Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mock 'em out the box, Creek. Mock 'em out.

1 Houston- Reggier Bush RB USC
Seems less likely they will trade back as the draft gets closer. They still could, but I think they've settled on Bush as their guy. It's still not the smartest pick, but by drafting him, not only do you get a pro bowl running back, but you keep one away from every other team in the league. Does that make sense? I didn't think so.

2 New Orleans- Matt Leinart QB USC
The Saints don't need a project like Vince Young at QB. With all the offensive talent they have, bringing in the most NFL ready QB in the draft (and the best for that matter) may be able to get them over the hump to get in the playoffs in the next 2 years. In this era of the NFL, it's not so much about having a QB who can win your team games, but one who won't lose them. Leinart knows how to rely on teamates, and to not force things. And when in a pinch, he might even win you a game or two (see: Notre Dame game).

3 Tennessee- D'brickashaw Ferguson OT Virginia
It'd be tough for them to pass on Young, and in the end they probably won't, but since it was announced during the combine that Vince Young doesn't know how to read (or something to that affect), he's been falling faster than Chingy's rap career (remember Chingy? He said "thurr" instead of "there" and became a huge hit because of it. I never understood it). D'Brick is a great player, and after having him at #8 for the last month or so, it feels nice to have him back in the top 5 where he belongs.

4 New York Jets- Jay Cutler QB Vanderbilt
I'm officially sick of Jay Cutler. I was a big fan of his coming into this year, but all this hype he's been getting is making me want to send him a envelope full of anthranx. He's good, but if I here one more "expert" say he's their #1 QB just because said expert wants to be cool and hip, I'll hit someone in the face with a shovel. Swear to god, right in the face. He put up some nice numbers at Vandy, and has had good showings at various practices and camps and what not, but remember those two QBs who played in the national championship game? Wouldn't you rather have a guy who's competed and won at the highest level a competition available to him, over some guy who goes to Vanderbilt?

5 Green Bay- Mario Williams DE NC State
It's pretty much down to Williams and Hawk for this spot, and I've been putting Williams here all along, and I have no reason to buck the trend. Best defensive player in the draft is the first defensive player off the board.

6 San Francisco- Vernon Davis TE Maryland
Could really use A.J Hawk here, but I've been reading for months that they love Vernon Davis, and after his workouts he's being called a "lock for the top 10." Hopefully this will help out their passing game, and if they can trade Brandon Lloyd to get a real #1 WR, that'll be even better. Tried to go with something different than what I have been doing with this pick.

7 Oakland- Vince Young QB QB Texas
I read that Al Davis hates drafting QBs early, but Vince is the type of talent that would change his mind. They cut Kerry Collins, and Tuiasasoapopera (or whatever his name is) hasn't been very good in the appearances he's made thus far in his career. They have Andrew Walter, but can they really pass up at a chance to have a potential franchise QB for the next 10 years?

8 Buffalo- Haloti Ngata DT Oregon
Lost Pat Williams last year, and Sam Adams this year, so I figure it's time to get another big hogmolly in the middle. Ngata, besides having total disregard for vowel placement in his name, is the perfect fit at a need position.

9 Detroit- A.J Hawk LB Ohio St.
Sticking with the old BPA theory for Detroit. They proved last year, that no matter who the player or what the position, Matt Millen is going to take the player he thinks is the best available. While the theory hasn't worked out as well in Detroit as it has in Baltimore, this pick would be great news for Lions fans. Their LB's aren't that impressive to begin with, so this is an all around good pick. But I can't shake the funny feeling Matt Millen may find away to screw this draft up as well.

10 Arizona- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis
Why am I thinking about the Arizona Cardinals at twelve o'clock at night? I think this officially means I have no life. Anywhoo, the real problem here is their offensive line, but I have the feeling they'll go for a RB here. There's a reason your RB's average 2.9 and 3.3 YPC a piece. It isn't because they're not talented, hell, even Samkon Gado couldn't run behond that line. And he's Samkon f'n Gado!

11 St. Louis- Michael Huff DB Texas
Need DB help and LB help, but Huff will help them better than any of the LB's on the board. The Rams could go a lot of different ways with this pick, but it's easier to find a LB who could turn out to be a good player later in the draft, then it is to find a CB who could be. Rams desperately need a shutdown corner.

12 Cleveland- Manny Lawson DE/OLB NC State
I hate to make the "sexy pick" (except for when it comes to the ladies. You know what I'm talkin' about), but this is a really fun pick. We've all heard how he's this years DeMarcus Ware, and that's a valid point. Ware really worked his way up to a team with a 3-4 who needed a rush backer, and Lawson will do the same.

13 Baltimore- Lendale White RB USC
Maybe not the BPA, but with all the turmoil in the backfield, White is certainly close enough to take him. Chester Taylor may not be back, and even if Jamal Lewis comes back, will he be the J-Lew of old, or last years?

14 Philadelphia- Winston Justice OT USC
Was going back and forth here between Justice and Bunkley, but I don't know what's going on with the Eagle's o-line. Is Runyan gone (ok, I know the answer to that), is Hermanns ready to start? Is this Thomas' last year too? Is Andrews better suited at OG or OT? If I keep asking myself questions, will I eventually know the answer?

