Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NCAA Tourney Picks

For my intro, I wanted to comment that this week the record was shattered for most columns starting "It's that time of year again." Yeah, it is that time of year again, time for grown men to gamble their family's future away on their "sure bet" 12 beating a 5. It's time for young men to crumble under the pressure of a national audience, and make them hate the game they've been playing since childhood. Oh yes, it's like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Bob Hope's birthday all rolled into one! Anyway, onto the picks:

Atlanta Region:

Duke over Southern easy.

G-Dub isn't really that good (or at least didn't look it against St. Joes). I'm guessing Pops won't play, or play very little, but it isn't a huge loss for them. With or without Pops, I like N.C. Wilimington.

'Cuse continues their winning ways in a tough matchup against the Aggies. Syracuse could be in for a run ala Michigan St. last year. Seeded the same as they were too.

I like LSU for their frontcourt, and I don't know much about Iona. Haven't seen this as an upset special by too many experts.

Southern Illinois is very good defensively, and I wouldn't be at all suprised if they won. Howver, I like WVU's experience from last year, and they're a good shooting team. Plus someone has to get Pittsnoggled in the tourney, or I quit.

I've been a big Iowa fan this year. They have a sketchy past in the tourney though, something to be weary of.

Cal's overrated, and NC State finished the season horribly. You're telling me we couldn't let St. Joes in over one of these two? Whatever, I'll go with Cal.

Texas over them crackers at Penn.

2nd Round:

Duke keeps on rollin'. I can't envision a scenario where they won't make it to the final four. Unless....

"Without Gerry McNamara we wouldn't have won 10 fucking games this year!" Not going to pick against 'Cuse just yet....

Iowa vs WVU should be a very exciting game, but like I said, I'm high on Iowa this year. (and drugs.... lotsa drugs)

Texas shouldn't have any problem with either Cal or NC State.

3rd round:

Unless of course Duke were to go against Syracuse. Hear me out, Duke was dropped by #5 seed Michigan St. last year, and I have already deemed 'Cuse this years Michigan St., so why not? The Orange advance to the elite 8.

A game I'm looking forward to is a possible Iowa/Texas matchup. As much as I like Iowa, Texas has all the tools to get to the final four. I don't even like Texas, but they got a good draw.

Who Advances:


I don't know why I think 'Cuse is good enough to beat Duke, but not Texas. All I can say, is that March is the one time where you always want to go with your gut. Otherwise, it's not nearly as much fun.


Some people like Oral Roberts as a possible OMG MEGA SUPER UPSET, but I the only way they could pull off an upset, it if the combined rosters with their sister school to the south. Maybe you've heard of them, Anal Roberts. Memphis wins.

Arkansas is a damn good team. Bucknell got a higher seed than they should have because of their win last year against Kansas.

Pitt had just the opposite happen to them. I thought they would be a higher seed.

Most popular upset pick is SDSU over Indiana. It's popular for a reason.

The Zags have been stumbling as of late, but Xavier's luck ran out when the beat St. Joes. Which never really happened.

I don't know one players name on Marquette, but feel they'll go on a run. How's that for analysis?!

UCLA < Belmont

2nd Round:

Having some trouble deciding between Arkansas or Memphis. Will be a close game, and I've read so many "Darius Washington making up for last year" articles, I'm starting to think he will. The pick is Memphis

Kansas over Pitt inwhat may be the best game of the tourney. Should be a dandy.

Zags STILL not ready to bow out. Morrison will be tough to beat from this point on.

Marquette over UCLA. Just for the shits and giggles.

3rd round:

Kansas takes out the #1 seed. I hate to take teams all of the "experts" like, but I can't resist this team.

I know what you're thinking, "Is he really going to take a team he knows hardly anythiong about over a powerhouse like Gonzaga?" Hell yes. Marquette to win.

Who Advances:


Like I said, I'm really loving this team. And I love theidea of a Texas/Kansas rematch in the final four.

Washinton Region:

Time to speed up the picks. Losing intrest in typing!

UCONN over Albany

UAB over UK

UTAH ST. over Washington (needed a 12 over 5 pick)

ILLINOIS, MICH ST, UNC all win. No suprises there.

WICHITA ST. over a Seton Hall team that keeps reminding people they play in the Big East. We know. You still suck.

Wouldbe pretty funny if winthrop beat UT, but it ain't happenin'.

2nd round:

UCONN, ILLINOIS, UNC, and WICHITA ST. all advance.

3rd round:

Look, UConn is going to win this bracket. They'rebetter than everybody, and they're coached well. Illinois isn't talented enough, and this UNC team is a bit of an enigma. If UCONN doesn't make the final four, I'll eat my hat. They advance.

Minny Region:

1st Round:

Possible cinderellas Northern Iowa and Nevada (yes they still count) both win their 1st round games.

'Nova, tOSU, Florida, and BC all advance.

Wisconsin is a lock over 'Zona in the 8/9 game.

Bot a big Okie fan. Wisc-Mil proved they can hang with the big boys last year.

2nd round:

'Nova won't go down that easy. Wisconsin gets crushed.

BC wins a close one over Nevada. Nevada was my original pick here, I may regret changing it.

Florida over Wisc-Mil in a squash.

Northern Iowa suprises tOSU as the start, but tOSU manages to skate by with a win.

3rd round:

BC pulls the upset over Villanova. Too bad Sumpter got hurt to start the year, or 'Nova is my pick to win it all.

tOSU over Florida.

Who Advances:

BC suprises most (including me) and comes out on top. Their reward: facing UCONN in their next game. congrats.


UCONN over BC and Kansas over Texas in the rematch, with UCONN winning the title game. I know, lame pick, but it's true, they're that damn good. And what are you complaining about, it's that time of the year again. So be quiet, sit back, get fat, and watch some basketball with me because THAT'S... How I roll.

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Professor Ellis D Trails said...

kansas huh, and UNC I had them both out by sweet 16. I got UCONN over Duk in the final