Thursday, April 27, 2006

NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

1. A.J Hawk Ohio St
Height: 6'1
Weight: 248
40 Time: 4.59
Best Case Scenario: Calls off the wedding, and finds someone else.
Worst Case Scenario: Married to a horse for the next 40 years.
Possible Destination: New Orleans, Green Bay, San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit

2. DeMeco Ryans Alabama
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 236
40 Time: 4.65
Best Case Scenario: Shuts up all who bashed him for poor workouts, and shows what matters is performance on the field.
Worst Case Scenario: Is just average. Not a 1st day value.
Possible Destination:(1st-2nd round) NY Giants, Carolina, New Orleans, Arizona, Philadelphia, St. Louis

3. Chad Greenway Iowa
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 242
40 Time: 4.76
Best Case Scenario: Can add some bulk, and is a great player.
Worst Case Scenario: Doesn't get bigger, and his team regrets not taking someone else in a loaded LB class.
Possible Destination:(1st round) St. Louis, Philadelphia, Miami, Minnesota, Dallas, New England, San Francisco, NY Giants, Jacksonville

4. Ernie Sims FSU (Jr)*
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 231
40 Time: 4.50
Best Case Scenario: Small stature is covered up by his effort and speed.
Worst Case Scenario: Too small to work well in the defense he's drafted into.
Possible Destination:(1st round) Detroit, Arizona, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Miami, Minnesota

5. Thomas Howard UTEP
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 239
40 Time: 4.42
Best Case Scenario: Is a superfreak!
Worst Case Scenario: Doesn't get it, and is just a strong, fast waste of space.
Possible Destination:(1st-2nd round) New England, San Francisco, NY Giants, Carolina, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Indianapolis, Oakland, Baltimore

6. Bobby Carpenter Ohio State
7. Spencer Havner UCLA
8. Rocky McIntosh Miami
9. Terna Nande Miami(OH)
10. Jon Alston Stanford
11. A.J Nicholson FSU
12. Omar Gaither Tennessee
13. Will Derting Washington State
14. Clint Ingram Oklahoma
15. Stephen Tulloch NC State (Jr)*
16. Jamar Williams Arizona St.
17. Travis Williams Auburn
18. Brian Iwuh Colorado
19. Spencer Toone Utah
20. Cameron Vaughn LSU
21. Keith Ellison Oregon St.
22. Pierre Woods Michigan
23. William Kershaw Maryland
24. Brandon Johnson Louisville
25. Moses Osemwegie Vanderbilt

1. Abdul Hodge Iowa (a guy I have as a 1st round talent. Likely will go in the 2nd or 3rd though)
2. D'Qwell Jackson Maryland (probably 3rd best college LB in the draft after Ryans and Hawk last year)
3. Gerris Wilkerson Georgia Tech (very versitile. Plays all LB spots well)
4. Leon Williams Miami (Miami LB's are always good)
5. Anthony Schlegel Ohio St. (overshadowed by Hawk & Carpenter. Still very good)
6. Freddy Keiaho SDSU
7. Kai Parmah Virginia (Jr)*
8. Dale Robinson Arizona St.
9. Tim McGarigle Northwestern
10. Freddie Roach Alabama
11. Justin London UCLA
12. Tim Robbins Iowa St.
13. Aaron Harris Texas
14. Oliver Hoyte NC State
15. Trent Bray Oregon St.
16. Kevin Simon Tennessee
17. John Syptak Rice
18. Jimmy Cotrell New Mexico St.
19. Nick Reid Kansas
20. Chad Anderson Kentucky
21. Richardo Hurley South Carolina

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