Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Big East Breakdown:

Louisville's sophmore QB Brian Brohm is a star in the making

Louisville 11-0

A team has never had so much potential to ruin the BCS as we know it since it came into existence. And yes, it has me down right giddy. Think about it, Louisville is in its 1st year in a "BCS conference." So naturally, they won't be very respected by the other members of the conference, the writers, the media, and what have you. The only problem is, THEY'RE IN THE BIG EAST! The very same conference that just one year ago, had a team in the Fiesta Bowl with a 8-3 record & was stomped by Utah. Louisville is by far the best team in the Big East, and may win every game by at least 10 points. So what happens when they go undefeated? After all, they're in the Big East, a "BCS" conference. So they should be in the national title game, no? I'd bet everything on the fact that no matter how well they play, there is no way they even sniff a national title game.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Travis Leffew OT
Mammoth of a man, with plenty of experience. Will probably be in the mix around the mid to late 2nd round.

Pittsburgh 9-2

It seems a new trend may be starting in Pittsburgh. Rather than being good one year, than sucking for the next two, they may just be good the whole time. After the Rutherford/Fitzgerald era, it was almost certain that they would go back to sucking. Instead, we are now in the midst of the Palko/Lee era which has netted Pittsburgh a Big East title for the Panthers, with Palko being called one of the top junior QB's in the nation, and Greg Lee getting near as much hype as Larry Fitzgerald. Now they have Dave Wannstedt at the helm, and hope is abound in Pittburgh. (as opposed to when he was hired in Miami & everyone was like, "huh?") The defense is where Wannstedt will have to do his best job of coaching, as Pittsburgh had complete lapses of concentration at times last year. (38 points to Syracuse, Are you kidding me? 38 points to SYRACUSE?!?!) Wannstedt hopes to turn around the talented bunch led by linebackers H.B. Blades & Clint Session, cornerback Josh Lay, and defensive end J.J Horne.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Lee

Rutgers 7-4

Laughing stock no more! Welcome to respectability Rutgers, good to have you here. Why don't you go sit down on the couch over there next to Wyoming & Bowling Green. The passing game is borderline juggernaut, and match that with Mike Alstott clone Brian Leonard, and you've got one hell of an offense. The defense will be taken over by head coach Greg Schiano in hopes of turning them into a defense that doesn't over 34 points 7 times, like they did last season. So you Rutgers alumni rejoice, because even though you still live with your parents, and your life is a complete failure, your football team will be mediocre!
(PS- any Rutgers alumni who may or may not be reading this, and be my fathers boss, please disregard previous comment)

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Leonard

Syracuse 5-6

It's hard to imagine that this team was a Pitt loss away from being in a BCS bowl. They were 6-6 last year damnit! While they loss running back Walter Reyes, Damien Rhodes should fill in nicely.(considering Reyes was hurt for much of last year anyway) Syracuse ranked 78th in offense, and 101st in defense, so nothing special there. It just always seems like Syracuse wins one or two conference games that suprise everyone, so that's what I'm banking on this year. Plus, they play in the Big East. (noticing a trend here?)

Best NFL Draft Prospect- James Wyche DE
Has never really put up the numbers, but has the tools scouts drool over.

West Virginia 6-5

What may be the most depleted team in the nation after losing a starting quaterbacks, one of the nations most talents wide receivers, a early season heisman candidate at running back, and some guy named "Pacman," they face an up-hill struggle towards regaining a spot atop the Big East. There is also some buzz about running back Jason Colson (who was thought to be Kay-Jay Harris' replacement) being moved to wide receiver. In keeping with the Mountanieer tradition of having weird names for defensive players, the defense will be anchored by guys named Dingle, Dykes, Dee McCann and Boo McLee. Incoming freshman Mortty "anus-breath" Ivy, and kicker Pat "confined to a wheelchair" McAfee hope to be special teams producers as well.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Dan Mozes OG* (Jr)
One of the most underrated guards in the country. That could change if he does well at the combine next year.

Connecticut 5-6

With Dan Orlovsky gone, UConn will now turn into a running team. Cornell Brockington is the was the Big East's leading rusher last year as a sophmore, and he may not even be starting. This is all due to Terry Caulley who missed all of last year with a knee injury. Caulley is an explosive back, and is the most talented in the conference. (you heard me, Michael Bush) This team will start out strong, but late season games against Pitt & Louisville may knock them out of a bowl game.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Caulley

Cincinnati 2-9

Another team in the Big East who lost pretty much all of their talent. They only have three returning starters on each side of the ball. If it wasn't for games against Eastern Michigan & Western Carolina, this team would be in trouble of not winning a game at all. Any truth to the rumor that Bob Huggins will be coaching the football team too this year? I mean, he has been arrested for a DUI before, so he'd fit right in.

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Brent Celek TE* (Jr)
Good all-around player. Possible mid round pick next year.

South Florida 2-9

I have a serious problem here. Why the hell is The University of South Florida in Tampa?!?!? That's not in south Florida, It's in west Florida. What the hell are people thinking?

Best NFL Draft Prospect- Stephan Nicholas LB* (Jr)
The only good player on the defense. Has a nose for the ball.

All Big East Team:
QB Tyler Palko Jr Pittsburgh
RB Terry Caulley Jr UConn
RB Brian Leonard Jr Rutgers
WR Greg Lee Jr Pittsburgh
WR Broderick Clark Sr Louisville
TE Clark Harris Jr Rutgers
OL Travis Leffew Sr Louisville
OL Dan Mozes Jr West Virginia
OL Steve Franklin Sr Syracuse
OL John Glass Sr Rutgers
OL Charles Spencer Sr Pittsburgh

DL James Wyche Sr Syracuse
DL Adam Roberts Sr Cincinatti
DL Keilen Dykes So West Virginia
DL Elvis Dumervil Sr Louisville
LB Boo McLee Jr West Virginia
LB Stephan Nicholas Jr South Florida
LB H.B Blades Jr Pittsburgh
DB Jamile Addae Sr West Virginia
DB Josh Lay Sr Pittsburgh
DB Ron Girault So Rutgers
DB Mike Loerello Sr West Virginia

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