Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fantasy College Football Drafts

Intrepid roving Locker Room reporter Archer here, going to every frat house rush party and sorority house panty raid from the campuses of the Gravediggers from Berry U. in Mt. Berry, GA. (okay they're really a College and not a University and their mascot is the Vikings, but why? There are no Vikings in Georgia, they all settled in Minnesota so they can ice fish and drink beer year round.)

Where was I anyway? Oh yeah.... to boldly go where no 40+ year old man has gone before. Back to college! After waking up three weeks later in a frat house bathroom with a toilet plunger gently positioned between my two exposed buttcheeks, I have survived the endless summer partying and retreived the information I went in search for; which college has the best fantasy football players! Everything was written down perfectly I remember, but it was on a roll of toilet paper that mysteriously dissappeared while I was passed out.

Fortunately, I have managed to remember some of my findings in the workable half of the neural pathways unaffected by the mass genocide of brain cells, so let's roll without any further delay.

Top QB's
1. Notre Dame - Brady Quinn Sr.

Excellent tutelage under Weiss and a #1 WR that he has chemistry with

2. Hawaii - Colt Brennan Jr.

Think Colt 45 gunslinger... The Rainbow Warriors are a pass happy bunch and Chang was breaking all kinds of records last year, but this kid is even bigger and better.

3. Ohio State - Troy Smith Sr.
Very Vince Young-esque in the fact that he doesn't shrink from the responsibilities of completely carrying his team to victory week after week. He's not afraid to tuck the ball down and run it either.

4. Michigan State - Drew Stanton Sr.

This guy can win games, but like Favre, if he gets too excited he can make bad decisions, too. Good runner, accurate passer.... this is his last year to make the pro scouts salivate and I don't think he'll disappoint.

5. Arizona State - Sam Keller Sr.

On his way to a 3000+ yard and 30+ TD's season last year, but an injury mid-season in the Stanford game put a halt to those kind of numbers. He's got a quick arm and good targets to throw to. The PAC-10 passing title is his this year if he stays healthy.

EDIT: Rudy Carpenter the Sophomore QB has won this starting job, and I know that will knock ASU QB rank down a little, but I think s switch with MSU is all I'll do.

Rounding out the top 10...

6. Louisville - Brian Brohm Jr.
7. Florida State - Drew Weatherford So.
8. Florida - Chris Leak Jr.
9. USC - John David Booty Jr.
10.Iowa - Drew Tate Sr.

On the bubble honorable mentions:
Pat White So. (West Virginia) Zac Taylor Sr. (Nebraska) JaMarcus Russell Jr. (LSU) Brian Johnson Jr. (Utah) Jordan Palmer Sr. (UTEP)

Top WR's
1. USC - Dwayne Jarrett Jr.

The WR corp at 'SC seems like an endless pool of talent every year and the tandem of Smith & Jarrett is one of the main reasons why Booty is a top 10 QB candidate. Of course he has to have some skill to get the ball in the air, but with these guys on the other end... it makes his job look so much easier.

2. Notre Dame - Jeff Samardzija Sr.

With a WR style reminiscent of Steve Largent this guy is a big target for Qiunn to rely on again this year.

3. Washington State - Jason Hill Sr.

A very consistent performer with big game potential. Averaged 17.2 yards per catch last year and should be in that neighborhood again this year. Good hands and concentration around the goal line.

4. Texas Tech - Jarrett Hicks Sr.

Very dangerous speedster out of the slot. Texas Tech has been churning out top notch QB-WR's from the Big XII for the length of Leach's tenure.

5. Ohio State - Ted Ginn Jr. Jr.

Had a very slow start last year, but blossomed late and should pick up the '06 season where he left off last year. He needs to be an early presence this year to take some of the pressure off Troy.

Rounding out the Top ten....

6. USC - Steve Smith (take2) Sr.
7. Hawaii - Davone Bess So.
8. Georgia Tech - Calvin Johnson Jr.
9. Louisville - Mario Urrutia So.
10. LSU - Dwayne Bowe Sr.

On the bubble honorable mentions:

Dorien Bryant Jr. (Purdue) James Hardy So. (Indiana) DeSean Jackson So. (California) D'Juan Woods Sr. (Oklahoma State)

Top RB's

1. Oklahoma - Adrian Peterson Jr.

Despite fighting injuries the majority of last season and suffering along with the rest of the youthful Sooner offense in their learning curve, the expectations on Adrian this year are still very high. This offense will rely heavily on his leadership this year.

