Wednesday, October 11, 2006

From beyond the pond

Here's the first edition of my WDIS recommendations here at Lockerroom, be sure to check in here before setting your line-ups folks!

Q: I have some horrible options at QB, Plummer and Roethlisberger, which one do you like best this week ?

A: Big Ben has been struggling this year recovering from his accident and appendix operation. Facing a vastly improved Chiefs secondary is not the game he'll get back on track, and I strongly suggest keeping him benched untill he gets some of the poise and game management skills back that brought the Steelers to the Superbowl. Jake Plummer has not been doing much better, but this just might be the week he'll post some stats that will please his FF owners. No doubt the Broncos will be running the ball alot this game, looking to pound their long time rivals the Raiders into the ground. This will also help the passing game and the play-action connecting with Javon Walker could torch the Raiders for some long gains and at least one TD.

Bottom line: start Jake Plummer

Q: Do I start M.Turner or J.Norwood this week ? I'm very tempted to start one of them over Ronnie Brown.

A: In a word: No. You gotta go with opportunity here, both are intriguing options but Brown is a lock to have more touches than both put together. And the thing is, you can really run on the Jets

Bottom line: start Ronnie Brown

Q: Which TE should I start, A.Smith TB or D.Clark CHI ?

A: Despite Smith not being the starter for the Bucs, Anthony Becht is atop the depth chart, he's quickly building a rapport with the new QB Gradkowski. He's had 9 catches in the last 2 games incl. a TD in week 5. Desmond Clark has had 4 catches in the same period and is suffering from the strong play of the Bears on offense, Rex Grossman has been able to find Moose and his deep threat Berrian on a regular basis. Looking at the o-lines you would have to expect more of the same, Gradkowski will rely on his safety valves alot more than Grossman. And when calculating in the fact that Clark also is battling a foot injury, it looks as a no-brainer here.

Bottom line: start Alex Smith.

I'll check in here to answer any question that any of you readers might have untill game time this week, but in the future you'll only be guaranteed an answer if you post your question before noon on wednesdays.

Fire away at this adress and I'll get back to you as soon as possible

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Lord_Helmet said...

Q: Im in trouble deep. Hung onto Mike Bell too long, and have the Williams' boys hurt (DeAngelo & Roy) this week.

Can you rank the following WRs for the next 2 weeks. Bryant Johnson, Welker, Eric Parker, Battle, Hakim, Curry, Travis Taylor.

Also, who would you start the next 2 weeks at RB: L.Washington, Gado, Musa Smith, Herron, Fargas

A: WRs: I like Bryant Johnson and Hakim alot as long as Fitz and Roy Williams are out, Hakim had 12 targets last week and Roy is now listed as doubtfull for the next game. Both are in pass happy offenses and will be playing from behind, I like Hakim slightly better than Johnson, due to the fact that he has a seasoned veteran throwing him the ball opposed to a rookie bound to experience growing pains. Welker is also a decent option he had a whopping 9 catches in the first game with Joey under center. However knowing Joey I still see McMichael as the biggest benefactor of the QB change. If your league rewards return yds, Welker is your man.
RBs: I think Washington ran away with the starting job last week, at least untill C-Mart returns. Ahman Green (hamstring) missed practice tuesday, and you should monitor his status closely before the game this week as Herron is a decent option when he's out. Morency shot himself in the foot by fumbling twice early thus opening the door for Herron

Bottom line: Johnson & Hakim, Washington & Herron