Saturday, February 18, 2006

Creek's Week In Review


Carlos Boozer made his return to the court early this week. How much do you think he's regretting leaving Cleveland at this point? He's kind of like the bizzaro Art Modell. The sad part is, there's about a 100% chance he doesn't finish the season healthy either. I believe that's what the radioshow host/sports writer/douchebag types call "karma."

The Rockets traded Moochie Norris for Maciej Lampe. On this surface, this is very unimportant, but does anyone else remember when Lampe was drafted? He was supposed to be a sure top 15, and as he fell to the 2nd round, the Knick's faithful were actually chanting his name they wanted him so bad. Speaking of which, the Scott Layden era hardly seems that terrible nowadays.

The Spurs lost the last two games of a long road swing, however, that's not enough of a reason to lose to the Sixers. Believe me, Tim Duncan should have had a 30 point game, to go along with Nazr Mohammed's 18/20. I'm still pretty sure I imagined that game anyway.

Radmonovic for Wilcox... eh, whatever.

Steve Francis rumors abound, K-Mart being fined, Grant Hill coming back from an injury, Marcus Camby hurt... somethings never change.

The Darko experiment is officially over in Detroit. There were some good times, but in the end, the joke turned from funny to sad. Thank you, Darko. Thank you for filling the void left in our hearts by Ryan Leaf.

Just in case anyone cares, A.I.2, Andre Iguodala is my pick for the dunk contest. Yeah I'm a homer, so what?


Apparently Sammy Sosa is going to retire. I was never a big fan of Sammy to begin with. That whole, stupid runnig full speed out to your position thing always pissed me off. It reminds me of the kid on your little league team wth A.D.D. who was always doing crazy shit like that.

The Mets signed one of my favorite players of all time, Jose Lima. Just a whacky character that wouldn't function in society as anything but a baseball player. If someone acted like that at an office job they would be deemed "crazy" or "insane," but in baseball, it's perfectly acceptable. Remember his music video?

Kerry Wood is still alive.

Pedro got a new shoe. In a related story, my grandmother found her earing.

Ozzie Guillen made A-Rod and Nomaaahhh his bitch for pretending to care about Latin America. Guillen said they were hypocrites, and "just kissing latino people's asses." He later apologized, but you know what, he has a damn good point. Do you really think A-Rod was interested in playing for the Dominican team? Ozzie Guillen is just too real for MLB. It's ok Oz, some of us appriciate your outspokenness.

College BBall:

Eddie Sutton's a drunk old man. Instead of "off the wagon," can we use "fallen down the stairs" for him? Please?

Is it weird that I'm looking forward to a Bucknell/Northern Iowa game?

If I see one more story about Mike Davis, I'm going to hit Oprah with a tire iron.

That Villanova/UConn game was good fun. gotta love a Big 5 team taking out the #1 team in the country.

If Gonzaga wins the national championship this year, J.P. Batista will have to have as much to do with it as Adam Morrison.

St. Joesph's lost a terrible game to Temple. We should have sent in a goon. I'm telling you, it's a great idea. We send in Alvin Mofunanya with "Goon" taped over his name, and he just beats the crap out of people. It would work, people.


Peyton Manning threw 3 INTs in the Pro Bowl. Word is somebody told him the game meant something shortly before kickoff. BOOYAH!

Vikings defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell is being forced into retirement. Sad thing is, just 2or 3 years ago, he was at the top of that "coordinators whodeserve head coaching jobs" list. I don't want to turn this into a race issue, but this is a damn race issue. How can there be NO jobs for him now? Something here stinks.

Terrell Owens is still dead to me.

A.J Feely was signed to a two year deal by the Chargers. Monsterous cackeling could be heard throughout Philadelphia, directed towards South Beach.

Rumor Mill: John Abraham wants out of NY, Randel El is talking to Chicago, Cpep trade talks are heating up, Drew Brees could be leaving.

NFL Draft:

Vince Young isn't going to throw at the combine. Smart move, he's a top 5 pick now, and throwing would only hurt.

Gil Brandt released his player rankings. I always enjoy what he has to say, and he is one of the best judges of talent in the business.

Word is, that Houston Texans owner Bob McNair is the one who has the final say in who the Texans will be picking #1 overrall. He's said to love Reggie Bush.

Jay Cutler is the most overrated thing I've seen since Napolean Dynamit.- nufced

Ahmed Brooks has been kicked off the Virginia football team. Not sure what he'll do, or how this will affect hisdraft stock, but Virginia is going to be terrible next year.

Winter Olympics:
To be honst, I've watched hardly any. Other than the hockey, I could care less about the olympics. A bunch of skinny Russian girls with adam's apples skating around in sequence just doesn't intrest me for some reason. I heard someoneon the radio the other day spewing off about how not watching the olympic is un-American. If that's the case, then just call me Osama, because screw the olympics.


Whew-hew, it's racin' time again! Seriously though, I am turning into a fan of Nascar (which goes aginst all my principles,but it is entertaining. I think either Tony Stewart or Elliot Saddler will win Daytona, but I'll be rooting hard for Joe Nemecheck, who I may have to declare my favorite driver. I've been reading a lot of good things about newcomer Denny Hamlin, so there's a name to look out for.

Have fun watching the great American race this weekend, as well as whatever olympic events you might be tempted to tune into. I, of course, won't be caught watching the olympics this weekend, because THAT'S... how I roll.

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