Friday, October 20, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 7

So, I have been sitting in my truck, with the engine running and a hose connected to the tail pipe. I haven't run the pipe into the truck yet, but I am fuckin close. Last weeks 0-4 pathetic showing cost me $880.00, and a sleepless night.

I cant seem to figure this year out yet, but I believe I am getting closer. My banker seems to think I might have a problem, but I told him I was funding the new Maginot Line. He told me it didn't work the first time, and I replied "tell me about it"

I have a few "seedy" friends, and more than one of them have come back to me with offers on one of my lungs. One more Sunday like last week, and I will meet him in the bar called Urban Legends.

Season Totals

6-11-3 $1140 in debt UNGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weeks dart board musings

AZ -3 vs OAK AZ -3 for $110.00 (loss)
SD-5 vs KC SD -5 for $110.00 (loss)
Jax -9.9 vs Hou Jax-9.5 for $110.00 (loss)
Pats - 5.5 vs Buff Pats -5.5 for $110.00 (win)
ATL + 2.5 vs Pitt Atl +2.5 for $110.00 ( Pitt winless on road) (win)
+ 5 vs MIA GB +5 for $110.00 (win)
PHI -5 vs TB Phi -5 for $110.00 (loss)
DET + 3.5 vs NYJ DET +3.5 for $110.00 (loss)
CAR +3 vs Cin Car+3 for $110.00 PUSH
DEN-4.5 vs CLE Den-4.5 for $110.00 (win)
WASH +9 vs IND Wash+9 for $110.00 (loss)
SEA-6.5 vs MIN Sea-6.5 for $110.00 (loss)
NYG+3.5 vs DAL NYG+3.5 for $110.00

Georgia Tech +7.5 vs Clemson GT +7.5 for $110.00 (loss)

Thats it for this week, a lucky 13 NFL games & 1 lonely NCAA game

I'll either rebound, or be in a rehab clinic, recovering from a sucking chest wound inflicted under less than sterile conditions.

Later you molesters of house pets


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Professor Ellis D Trails said...

looks like you got smoked, ouch. soory brother.