Saturday, February 11, 2006

Welcome, Creepie

It is my pleasure to present to LOCKERROOM readers the first of our offseason guest columnists. Young Astrocreepbm is known to many Fanballers as a ferocious debater and the force behind many pointless, multi-page threads. As he said to me in his interview, "The best defense is to be offensive".

A little background on our new friend. Conceived in the upper deck of Cleveland's Municipal Stadium (his parents were actually up there not to watch the Indians game in progress but a fire on the lake, which Mrs. M found romantic), Creepie was raised with the solid foundation of hopeless fandom common to many residents of the Buckeye state. The turning point in his life was when he was 6yo and his parents, a barber and an explosives expert, accidently left him behind after a daytrip to the beach at Sandusky Point. It was there he witnessed his first drunken flag football game. He plays weekly to this day, but wears a beer hat as his helmet & has been known to burn many opponents during fumble recoveries with the cigarette ever present on his lip from whistle-to-whistle. Though employed full-time as a maker of Quaker furniture in Shaker Heights, he is quite welcome among our ranks as well.

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