Monday, June 20, 2005

What if...

What if Rasheed Wallace calls timeout before the clock runs out last night and gets "T'd up"? Well, here's what happens:

- Manu sinks the free throw, and the Spurs win.

- Devastated by losing in such a fashion, the Pistons lose game six. Making the Spurs champions, and cementing Tim Duncan's status as the top PF of my lifetime.

- After being scrutinized all off-season, Rasheed Wallace reverts to his old ways, and in a fit of rage, kills an asian family of 11 at a summer league game.

- 'Sheed is arrested, and sentenced to "lifetime as a Clipper." (the judge felt prison was letting him off easy)

- The strain is too much on Larry Brown, and he is forced to retire. The Pistons name P.J Carlesimo head coach

- Since 'Sheed is no longer on the team, the Pistions are forced to start (you guessed it) Darko Milicic.

- After taking verbal abuse from coach Carlesimo everyday, half way through the season Darko snaps & chokes P.J to death. Latrell Sprewell is arrested immediately on concpiracy charges.

- Darko & Latrell are also sentenced to "lifetime as a clipper" & they move into a house with 'Sheed. The FOX network is intrigued by this premise, and they turn it into a reality show entitled "I GOTTA FEED MY FAMILY!!!."

- Some of the more memorable scenes from the show are: when 'Sheed teaches Darko how to "puff, puff, give." When they are all paid a suprise visit by Shawn Kemp & Nate Newton who are across the street filming the reality show "My belly is full of cocaine, and I have to pay child support for 43 children." And of course, when reality show alumn David, from Real World: New Orleans dropped by to sing his hit song "Be my baby tonight." Just in case you forgot how it goes, here is a little taste: "I see how you treat other thugs you've been with so come on be my baby tonight!" Watch out Brian McKnight! Your days are numbered.

Makes you kinda sad he didn't get the timeout called in time, doesn't it?
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