Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekly Mock

1. Houston- Reggie Bush RB USC
I doubt this changes. Unless a trade is made, Bush will be a Texan.

2. New Orleans- Matt Leinart QB USC
Same as above. Most likely won't change barring a trade. Leinart is still the best QB in the draft, and a better fit for New Orleans over Vince Young.

3. Tennessee- Vince Young QB Texas
I could see Cutler making his way to this spot after the combine perhaps, but for now, VY is still far ahead of Cutler.

4. New York Jets- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
Seems more and more likely to me they will make a deal. If not, I think they take either DeAngelo Williams, LenDale White, or Cutler (who isn't considering taking Cutler at this point? It's enough already with the Cutler. We're sick of Cutler.)

5. Green Bay- Mario Williams DE NC St.
Like I said last time, best defensive player in the draft, and GB needs to get the biggest playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

6. Oakland- A.J. Hawk LB Ohio St.
Next best defensive player, and can play either the 3-4, or 4-3. Has the speed Al Davis likes, plus has that "Raider look." (Reads: he's ugly.)

7. San Francisco- Michael Huff DB Texas
Can help with the '9ers secondary woes at either CB or safety. Will probably play CB early on for the '9ers, but should probably be moved to safety some point down the road.

8. Buffalo- D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia
Will be a top 5 pick,as someone will trade up for him, and that team could be Buffalo. In any case, they get him here at the #8 spot in this mock.

9. Detroit- Tamba Hali DE Penn St.
Climbing up boards, and fills a need. Detroit has been drafting offense for the last 4-5 years, and looks what it's gotten them. It's time to switch things up a little, and take a chance on a possible top pass rusher.

10. Arizona- Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
Don't think they'll draft a a RB in the 1st one year after taking one in the 2nd. They'll likely lose McCown to free agency, and it's a good time to get a young QB who can be your future.

11. St. Louis- Chad Greenway LB Iowa
The vets they brought in last year at LB didn't help, so they'll try through the draft. The secondary is a major need as well, so they could look there, and Vernon Davis is always an option for the TE loving Scott Linehan.

12. Cleveland- Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
Crennel gets his dominating NT to make is 3-4 a success.

13. Baltimore- LenDale White RB USC
With both Chester Taylor and Jamal Lewis possibly on their way out, they need a RB who is talented enough to replace them. Even if they keep one, White is used to splitting time. Just remember, the Ravens will take who they feel is the BPA.

14. Philadelphia- Winston Justice OT USC
Eagles will likely go BFPA (Best Fat Person Available). Reid loves the big OT, and both of ours will be gone in 2 years (Runyan possibly this year). I very seriously doubt we go WR.

15. Atlanta- Jimmy Williams DB Virginia
Was looking like a top 10 pick, but could fall even more. Especially, with a safety like Ko Simpson looming, who could work his way in the top 15 before it's all said and done.

16. Miami- Demeco Ryans LB Alabama
Looked kinda slow at the senior bowl, but could work in Saban's 3-4 as an ILB. Another team that I think will go for the best defensive guy on the board, and there's an SEC connection here as well.

17. Minnesota- Vernon Davis TE Maryland
Childress loved the TE in Philly. Wiggins is decent, but having Davis would open up things for Burleson, Williamson, and the Robinson boys. Daunte still needs a top receiving threat, and Davis is one.

18. Dallas- Manny Lawson DE/OLB NC St.
The need an OT more, but Many Lawson will be climbing up boards, and should solidify Parcell's front 7 in the 3-4.

19. San Diego- Jon Scott OT Texas
Had this pick penciled in as Ko Simpson, but after Scott's impressive showing at the senior bowl, and his ability to play both tackle spots, I think the Chargers fill their tackle need early on. Still about 50/50 with this pick though.

20. Kansas City- Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St.
They do need another defensive playmaker, but how much longer do they plan on trying to win the superbowl without a true #1 WR? New coach, possibly a new offensive strategy.

21. New England- Richard Marshall CB Fresno St.
Gotta love a good rumor. Sticking with the Hill-Belichick conspiracy theory.

22. Denver(f/Was)- Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
Will take the top defensive lineman (assuming Holmes isn't around). Kiwi's performacne against D'brick really hurt his stock.

23. Tampa Bay- Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
Pick will allow Anthony Davis to be moved to guard, and Sean Mahan to be moved back to center. Should improve the offensive line tremendously.

24. Cincinnati- Ko Simpson S South Carolina
I think his stock will rise, but for now, this is a good spot. I've heard that Cincy will likely go either TE or safety in the 1st, so Marcedes Lewis or 'Nique Byrd could be the pick as well.

25. New York Giants- Tye Hill CB Clemson
I'm liking this pick as of now. Hill is sounding like a sure 1st rounder, and the Giants need secondary help. I think he would get picked over Cromartie.

26. Chicago- Leonard Pope TE Georgia
Boring pick, but it does make sense. It would improve the red zone offense, and the passinggame overrall. Could see them going CB here though.

27. Carolina- Gabe Watson DT Michigan
Brenston Buckner will be retiring soon, and Jenkins is always hurt. Watson stock is rising, and seems like a great fit in the Panther's D.

28. Jacksonville- Antonio Cromartie CB FSU
Count on Del Rio to take a chance. He did it last year with MAtt Jones, and I wouldn't put it past him to take Cromartie, who would likely be a top 10 pick if he hadn't been injured.

29. Denver- Chad Jackson WR Florida
With Smith getting old, and Darius Watts sucking, they'll need a WR who can start sometime in the near future.

30. Indianapolis- Joseph Addai LSU
With it looking like Edge won't be back, Addai is a great fit to replace him, as he has speed, and is a good receiever. Although it may be tough to pass on defense with guys like Ernie sims and Thomas howard still around.

31. Seattle- Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio St.
They would rather get a DE, but the value at OLB is too great here for them to pass up on.

32. Pittsburgh- Martin Nance WR Miami (OH)
A hot rumor, not that I really like the pick. If they let Randel El go, I think Derek Hagan, or Sinorice Moss might be a better pick. Plus getting a versatile O-lineman like Davin Joseph wouldn't hurt.

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