Friday, October 13, 2006

Degenerate Gamblers V 2.0 week 6

So, I do the parent think and attend my kids soccer games, good Dad that I am, but they start @ 11:30 A.M, and by the time the third kids game is over, its 3:45 PM. I miss almost the entire slate of early games. I love my children dearly, and would be there for anything they need, but This Fuckin soccer is ruining America....

Lets look at it.
Fastest growing kids sport in America
cheapest to play, no start up cost for equipment
almost no contact, means less ER visits, but feminizes Americas Male Youth
reduced hand/eye coordination
Gay sock wearing up to the knees..

I understand all the hype, saving parents $$ by lack of equipment costs. Hell, I just went out & bought my 6 year old son New Hockey Equipment, $675.00 for everything, and that doesn't include the $1000.00 league fee/rink fee/ ice time.
But to me, $1600.00 is well worth it, for him to play a sport with contact, building hand to eye coordination, sprouting esprit de corp. Plus, he has a weapon in his hands, should he need to use it.

My selections last week, were right along with the bookies numbers...
I won 1 game, lost none, and pushed twice, netting me a tidy $200.00.
This brings my season totals so far to.
6-7-3, and in the hole $260.00

This weeks selections.

Cincy, coming off a bye, & licking its wounds from an ass beating by the Pats, is giving 5.5 to a Tampa Bay team, that may have found its way with its own Bledsoe/Brady story. I think cincy was caught looking ahead to its bye week, & $330.00 says the 5.5 its giving up, is of no consequence.

McNabb looks like the MVP so far this year, & Reggie Bush is the MHP (Most Hyped Player)
Donny spotting 3 to The Hairy Mole will be a $220.00 play.....GIVE

2 inconsistent teams face off in Buffalo/Detroit. Buff is favored by 1 point, & I think that they have the defense to stop Mad Mike & his offensive juggernaught. Buff -1 is a $220.00 play.

Last but not least
Tease; 6 point variety
Cincy +.5
Phi + 3
buff + 5
Will be a $110.00 play.

Questions will be answered at . For all of you Fantasy Football "Who Do I Start" droolers, Lord Helmet will be answering all of your questions.

Until next week, when I'm sure I will have to answer questions about my take on the whole Soccer thing.

So long ya paste eaters

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