Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Disclaimer: Headlines, breaking news, rumors, updates

I will be using my direct contacts and relative "insider" info (not trying to sound conceited in any way, that's just sort of what it is) throughout the season to bring you the quickest, fastest updates on any breaking injuries, transactions, news, etc that I possibly can.

Last year I was able to post on fanball several times before any websites or sports sites made things public like Leftwich's injury and Priest's injury. However, I want to place a disclaimer right now. Take everything I say at your own risk. Again, everything I place on this site will be something that I personally feel is reliable at about 98 percent and from someone in a very direct word of mouth, whether from a team official, from an "analyst" at ESPN before he goes on air, etc. There is ALWAYS a chance that what I post may turn out to be untrue or later corrected (as was the case with Leftwich's injury, I posted that he was out for the year. ESPN, Rototimes later reported the same thing, but then it turned out he only missed 3 weeks if I remember correctly.) I will do all that I can to post things promptly and quickly to this site, I just do not want to hear, or feel responsible, if someone takes my advice and then it turns out to be wrong later. If you are the type who wants a jump on your league's WW every Monday or ahead of the game for making trades, then listen to me. If you want absolute confirmation or PROOF of a newsstory, then you'll have to look elsewhere. That is the point of my role, you'll (hopefully) find out HERE the majority of the time BEFORE you hear it ANYWHERE else, so you won't be finding any confirmation online.

Regardless of timing, I will post what I hear, when I hear it and if I have time from work, hopefully a quick blurb on the significance or what it means for other fantasy players on the same team.

I hope you all enjoy this season and that my notes and breaking news helps you all win your league's respective trophies :)

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