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The infamous words of Michael "Squints" Palledorous, in one of my 10 favorite movies ever, "The Sandlot." Maybe it's not the best movie, but it was my favorite growing up, because it was about baseball. A game I played from age 7 to 15, and I'm not ashamed to admit was quite good at. 3 allstar teams, and one year batter .416. Yes, I was 13, but it's still quite the accomplishment. I'm a natural righty, but for some reason, batted lefty. I always had a good arm, but never was accurate enough to pitch. So I was the shortstop. Pretty glamorous for a white kid with a belly on him. I never won a championship, I did get to the chamionship game one year, and we had a 3 run lead going into the last inning. However, things didn't work out. I realize it's Wikkid's territory to reflect on good times from yesteryear, but the great the about baseball is everyone grew up playing it, and everyone can relate to how much fun it was. I'm sure somehow that segues into fantasy baseball rankings.


1. Victor Martinez Cleveland
2. Joe Mauer Minnesota
3. Jason Varitek Boston
Faded down the stretch (suprise suprise) and that may happen even earlier this year with him taking place in the WBC. Still hit 22 HR's though.
4. Ramon Martinez Baltimore
New ballpark will suit him nicely. Yahoo still has Javy listed as the starter, but it's Hernandez's job.
5. Michael Barrett Chicago (NL)
6. Jorge Posada New York (AL)
7. Rod Barajas Texas
One year wonder? Could be, but 21 HR's from a catcher is worth the risk.
8. Kenji Johjima Seattle
Won't put up the 24 HR's he did in Japan because of better pitching andhaving to devote most of his time to getting to know the staff, but I can see 15/45 from him.
9. Bengie Molina Toronto
Had a very good season, then wasn't picked up in free agency 'till a week before pitchers and catchers report. Whatsupwiddat?
10. Brian McCann Atlanta
The Braves will need someone to breakout on offense if they want to reach the playoffs again. McCann is a good hitting catcher, and while he won't tap into his full potential this year, he could still put up good numbers.

The Past:

Pudge Rodriguez Detroit
Was he on the 'roids, or are his numbers just slipping because of his age?

Javy Lopez Baltimore
Still has catcher eligibility on Yahoo. Will likely be forced into being strictly a DH if he can't improve defensively at 1B.

The Future:

Josh Willingham Florida
If he gets C eligibility as well as OF,1B or 3B, he could be extremely valuable. Supposedly is a very good hitter.

Jeff Mathis Anaheim
Power hitter who has a good chance to start the year.

Sleeper: John Buck Kansas City
I had him here last year too.


1. Albert Pujols St. Louis
2. Mark Teixeira Texas
3. David Ortiz Boston
4. Travis Hafner Cleveland
Tough to call the guy with the AL's highest OPS underrated, but he is. If anything, he'll improve this year.
5. Derek Lee Chicago (NL)
He'll still have a very good season, but not as good as last year. Probably 30/110 with 15 SB's.
6. Todd Helton Colorado
Was red hot at the end of last season. Hopefully will continue.
7. Ryan Howard Philadelphia
Has had an amazing spring. Phillies made a great move getting rid of Thome.
8. Lance Berkman Houston
9. Paul Konerko Chicago (AL)
10. Adam Dunn Cincinnati

The Past:

Carlos Delgado New York (NL)
Just because the Mets will always stink.

Nomar Garciaparra Los Angeles
Oh yeah, THIS will work.

The Future:

Mike Jacobs Florida
Wherever the Marlins move to, will have a world championship in 5 years.- Nufced.

Prince Fielder Milwaukee
Got rid of Overbay because he's ready to play full time. May not be ready this year, but will eventually be a .300AVG/30HR guy.

Sleeper: Adam Laroche Atlanta
It's all about the eyebrows, baby


1. Chase Utley Philadelphia
The hottest young commodity in fantasy baseball today!
2. Jeff Kent Los Angeles
3. Rickie Weeks Milwaukee
Is ready this season to produce. Will hit for average, power, and steal bases.
4. Tadiahito Iguchi Chicago
Should only improve after a year of getting used to America and its pitching.
5. Marcus Giles Atlanta
6. Jorge Cantu Tampa Bay (AL)
Don't know where the hell his power came from, but I sure enjoyed it, having him on a couple of my teams. I really have noclue what he'll do this year, so this seemed like a fair place to put him.
7. Brian Roberts Baltimore
8. Ryan Freel Cincinnati
9. Orlando Hudson Arizona
10. Placido Polanco Detroit

The Past:

Kaz Matsui New York (NL)
He didn't even have a present!

