticize individuality (tho i've often proclaimed that renegotiating contracts becomes OK the day after any player returns $$$ he didn't earn & not a day before)and have taken flak for a while for holding TO over Moss as the NFL's best receiver, but Owens' compensation for '05 is a direct result of his intractability with the Niners. There are values for catches, yards & touchdowns, but there is also negative value to poor teamsmanship, cooperation & morale. it appears more each day that, in that light, Terrell Owens is grossly overpaid. nufced.

mr ellipsis said...

In everyday professional jobs, people are evaluated on what they do AND how they do it. This is true of the performance appraisal system where I work, and as the Wik said, TO is getting what he gave.

It's not just about the catches, the yards and the scores. The top talent in any organization brings value in two ways:

- their own performance
- how they help those around them