2. Louisville - Michael Bush Sr.

Also a key component to the success of the Cardinals this year, Bush is a punishing force when he hits the hole. Unless he battles injuries this year, he is a top Pro prospect.

3. Texas - Jamaal Charles So.

Despite his youth, he has a mature vision of a veteran RB and has the quick feet to slash and dash around the corners. His talent was over-shadowed by Young last year, but this offense will depend on him for it's success this year.

4. Auburn - Kenny Irons Sr.

Another RB out of Running Back U. He is not the big power back like some of Auburn's more notable RB's of the past, but he has a great nose to find the open field.

5. Northern Illinois - Garrett Wolfe Sr.

This kid is lightning in a bottle, and doesn't get much national exposure sense he's in a smaller school. He's a very small, but quick runner and put up very respectable numbers last year with 6.5 ypc, almost 1,600 yards all season and 17 trips to paydirt.

Rounding out the top ten....

6. West Virginia - Steve Slaton So.
7. Northwestern - Tyrrell Sutton So.
8. California - Marshawn Lynch Jr.
9. Iowa - Albert Young Jr.
10. Notre Dame - Darius Walker Jr.

On the bubble honorable mentions:

Ken Darby Sr. (Alabama) Darren McFadden So. (Arkansas) Yvenson Bernard Jr. (Oregon State) Antonio Pittman Jr. (Ohio State) Jamario Thomas Jr. (North Texas State)

Top TE's

1. Arizona State - Zach Miller Jr.

Big reliable target for Keller underneath and an exceptional blocker.

2. Missouri - Chas Coffman So.

The Tigers have two quality TE's this year and they both figure to be prominent in their passing offense. Although Coffman is the youngest, he is a notch above Rucker the Jr. TE.

3. U of Miami, Fla - Greg Olsen Jr.

Clutch receiver and #1 option for short pass 3rd down plays. With all the problems the Hurricane is having with their WR's it looks like Olsen will be their #1 go-to guy this year.

4. Rutgers - Clark Harris Sr.

At 6'6" 255 pounds, Clark is one big Scarlet Knight! Smart player with soft hands and good vision to add yards after the catch.

5. BYU - Johnny Harline Sr.

This is a TE capable of putting up nearly 900 yards this season, which is more like WR numbers. He also runs routes out of the Y slot, so he figures to be an important piece in the Cougar aerial attack.

Top K's

1. Colorado - Mason Crosby Sr.

I'm thinking his success is similar to Elam's in the pros.... the air is thinner up there and balls just seem to travel much further with less effort.

2. Oregon State - Alexis Serna Jr.

Has a very decent chance of 40+ PAT's and 25-28 or so FG's.

3. Iowa - Kyle Schlicher Sr.

This is the kind of kicker you want in the big game when you want a last second winning FG, and I will wager that his leg will be a factor in one of the major Big X contests this year.

4. Georgia - Brandon Couto Jr.

Brandon led the SEC in scoring last year, and should have plenty of opportunities to score around 115 points again this year. He's got a good distance leg, too for 40+ yd FG's.

5. Virginia Tech - Brandon Pace Sr.

This guys isn't in the top 5 in many college fantasy sites, but I just like the VT gritty offense and a good Stover-esque style kicker that just gets the job done is always a good quality to have on your fantasy team.

Top DEF's*

1. Penn State
2. Oklahoma
3. Arkansas
4. Mississippi
5. Texas A&M
6. Florida State
7. Wisconsin
8. Virginia Tech
9. Pittsburgh
10. S. Florida

* It's hard to find any D/ST rankings without really digging for them, I am basing these rankings mainly on the ranking of team LB's which is not without the possibility of error, but a good indication of team defense strength nonetheless.

Hopefully, this list will help you prepare for your upcoming College Fantasy Football draft. Throughout the season I will be playing in three college leagues and I'll give a little summary of the weeks highs and lows on my three teams, along with any waiver wire moves I make. We're a little over a week away from the opening weekend.... good luck to everyone.


Creek! said...

Replace Keller with Rudy Carpenter-- he was announced as ASU starter.

Archer said...

How do you like them Apples. Nebraska gets a hell of a QB next year if those rumors are true.... and Rudy gets an early shot.

Anonymous said...

Mason Crosby is THE SHIT. Look for him in a Broncos uni next year. Both him and Elam can kick anywhere in the country, not just at altitude. Best college kicker I have seen since Karlis.