Friday, October 27, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 8

Welcome to the HELL that is my gambling Jones. A very weak showing by me, in a very tough week. I picked all the NFL games, and went5-7-1 there, nad 0-1 in my lone NCAA selection of the year. While managing to lose $380.00
This brings my season totals to a dismal 11-19-4 against the number, for a grand total of $1520.00 to the bad side of good.

It was around this time last year, when I went on a furious run, picking over 90% against the spread, that enabled me to climb out of a $1300.00 deficit, to end up $1900.00 to the good. Look for this trend to continue again.............

Christmas is coming, and the family will want more than balled up losing bet slips, soaked in my bile. So, its off to the races I go.

This weeks selections

The shell shocked Cardinals, make a long trip to the frozen tundra)no caps, cause they dont scare anyone anymore). Green Bay is spotting 4 to the desert denizens. When you factor in the automatic 3 points the home team gains, this means that, If played in a neutral site, Green Bay would be favored by a single, solitary, measley didget. My money says that GB is better than AZ, by much much more, at this time. This game has the potential to be a combined 8 interception game. Green Bay spotting 4 will be a $440.00 play

Peyton Manning gets to bring his breathless passing attack new heights, as he flips the rock against the best Defence, in an oxygen deprived environment. NO ONE should ever be spotting Indy points. I know Indy has been suspect this year, but I expect Addai to catch 10 screen passes Sunday, as Indy plays the ball controll game. Champ Bailey may control 1/2 of the field with his skills, but the other half will have a reciever of the caliber of Marv, or Reggie. Peyton makes his statement for him winning the TOUGH game this week. INDY +2.5 will be a $330.00 wager

The Monday Night game pitts 2 good defensive clubs. That being said, I feel the game goes OVER the 38 points Vegas set.
Over 38 for $220.00.

I also like The Pats to win this game. The Vikes are 2 point home dogs, and I usually am all over home dogs, BUT... Brady is 9-0 in domes in his career, and 19-1 on turf in his career, BRILLIANT!! The Pats passing game has also show increased production, as the unit is starting to gel. Gabriel is bradys go to guy, and Troy Brown is such a good sit down route guy, and has been with Brady forever, the 2 think alike. dont forget the 2 headed monster that is Dillon/Maroney... Boney Maroney is making a mini homecoming this weekend, I look for him to POUND the ball, setting up play action..

Pats -2 for $330.00

Til next time, ya pederests

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