Friday, April 14, 2006

JBond/Creek joint 1st round mock

JBond had odds, and I had evens.

1. Houston Texans-Reggie Bush RB/USC

I think the Texans will take Bush and not Mario here. Though they seem to like Williams, Bush is an explosive player, they need the cash that he will bring in, and he fits perfectly with Kubiak's system. I think he could be a BEAST in that system and really put the Texans on the map.

2. New Orleans Saints- Mario Williams DE NC State

The closer we get to the draft, the more and more it seems the Saints will trade out of this pick. If they stay here, every indication has been that they will pick Williams. After finishing near last in the league in team sacks, Mario would certainly help add more of a pass rush.

3. Tennessee Titans-Vince Young QB/Texas

Personally, I’d pick Leinart, but if it makes sense for a team to take Vince, it is the Titans. They can keep Volek and McNair, and groom Young for a year or two until McNair retires and Volek’s contract runs out. Then, he will come in, and I think be a near clone of McNair with a little more rushing ability. He has such physical talents and his arm can develop with Norm Chow there helping him along. It is a good fit, and one that makes sense.

Would I take him though over Leinart? Not a chance. That being said, the Titans GM may, and he has the decision.

4. New York Jets- Matt Leinart QB USC

Already JBond is leaving me out to dry with the tough picks. I think that, while most of us have D'Brick rated higher, the Jets won't pass on the Leinart. If it were down to VY or Cutler, I could see them going with Ferguson here. But let's face it, Patrick Ramsey isn't the answer. Unless the question was "who did the Jets bring in to not be their future QB."

5. Green Bay Packers-AJ Hawk LB/Ohio State

I’m not so sure Lavar will be joining a team with such uncertainty. Hawks apparently is very high on the list for Green Bay, and if Mario Williams isn’t there, I am hard-pressed to imagine the Packers going anywhere else with this pick. Obviously, a lot hinges on the Arrington signing and where he ends up, but if it is not Green Bay, grabbing one of their starting Lbs now is key and needed.

And with Hawk’s recent engagement, he is apart of the best looking couple ever. If there was ever a porno I’d buy, it would be Hawk/Quinn's sister/horse.

6. San Francisco 49ers- Vernon Davis TE Maryland

I think this is where Denver would move up to, but if they did this would still be the pick (although with D'Brick still there, someone else could look to move up. Buffalo maybe?). San Fran got rid of Brandon Lloyd and Rashaun Woods (not that he played much anyway though) so they will need someone on the team capable of catching passes. Davis certainly fits the bill.

7. Oakland Raiders-Haloti Ngata DT/Oregon

As creek mentioned, someone would have traded up for D’Brick by now (Buffalo or
Phili is my guess). So, don’t go bitching about him falling. The right teams will get the right players, don’t worry.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve studied up on Al Davis’ drafts. Though I haven’t perfected that art, I know he goes two ways. Either a workout warrior (see Fabian Washington,) or a man in the trenches (see Robert Gallery). If you want more examples, I have them. So, it looks to me like Ngata is the guy.

8. Buffalo Bills- D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia

D'Brick will be a top 6 pick, there is no doubt in my mind about that. If the Saints, and Jets pass up on him, the Bills will trade up to get him (Philly really doesn't have the pieces to move up). If D'Brick is gone, I think either Bunkley or Huff is the pick, but in this case, the Bills get lucky, and D'Brick falls to them.

9. Detroit Lions-Michael Huff DB/Texas

Matt Millen is a douche, I said it. He takes the BPA. Right now, that would be one of four guys:

1. DeAngelo Williams-Why the hell not? We can have 3 first round Wrs, 2 first round Rbs, bring back Harrington for a first round QB and still have absolute crap on the field. Thank you Matt Millen.
2. Winston Justice-He’s big, he’s strong, he’s from USC. Oh wait, that was Mike Williams
3. Jay Cutler-And the biggest need for this time is: Another QB who plays like Kyle Boller!
4. Michael Huff-He is a position of sort of need, he can play many things, is a hard hitter. Hmmm….maybe Millen makes a good decision?

10. Arizona Cardinals- Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt

With the other 2 QBs off the board (especially Vince Young... especially) the Cards take Cutler. I'm not buying all the "Cutler will fall to #17" speculation, I think he goes #11 at worst. With the Edge signing and Vernon Davis off the board, the Cards best bet is with Cutler.

11. St. Louis Rams-Tye Hill CB/Clemson

It was really down between Bunks and Hill here. I think with them getting Glover for the middle, they will go with Hill. Hill has the speed and aggressiveness to be a real factor and a shut down corner in this league. If Haslett wants to get his defense rolling, Hill is a great way to start. If Linehan wants to *********** the bed, he’ll take Cutler or something.

12. Cleveland Browns- Kamerion Wimbley DE/OLB/Wine Enthusiast FSU

I have narrowed it down to the Browns either picking Ngata or Wimbley. And with Ngata off the board, this certainly narrows it down. We all have heard that the Browns really like Wimbley, and I think they like him enough to take him over Bunkley.

13. Baltimore Ravens-Brodrick Bunkley DT/Florida State

Bunks and Justice at 13? It could happen, there is just so much talent in the top 12 spots of this draft. I really don’t think anyone can spell Brodrick’s name right though, even google f’s it up big time.

The Ravens need trench help. So, they could take either Bunks or Justice here. I think the team sees DT as more of a glaring hole though, and they seem to really like Bunkley. Damn, maybe I actually do wish he’d go to Cleveland. He’d be much less of a factor there…

14. Philadelphia Eagles- Winston Justice OT USC

Apparently this is the guy we want. I could see us trading up for him, but we get him here without. This could allow Andrews to stay inside at guard, and having Herremans at one tackle with Justice at the other. A lot of possibilities. And remember, Andy loves fat guys. Loves them.