15 Atlanta- Jimmy Williams DB Virginia Tech
They do need a safety, and I think it's cute how they have that whole Virginia Tech thing going on down there. Bring in Marcus Vick and we'll really have a party! Just remember not to invite any 14 year old girls, or Elvis Dumerville. Marcus can't control himself around either. He'll be humping at stomping uncontrolably. What was my point again?

16 Miami- Antonio Cromartie CB FSU
I definately see his stock being this high come draft time, and the Dolphins secondary was much worse than there o-line last year. They would always blitz to try to make up for it, so getting a possible shut down corner like Cromartie would help the whole defense immensely.

17 Minnesota- Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota
They've got Mwelde Moore, Michael Bennett, Ciatrick Fason, Canada Smith, and all of them suck. Well, maybe not suck, but not good enough to carry the load. Maroney has always split time in the backfield, but in Minnesota, splitting time still means at least 25 carries a game.

18 Dallas- Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio St.
Inside tip from a Dallas fan. Makes sense to me.

19 San Diego- Chad Jackson WR Florida
Damn this kids agent is good. 1st he did the exact same thing for Troy Williamson last year, and managed to get him picked in the top 7, and I honestly wouldn't be suprised if Jackson worked his way up that high. Note to all juniors who leave school early: Show up at the senior bowl. Just answer some questions, and be friendly. Apparently it works.

20 Kansas City- Santonio Holmes WR Ohio St.
The passing game wasn't that good last year. As an owner of Trent Green in one of my fantasy leagues, I can remember him taking quite some time before deciding to throw a touchdown pass. From the Chief games I have watched, it seems that most of their passing game is swing passes and screens. A guy like Holmes could stretch the defense, and maybe even add on some time to Tony Gonzalez' carrer.

21 New England- Chad Greenway LB Iowa
It really wouldn't be fair if this happened. I remember the Patriots getting what I thought was a then steal in Vince Wilfork a few years back, but this would be an even bigger steal than that. Coming into the year, the big debate was Hawk vs Greenway. A.J. Hawk has taken the lead, but Greenway is still close as far as potential in the NFL.

22 Denver (f/WAS)- Brodrick Bunkley DT FSU
Why they were under the impression they thought they could win a super bowl with a defensive line the Cleveland Browns didn't even want I'll never know.

23 Tampa Bay- Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
This pick allows them to reshuffle the o-line, and cut some dead weight, getting better all around. McNeill's stock his been fluctuating more than Oprah's weight during the holidays, but I think he's found a home in the late 1st round.

24 Cincinnati- Donte Whitner S Ohio St.
I always thought that Nate Salley was the better player in college, interesting that Salley is projected as a 2nd day pick, while Whitner has worked his way all the way up into the 1st round. Cincy needs to go defense in round one whether it be safety or DT. there will be plenty of TE talent available in the 2nd round.

25 New York Giants- Ernie Sims LB FSU
Reason #1 (of many) why I don't like Ernie Sims:

When his team is trailing, and on defense in the 4 quarter with about 3 minutes remaining, he will always fake a cramp to save a timeout. Everytime. And if he ends up going to the Giants, and does it against the Eagles, I will fly to Tallahassee, rip off Bobby Bowden's arm, fly to New York and beat Ernie Sims to death with it. And if you don't beliebe me, try me. Please, try me, I'm begging you, because we can go out there, and I will show you what it's like!

26 Chicago- Leonard Pope TE Chicago
Boring pick, and they do need a CB, but I don't feel like thinking at the moment, and I don't think anyone will complain too much about this pick.

27 Carolina- Gabe Watson DT Michigan
Kris Jenkins is more fragile than a muslim's feelings about cartoons. Which is a shame because he's a great player. Watson has a lot of knocks on him, but most of them are Lloyd Carr's fault. Plus wiht Buckner leaving they really do need a DT.

28 Jacksonville- Tye Hill CB Clemson
Officially this years Fabian Washington. I've heard he will go in the top 20, but I ain't buying it. Not a great corner, but has great speed, and you know what they say, you can't teach speed. However, I'm sure the Jags will be able to coach Hill up into a very solid CB.

29 Denver- Tamba Hali DE Penn St.
He falls in my mock, and I don't have a reason. He just does. Cutting Pryce leaves a spot open, and Hali can dominate (see: Ohio State game). They already have the original courtney Brown, why not get the sequal?

30 Indianapolis- Joseph Addai RB LSU
Edge is more than likely leaving, and Addai is a great fit in Indy. Can catch, run, block, and all that other stuff that teams like in a RB. Although I did read that Manning and Harrison restructured their contracts incase a new CBA wasn't reached. I wonder if that gives them more money to sign Edge.

31 Seattle- Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
Kiwi just keeps falling and falling, which is a shame, becuase I really like him. Being judged by his performance against D'brick is a shame, because D'brick would dominate the majority of NFL DE's. Grant Wistrom is almost over the hill, and Bryce Fisher is decent, but a pass rusher like Kiwi would be much appreciated in Seattle.

32 Pittsburgh- Ko Simpson S South Carolina
I really don't know what to do for Pitt. They will need a WR in case Randel El leaves, they could always at youth to the O or D-line, and can you really have enough pass rushers? But with Chris Hope maybe leaving, a safety will be needed. Simpson is a top 15 talent, but is young, and this is a crowded DB class.

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