Luis Castillo Minnesota
Only stole 10 bases last year. Unless her runs more, he's worthless fantasy-wise.

The Future:

Ian Kinsler Texas
Has good numbers in the minors, and is going to be playing in a hitter's park. Works for me.

Craig Biggio Houston
He can play FOREVER!

Sleeper: Polanco
I REALLY liked him on the Phillies, but Utley was ready to start. Should've replaced David Bell, but he's a good fit in Detroit. Had to mention him twice.


1. Alex Rodriguez New York (AL)
2. David Wright New York (NL)
3. Miguel Cabrera Florida
I've been hearing a lot of talk that he is turning into a headcase. Won't affect his fantasy value much. Juat expect "Muguel being Miguel" to be on a t-shirt soon.
4. Scott Rolen St. Louis
5. Aramis Ramirez Chicago (NL)
Has put up good numbers the last 2 years despite getting hurt in both. If he stays helthy all season, he'll get 40 HR's.
6. Chone Figgins Anaheim
Seriously, how does C-h-o-n-e sound like "Shawn." Yeah, my name's Creek, but it's spelled Cr337x_J.
7. Chad Tracy Arizona
I really like this guy, but I've only seen him play a handful of times. His numbers are very promising. Boosted his HR's , RBI's, and average exponentially last season.
8. Morgan Ensberg Houston
If he holds true to form, he will have a terrible year this year. After his original breakout season, he followed with a 10 HR effort. He's baseball's version of Kordell Stewart.
9. Chipper Jones Atlanta
10. Adrian Beltre Seattle
Has vowed to get back to his 2004 form when he had 48 dingers, and carried the Dodger's offense. However, O.J also vowed to find the REAL killer. So, whatever

The Past:

Hank Blalock Texas
Yes, already. The year he took Eric Gagne deep in the all star game he was on his way to being a premiere 3rd baseman. Somewhere along the line though, he picked up the nasty habit of sucking during the 2nd half of the season.

David Bell Philadelphia
My 3 year crusade to get rid of David Bell will not cease. He's not even that good defensively ot make up for how much he sucks at everything else.

The Future:

Abraham Nunez Philadelphia
Good hitter, decent defense, has speed, and needs a shot to play everyday. And yes, David Bell is terrible.

Mark Teahan Kansas City
Had a tough time up until September. Showed that he got the hang of big league pitching, and is ready to produce.

Sleeper: Vinny Castilla San Diego
Really impressed me in the WBC. Might consider taking him in a deep league.


1. Miguel Tejada Orioles
Not happy in Baltimore, but I doubt that affects his numbers.
2. Michael Young Texas
3. Jose Reyes New York (NL)
Same reason Figgins is a good pick a 3B. Hitting is getting better, and adding Delgado will get him more runs.
4. Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia
Pretty soon, we'll be hearing stories about Jimmy Rollins at Dinky Donuts.
5. Derek Jeter New York (AL)
6. Felipe Lopez Cincinnati
Put up basically the same numbers as Peralta, except with 15 SB's to Jhonny's 0. Strikes out a lot (like the rest of the Reds) and he's only had one good year, but it's worth the gamble.
7. Jhonny Peralta Cleveland
8. Rafael Furcal Los Angeles
How many times has a star left the Braves only to become terrible? Ask Johnny Estrada and J.D. Drew how they're doing.
9. Edgar Renteria Atlanta
How many times have the Braves taken a washed up player and rejuvinated them? Ask Mike Hampton and Andres Galaraga. They'll tell you.
10. Khalil Greene San Diego

The Past:

Jack Wilson Pittsburgh
it's seems likely his '04 campaign was a.... you know, one of those things you see in the desert where you think you see something, but it isn't there. What the hell are those called?

Alex Gonzalez Boston
Not to be confused with Alex S. Gonzalez who is also over the hill.

The Future:

Hanley Ramirez Florida

J.J Hardy Milwaukee
Was supposed to have his breakout season last year. After a rough start, hit .300 after the AS break.

Sleeper: Bobby Crosby Oakland
Hurt last year. If he stays healthy, he'll be a very valuable pick.

Will put up OF's and pitching next week sometime, because THAT'S... How I roll!

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