15. Denver Broncos (f/ ATL)-Chad Jackson WR/Florida

I really think Denver moves up to 15 to either get Chad or package and move up for someone (well at least creek thinks that. He will cry when they don’t trade up for Vernon Davis. All you Broncos fans criticize him…NOW!)

Jackson is a Florida WR. Shanny isn’t the best judge of Wrs IMO. Can you say SWING and miss?

16. Miami Dolphins- Donte Whitner DB (No college) ; )

Dolphins should look secondary. I feel it was their biggest weakness last year (bigger than o-line), and they were forced to blitz more often to cover up for their secondary. Whitner is a great safety, and could maybe even play some CB if needed.

17. Minnesota Vikings-Ernie Sims LB/Florida State

Ultimately, if no QB is available, this has to be the guy Minny is targeting. He seems like he could be one of those players who does really good, then Chris Berman has a story about him and how his coaches and people said he never could make it as a football player, but he did and now he is solid. Then, by the end, you just want to kill Chris Berman, but you love Ernie Sims. I love Ernie Sims.

18. Dallas Cowboys- Chad Greenway LB Iowa

I got into a lengthy discussion about this pick before witha cowboys "insider", and while he feels (and I kind of do) the pick will be Bobby Carpenter, I've decided to shake things up a bit here with Greenway and see how it goes. They'll have to coach him up a bit, but it should definately bolster their already stellar defense.

19. San Diego Chargers-Jimmy Williams DB/Virginia Tech

Jason Allen or Jimmy Williams? San Diego is obviously looking for someone in the secondary. People always *********** at me because San Diego doesn’t take guys with character concerns. I just ask them if that is because of the pain Ryan Leaf caused them.

Williams just had a bad interview in sorts. He’s had no off the field issues, and he can play corner or S, two positions the Chargers need. It seems perfect in my opinion. He is a premium talent and should be talked about if he falls this far.

20. Kansas City Chiefs- Santonio Holmes WR Clown College

Damn, the guy I wanted for the Chiefs picked before me. Looks like KC will have to settle for the #1 WR in the draft (but certainly not the #1 WR in our hearts). Jason Allen would be an interesting pick here, but with conflicting reports about the results of his physicals, I'll hold off on him for now. KC has needed a big play WR for a while to take the pressure of the run game and Tony Gonzalez.

21. New England Patriots-DeAngelo Williams RB/Memphis

When Billy picked Watson over Troupe and Mankins over everyone else who was actually half decent, we all thought he was crazy. Then they were good and the people they were picked over sucked, and we thought he was a genius. Now, we all think he’ll pick Marshall the same way.

Bill is a genius, just as much as Quentin Tarantino is a genius. So, every three years or so, he will make the value pick and that guy still will be good. This year, he picks DeAngelo. If he does, that offense looks a helluva lot better.

22. Denver Broncos- Jason Allen DB Tennessee

This is a good fit for Allen. He doesn't have to play right away, but Lynch will be ready to hang them up soon, and Allen would be a suitable replacement.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Marcus McNeil OT/Auburn

I had a dream two nights ago. It was about the draft. It was all cracked out with weird people going to weird teams. But, anytime I have this dream, McNeil is a Buc. I see it and it’s him in the uniform, and he’s blocking for Cadillac. God is telling me this, he is.

24. Cincinnati Bengals- Eric Winston OT Miami

It seems either one, or both of Cincy's tackles will be gone after this year. Winston could come in, and anchor the line for the next 10 years. I have Winston as one of the top 10 players in the draft, and this would be an absolute steal.

25. New York Giants-Demeco Ryans LB/Alabama

Once again, I’m pegging them not to get Lavar. I think Ryans is a good fit for New York as their LB, seeing as they had major problems at that position last year. I don’t really think that they can afford that. Demeco is a good talent, and he should be in round one due to work ethic and all around player that he is. He seems to me to be a Coughlin type of guy.

26. Chicago Bears- Leonard Pope TE Georgia

And I REALLY wanted to take a CB here, but the Bears need to improve that pass game. Upgrading at tight end is a great way to start. It gives the QB a security blanket, and can eventually lead to WR's being open down field more often

27. Carolina Panthers-Bobby Carpenter LB/Ohio State

Now, the question becomes, do the Panthers take White with the new info about his torn hamstring. Do they really need another injury prone back? Had that information not gotten out, I would have picked him here. But, since Carpenter can play all three LB positions, he’d be a good choice here IMO. Oh well, we’ll see.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- Thomas Howard LB UTEP

They need someone to come in and start at outside linebacker, and Thomas Howard is a guy they've been rumored to like. Very athletic guy who will fit in great in Jacksonville's D.

29. New York Jets-Jonathan Joseph CB/South Carolina

With Carpenter gone, and the signing of their new C, I think CB isn’t out of the relm of possibility. I have Joseph penned just above Cromartie because of his production, but it could go either way. No O-line provides value here. They can get Scott in the 2nd or something.

30. Indianapolis Colts- Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota

I think Addai is a better fit, but I remember Indy liking Maroney as far back as Minnesota's bowl game, which some of the Colt's staff attended to scout Maroney. They should take a RB here regardless of whom.

31. Seattle Seahawks-Antonio Cromartie CB/Florida State

I usually give Seattle Kiwi here. But, with Cromartie perking back up, I think they could take him. They literally have no good nickel corner, and I’m not a big fan of Kelly Herndon. If you just want to replace this pick with Kiwi, go ahead, I won’t be the thought police...

32. Pittsburgh Steelers- LenDale White RB USC

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