Sunday, April 23, 2006

NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

Will post more throughout the week.

1. Vince Young Texas (Jr)*
Height: 6'5" 229
Weight: 229
40 Time: 4.48
Best Case Scenario: Is the next Randall Cunningham
Worst Case Scenario: Is the next Quincy Carter
Possible Destination: (1st round) Houston, Tennessee, Oakland, Arizona, St. Louis, Minnesota

2. Matt Leinart USC
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 223
40 Time: 4.90
Best Case Scenario: A team doesn't build around him, but uses him as a big threat in a talented offense.
Worst Case Senario: Someone picks him early thinking he's going to solve their problems immediately, and he faulters.
Possible Destination: (1st round) New Orleans, Tennessee, NYJets, Oakland, Arizona, St. Louis

3. Jay Cutler Vanderbilt
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 226
40 Time: 4.77
Best Case Scenario: Turns out all the hype was real, and he's a pro bowler.
Worst Case Senario: Goes alongside fellow highly drafted SEC QB's Heath Shuler, Tim Couch, and Quincy Carter (not a good sign to be used as a comparison in two worst case scenarios) as busts.
Possible Destination: (1st round) Tennessee, NY Jets, Oakland, Arizona, St. Louis, Minnesota

4. Brodie Croyle Alabama
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205
40 Time: 4.88
Best Case Scenario: Is a rich man's Marc Bulger.
Worst Case Senario: Trend of him having trouble staying healthy continues.
Possible Destination: (2nd-4th round) Miami, Kansas City, NY Jets

5. Charlie Whitehurst Clemson
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 223
40 Time: 4.75
Best Case Scenario: Has a solid career, starting, and not making many mistakes.
Worst Case Senario: Is as unpredicatable game-to-game as he was in college.
Possible Destination: Miami, Minnesota,

6. Kellen Clemens Oregon
7. Omar Jacobs BGSU (Jr)*
8. Bruce Gradkowski Toledo
9. Marcus Vick Virginia Tech (Jr)*
10. Justin Holland Colorado St.
11. Darrell Hackney UAB
12. Brett Basanez Northwestern
13. Paul Pinegar Fresno St.
14. Tavaris Jackson Alabama St.
15. Drew Olson UCLA
16. Barrick Nealy Texas State
17. Erik Meyer Estern Washington
18. D.J Shockley Georgia
19. Reggie McNeal Texas A&M
20. Brad Smith Missouri
21. Michael Robinson Penn St.
22. Ryan Hart Rutgers
23. Brandon Kirsch QB Purdue
24. Joel Klatt Colorado
25. Cody Hodges Texas Tech
26. Ingle Martin Furman
27. Corey Bramlet Wyoming
28. Dustin Almond Southern Miss
29. Bruce Eugene Grambling
30. Josh Betts Miami
31. Kent Smith Central Michigan
32. Brett Elliot Linfield


wikkidpissah said...

i dont think you've reeeally done your homework, or mebbe u just a hatah, but no WAY should joel klatt be ranked @ #24 among qb's. he's no worse than #22 & you KNOW IT!! in fact, he could be the next quincy carter!

JJ4Sonora said...

I agree with wikki.
But thank you for trying. The blog world is terribly weak on this subject at the moment.
I"m a Texas Longhorn through and through. With that said, Vince Young as a "best case scenario" in 3 years may be putting someone in the SuperBowl. He's the real deal.